Happy Birthday Mummy!

Today is Mummy’s birthday. Let’s just say she’s forever 36. That’s how old she was when she had me. The best thing that had ever happened to her. Mwahahah!

Of the 3 of sisters, I was the naughtiest, the loudest and now the fattest. I set Mummy’s heart racing for all the wrong reasons. I mean come on, when the cane comes flying your way, of course you RUN and run fast! It’s the most logical thing to do mah. I wasn’t going to stay put like my sisters used to when they were my age. Siao!

When my sisters were busy getting As and mugging for exams, I was busy planning what to wear, which club to go and with which group of friends. From when I was about 17 until about 20 years old, I used to club/pub crawl at least 3 times a week, drank a-l-o-t, climbed onto countless bar tops/platforms/stools, broke a few glasses, crashed into many people, crawled home at daybreak and passed out on my bed until it was time to get my ass to school in the morning. Both of my older sisters received scholarships during their undergrad years. Me? Everybody were just glad when I got a passing grade. I wasn’t facing problems at home or anything traumatic. I was just having the time of my life. Mummy and my eldest sister thought I was doomed to become either an ah lian-an unsophisticated Chinese girl or a bar girl- another version of an ah lian but more heong. I was my mum’s biggest worry.

One day after a bad breakup, I decided I hated Singapore and took up my folks’ offer to go pursue an education overseas. I picked Ontario, Canada because I knew no one there and knew nothing about the country except how the flag looked. I was such a brave idiot.

The 27hr flights and 12hr time difference made communication with my family a little challenging. My technophobe mum learnt to email and SMS me because those were the fastest and most convenient way to communicate with me. Despite it all, Mummy and I texted each other almost daily. We traded gossips, recipes, complain about our friends, complain about each other, slammed the phone at each other, the normal stuff lah.

Now that I’m married and have a family on my own, I can relate to my mummy alot better. Yes Mummy, husbands are created to give wives headaches! *sayang Mummy*

Mummy is my best friend, my annoying sister and my life coach. I love you mummy and I hope you will enjoy your birthday today.

Wordless Wednesday: Say what?


Who poses like that anymore? Lady, I think the photographer bluff you leh. It doesn’t make you look dignified. I’m sorry but this pose cannot make it lah. Sibeh tacky can?

Making time for family time

The Husband had been talking about going swimming with Xan for weeks, no, MONTHS! Somehow, plans always get shelved due to the weather lah, one of them fall sick lah, me predicting it would rain when it was blazing hot outside lah, the list of excuses goes on mile long. One night, the topic came up again and miraculously, we decided unanimously, we WILL go swimming the next morning. Yay! Boy, was Xan excited!

Xan looking excited
Don’t worry Daddy, you are very well hidden.

I like to hang out at the public pools. You get to see all kinds. Big men in small scary Speedos, small men in big scary swim shorts, very conservative ladies, not so conservative women (these are fortunately rare), chubby babies floating around in expensive Temptation Island-like floats, skinny boys terrorizing ladies with their water guns and maids sitting on the side next to a mountain of bags belonging to their employers. My favourite are the Peacocks. Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with the mirrors in their houses or they have really sick friends & family who told them they looked really good. It’s a classic case of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

We don’t get to do healthy activities very often because I finish work late and I sleep very late. Weekend activities depend largely on mummy’s energy level that day. By the time weekend comes around, I just want to a) get the laundry done while the sun is still out, b) slump over the couch and not move, c) let Xan catch up on some sleep or d) all 3 of us catch up on some sleep together. Tough call.

I know it is important that we create great memories together as a family. Do fun stuff! Go fun places! 20 years down the road, he’s not going to turn to me and say Mummy, I love you for keeping our clothes clean and fresh all the time. I know I know! I’m a really messy person and the only thing that I can control is laundry. No, I don’t have OCD! I just don’t like laundry to pile up. Can’t help imagining the smell of the dirty clothes becoming permanent and making the rest of the pile smell equally vile.

I will try not to sweat the small stuff and focus more on my family lah. Just give me time ok?