Say Cheese!

Recently, I have been having this terrible urge to take pictures of everyone and everything. Especially if my son is involved. I’m not a camera whore lah. I’m not even in the pictures 80% of the time. Ok, maybe you may catch a glimpse of my finger or toes in some of the shots because they tend to get in the way. I just have this strong feeling that I will not remember alot of things and events by the time I hit 40 so what better way to document everything than taking pictures of them before I really lose my marbles?

This year has been a year of reunions and catchups. Of course stories (the good, the bad and the super embarrassing) will fly around the room and me not remembering anything. What a shame!

I am armed with my trusty iPhone and Canon Ixus 870 IS everywhere I go. Not professional equipment but I’m happy with what I have. I like to take pictures and LOVE to look at other’s. I’m kaypoh that way so sue me if you must.

If you see me point my camera at you, forgive me & give me your best corny smile ๐Ÿ™‚ CHEESE!!!

Baby talk

Me: Baby, Say Mama.
Me: Good boy! What about Papa? Say Papa!
Xan: PAPA!
Me: Very good! So clever! Say book.
Me: Kiss mummy! Kiss mummy!
Xan: *bangs his forehead into my lips*

Little moments at home that money can’t buy.

Hello friends old and new!

2010 has proven to be a pretty interesting year. New job, new friends and old friends found.

I used to have high expectations of everything. Customer service, quality, etc. I now realize it’s so tiring to expect so much and when it doesn’t happen I get overly (& unnecessarily) disappointed. So in order to feel happier, I have learnt to let go and just go with the flow. Rude staff? Just complain outright. No point muttering under my breath and lose sleep over the unfriendly staff. Bad food quality? Just don’t go back anymore and save myself a few bucks. Seems to work so far.

Facebook is such a godsend. I made new friends and got reunited with quite a number of old friends. Amazing! The 2 boys deserves an award for creating such a gem ๐Ÿ™‚

Recently an old primary school friend found me through a mutual contact. I love it when this happens. So unexpected! Nice warm fuzzy feeling kind. It’s like almost 20yrs since we last met and she still recognized me. “You still look the same!” holds mixed feelings for me. I still look awkward? Or I look like this even at 12? I’ll choose the latter coz it makes me feel better.

Weeks later, another old friend also added me. We fell out over some pretty sensitive issues and didn’t talk to each other for 8 years (she counted).Wow! 8 years! My sister said 8 years is too long for good friends not to speak to each other. I agree and am thankful the friend reached out first. Not that I didn’t want to. It’s just that so many things happened during this period of time that I never got round to it. I knew in my heart this bridge needed mending at some point because the friendship we shared was unlike any I have ever experienced. She was like a sister and a soul mate to me. She ‘gets me’. Or maybe I’m easy to read? Ha! I am going into this reunion with zero expectations and with open arms. Life is too short to beat around the bush so just get straight to the point.