Another year has passed and we haven’t killed each other: Photo edition

A continuation from the previous post on Monday.

What’s an anniversary post without some flashback photos?

2006: At the Registry of Marriages (ROM)

The photographer was a close friend of mine and because of that, we were very comfortable in front of the lens. Maybe a bit too comfortable. Ha!

Can you feel our excitement?

2008: Wedding dinner at Grand Shanghai.

I’m not going to bore you with many yum yum yum seng photos. Just 1 photo from the morning and some from the dinner will do. Why? Because all wedding dinner photos are the same and I don’t feel like showing you sia suay photos of my friends here. I reserve them for moments when I need to blackmail them for something. *rubs hands together deviously*

Note: the last 4 words were supplied by The Husband who say I should credit him “Co-written by Winston Tay”. THERE! There’s your credit mention. *rolleyes*

Master Zheng taking his morning stroll with his lovely bride.

I love my kua you know? I LOVEEE my rented kua. It’s so red and so cheena. I LOVE IT! You can’t tell from the photos but the kua made me very ill that night. The weight of all the embroidery sitting on me for so many hours in the blazing hot sun made me dizzy and nauseous. By the time we went back to the hotel to rest before the dinner, I was running a high fever and delirious from the fever meds. Oh yes, did I mention I was also about 4 months pregnant and due for a keyhole procedure for my endometriosis the night after the dinner? It was a crazy day. Sapu all the drama into one night.

We rolled into restaurant to the tune of Jajambo by the live band.

The rickshaw was not part of the restaurant’s decor. My sisters and brother-in-laws borrowed it (and also decorated it) from one of their clients especially for the night. When they heard about the dinner theme week prior, they immediately went and made arrangements to bring the rickshaw there with the manager’s approval of course. I have to say lah, we managed to make the stoic but professional manager smile quite a bit that night. It was a dizzy, noisy and happy night for everybody that night.

2008: Studio shoot at some ching cheong photo studio in Jurong.

A must-have among many Asian couples. My eldest sister paid for the expensive album as a wedding gift to the 2 of us. My childhood dream of wearing a large poofy dress was finally realized! Excited! We did the shoot a few weeks before the wedding dinner and started at around 9am, ended around 10pm. Since it was not an exclusive all day session, we had to wait around while they take on other clients in between takes. Throughout the whole day, I was determined not to drink more than 1 cup of water because I didn’t want to pee in the big poofy dress inside the tiny dirty public toilet waaaaaaaay outside the studio. I was starving and had a super sore stiff neck during the shoot. I couldn’t turn my head at all without screaming laughing out in pain that’s why some of the poses looked so er… regal. Outdoor running in the fields shots were out of the question so we made full use of the studio session as best we could. Lucky for us, the makeup artist and photographer were very friendly and accommodating. The 12 hour session could have been such a pain in the neck. Pun intended.

Swee boh?

Some more here…

I loved that gold dress. I can outrun you for the bus in that thing.
The “lingering look” pose took the photographer about 2 minutes to shift my head in order to look natural.

Then the poses got a little interesting.

The Husband started to rummage through their accessory baskets for ‘props’.

Kua kua kua…

And finally…

Man oh man!

A lot of the staff from the studio stayed behind to watch Winston transform into Winnie instead of going home immediately. They were amazed. Lady boss instructed her wardrobe team to dig out large size, corset style white gowns with capped sleeves for him to choose. She kept asking if he was serious and The Man kept replying her 你有我的size我当然敢!She kept exclaiming during the makeup session 啊哟!要死啊!你有凤眼的啊!好漂亮啊!

So how? What do you think of my bride? Seksi hor? Leave a comment or two can?

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Another year has passed and we haven’t killed each other!

22 November marked the day we signed our “til-death-do-us-part-your-money-is-my-money-and-my-money-is-my-money” contract: it was our 6th wedding anniversary. *applause please*

For years The Husband insisted our anniversary should fall on 20 July when we held our customary wedding dinner and he said he (strangely, a few others also) thought a wedding is only formalized after the dinner. I said why would we go through the trouble to pick a nice date for the solemnization if the dinner date was going to be more important leh? We weren’t even planning for a wedding dinner back then because we thought sign contract can already, the dinner was such an extravagance and that we wanted no part of it. Luckily, we got it sorted out before this quarrel became an annual event.

