Change is good

I got tired of the previous red and black template so I decided to change it last night foolishly thinking it would be easy peasy. Up until 8am, I passed out on the sofa twice from frustration & exhaustion. Not getting the new template was really annoying & I was determined to get it done on the same day.

Right about then, Tech God woke up but even he wasn’t sure what the problem was. Argh!!

Anyway, I got it to work eventually by myself. Proud! Ha! Now with a much prettier look, I am happy. Yay!

Picture this

at grandma'sMy son’s school asked us for a photo of him as well as another of us 3 in a family shot. As I am going through the photos in my computer, I realized I have very few pictures with him and even fewer family shots. You would think he is from a single parent family.

I am envious of my friends who have so many photos of themselves (mostly taken by their husbands) during their pregnancy. Some even have stage by stage belly shots. I wished I had more pictures during my pregnancy because it would’ve been nice to look back and remember that stage of my life. It’s always nice to see husbands so excited by the new arrival and being really involved throughout the whole process with their wives. They whip out their DSLRs to snap 819th shot of their kiddo wiping their snot, wives scratching their bulging bellies and even their babies’ first backpack for playschool. Not trying to compare but can’t help it sometimes. Never mind lah, I’m getting pretty good at taking self portraits with my iPhone in one hand and baby in the other. Time to take family pictures tomorrow.