NDP 2016: Love it or hate the show will go on.

I am quite possibly the only person from both sides of our families and among our friends who is the most “enthu” (enthusiastic) about the National Day Parades. Wear red? No problem! Wave a flag? I’ll wave TWO! Sing the songs? If I know the words, heck yeah!  I’ll probably scream out the words if I can. […]

Media Invite: Pezzo Pizza Record Breaking Club Rainbow Pizza

Media Invite On 3 June 2016, Pezzo Pizza and 70 children from Club Rainbow came together to create the largest dessert pizza in Singapore at NUS Sheares Hall. The monster pizza, officially measured at 1.95m, was quite a tasty sight. The dessert pizza was slathered with Nutella hazelnut cocoa spread, topped with caramelised bananas and […]

Review and discount code: Noo Trees? Noo way!

Review A couple of weeks ago, we received a bag of paper products from the folks of NooTrees Pte Ltd. They had launched a range of sustainable and biodegradable bamboo-based wet wipes and tissue paper products to the mass consumer and commercial market in October 2015 and we were the cool few who got to try them out […]

flip for joy collage

Review: We are flipping with joy with Flip For Joy!

REVIEW Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Liza. She was a naughty little girl who loved jumping over longkangs (Malay translation of drains), plucking weeds and drawing into her sisters’ textbooks. She also hated Chinese with a passion because she thought all Chinese teachers were scary and possibly sent from Hell to punish her with […]

The DIY t-shirt challenge that took (almost) forever.

What do you do if you received a set of cute t-shirts for your family but it doesn’t come in baby sizes? You DIY and create something cute for her of course! I received a set of t-shirts by The Animal Project from a dear old friend about *whisper* 3 months ago and he challenged me […]

The full month party photos lost and found

The Photos I started out writing this post to “fill in the blank” before I start on Yvie’s eventful 1st birthday post. I mean, who skips the full month celebration and then goes straight to writing about the 1st birthday? Doesn’t make sense leh. Cannot cannot! I wrote about the venue, the food, the cakes, […]

Review: Whole&Hearty, Singapore’s 1st Breakfast and Fresh Yoghurt Bar

Review I used to love breakfasts so much I drove my mother crazy whenever I demanded cereal for all three meals and nothing else when I was a child. When I lived overseas years later, I was finally free to eat whatever and whenever so I ended up with no less than 3 types of cereals […]

Review: BlueTree Education Primary One Prep Workshop

Review A few more days before Xander enters Primary One, the biggest milestone in all Singaporean child’s life. Did you do anything unusual to prepare your child for primary school life? Many of my friends started prepping their kids since dunno how many moons ago. Some taught their kids how to buy food, count their change, learn […]