During these 6 years, we have screamed at each other, threw stuff narrowly missing each other (Ok, maybe just me who did the throwing. If I had meant to inflict pain, I wouldn’t have missed), laughed with each other, laughed at other people together. I’m not good at poetic, sing-song description of our relationship. Just know that despite all our fights and quarrels, we are still together perhaps even stronger than the years before this. Steady!!

I’ll talk about our dramatic courtship another day because I suspect it will involve a Venn diagram, some Taiwan drama reference and a big chilled bottle of moscato d’asti. The booze is for me. Complicated love stories are best told semi drunk.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

This year, we made no special plans, prepared no special gifts. We got up late in the morning and decided it was a special enough day to justify Xan skipping school for the day. Aiyah! It’s not like he’s in primary school. Once in a while is ok lah.

We drove into JB for the first time on our own and got lost. No idea where to go, GPS pointing all over the place except the right place, heck I didn’t even know how much ringgit was in my ‘travelling wallet’ until we stopped for lunch at KSL City. After driving past numerous huge signs with photos of fishballs and roast meats, I was very ready to eat.

Pancake thing. Bamboo, pork, banana, seaweed thing. Fresh tomato with milk cream. Taro wrapped with bacon. All sounds strange but all good!

We had to walk off the heavy lunch so we decided to explore the mall a bit and we discovered this DIY stall.

DIY Candy Floss!
DIY soft serve ice-cream machines.

You can pick any topping you want and the amount to pay is determined by weight. We noticed the cups they use were pretty big and we were still very full from lunch so we gave it a miss. Maybe next time lah.

Then we wondered into Danga City Mall.


Other than the Metrojaya within the mall, the entire place looked like time stood still in the 90s. The only saving grace was the food place at the basement where one of the stalls served durian puffs WARM and charming beverages like Cham (coffee mixed with tea) and Neslo (Nescafe with Milo). The Neslo was a little too sweet for me but perfect for The Husband.

While exploring the supermarket, I came across this strange product.

Power coffee for men and women. I don’t understand what most of the text meant but I guess its for *waggle eyebrow* special times 🙂



I was very temped to buy for certain friends but I didn’t. Sekali drink already no ‘power’ but kenah power lau sai how? I don’t want to be held responsible ah!

We wanted to watch a movie in JB but the cinema we were at was closed so we headed back to Singapore to catch Rise of the Guardians instead.


Xan had been looking forward to the movie the whole day after The Husband told him about the different characters in the story. He had no clue who Easter Bunny, Sandman, Toothfairy and Jack Frost were but he was excited nevertheless. Guess who was Xan’s favourite character? Nope, none of the guardians. He loved (and still does) Cupcake! Go watch the movie lah. I love it! I think I will buy the DVD when it’s out next year.

Movie time! Boy, were we excited!

For an impromptu family day, it was really quite fun. Strange food, mini meltdowns (First meltdown, Xan wanted to buy a balloon. 2nd meltdown, he didn’t believe us when we told him we had to wait 45mins before we could head back to the theatre) and getting lost. Where got people’s wedding anniversary like that one? The day pretty much sums up how our marriage had been in the last 6 years:

Never a dull moment.

Happy Anniversary my dear!



Foodie Friday: Slippery noodles!

Determined to be independent.

It was one of those nights when we were so hungry and too tired to think of where to go and what to eat as long as we get to eat something not too expensive around where we were, within the Far East Square area. Unfortunately, most of the casual eating places were closed (it was only 7pm) and the prawn noodle place was one of the few that was still open and looked quiet + affordable. We decided to give it a try.

To be honest, I thought the prawn and pork rib noodles weren’t that great, I’ve had better ones elsewhere. Little boy didn’t seem to mind though and he was very determined to feed himself with normal chopsticks that day. We have the kiddie training chopsticks at home but he seldom get to use them because we don’t normally cook noodles at home and Mummy dearest doesn’t know how to use chopsticks herself. I can pick my food up with chopsticks lah but most of the time end up with splatter stains all over my top and my bag lor. Also, the way I hold the chopsticks look like some evil witch’s grip. Salah max man. The Husband has been the one trying to teach Xan how to use it properly and the training was paying off.

That day, Xan succeeded in picking up all the noodles with the chopsticks by himself. As I sat next to him, watching him, I thought to myself he is growing up too fast. Today use chopsticks, tomorrow get married liao. Wah biang! I quickly snapped out of it, wiped his mouth and whisked him up into my arms very tightly and returned to the car.

“Que Sera Sera… whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que Sera Sera. What will be, will be.”


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Whatsapp, you sabo me!

The mardder of mardder of Xander is 70ish this year and she loves her gadgets, especially her iPhone.

When we all started to use the iPhone a few years ago, she would casually look over our shoulders to see what we were up to and then casually say stuff like “Wah! Your screen very big hor? Good leh! Mine, you see, so small, buttons so hard to press. Your phone can do what ah?” Sometimes she would also say “Aiyah, your phone so complicated. Don’t waste money on me lah.”

Note to all clueless filial children: when your mardder says all that, she is not envious of you or your youth or want you to impress her. She is very subtly TELLING YOU to get the same or better model for her because her current phone is crap. Of course her filial 2nd born child got the hint and bought one for her quite soon after that.

She’s very busy. Don’t disturb her.

One of the many things I love about my mardder is that she is not afraid of technology. Sure she was skeptical at first but she will still try it before throwing it back to us. She started off with using cassette recorders for her karaoke classes, then sending long distance SMSes to me while I was in Canada, then now, the iPhone. She used to (now also lah) corner me with 101 questions about how to do this and how to do that whenever we go back for dinners. Mardder eventually got the hang of the phone and even started to use Whatsapp because the service is free and everyone else in the family is using it. Must stay current hor?

Some months ago during one of our usual phone conversations, Mardder suddenly asked me what was I up to recently, why so busy, why was I sleeping so late. Kept insisting I was still awake at 2+ in the morning.

Me: No lah! I was already asleep, playing chess with Sandman by then liao lah!

Mardder: Dun bluff!

Me: Really lah! Anyway, how would you know I haven’t sleep at 2+?

Mardder: Because your Whatsapp say you were still online at 2+ mah!

Me: Wah lau!! (kenah betrayed by an app!!) You’ve been monitoring me this whole time?!

I stole this picture from my friend’s album. Taken many many years ago.

Recently an old friend was complaining that there is no privacy on Whatsapp and it reminded me of my mum. I quickly switched off the time stamping on the app and waited very patiently by my phone. True enough, she called to ask me if there was something wrong with my phone. She couldn’t see my ‘timing’ anymore. *facepalm* Mardder, you win liao lor! She said what you know? She’s keeping tabs on me because 为我好,关心我. Since I sleep very late and if she see I’m not online, she won’t disturb my sleep by texting me. If I’m online, she will text to ask if I’m going back for dinner and tonic. What do you/ can you say to that? Ya, nahting. You better shuddup and give her big hug because she is saying she loves you.

Yes I love her very much and no I’m keeping the time stamping off for a while. It’s fun to irritate her and keep her guessing. Hehehehe… 😛


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Happy birthday old boy!

Dear Ah Lao,

Today is your birthday and I need to come clean … *whisper* I did not get you a present. I can just hear you guys gasping and exclaiming. “WHAT??? No present?? Wah lau!” Eh, you all don’t lydat leh. Don’t judge me leh… *sob*

For a guy who has everything, the last thing you need is another long sleeve shirt or bag. Your wardrobe very full ler lah. I’m not very creative in the gift giving department. The Triton is little out of my budget at the moment, honey. You just wait ohkay? You wait long long ok? *roll eyes*

I know the last few weeks haven’t been easy for you and I didn’t help to make you feel better. Sorry. Let’s go have a nice day out later. Do whatever, go wherever and yes, I will hold your hand all day as requested.

Happy birthday! Sweet dreams, I’ll see you later when you wake up!

Special father son moment with tiny “Tritons”.



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My 小鬼 (little ghost) is baby no more.

Facebook status dated 24 Oct:

I forgot who reminded who but Xan & I were talking abt his sch’s Halloween party a few nights ago. I asked him if he wld like to wear the Ultraman costume my sis bought for him to the party. He said no. He wanted to be a Prince! I was surprised, asked him if he knew wat it was and he said No but he wanted to dress like a Prince anyway. Being a skeptic, I had to make sure so I asked him again the next day. He clearly had a good night’s rest and decided to ditch the whimpy Prince for… a Goose! The white white one hor. He couldn’t tell me why but gave me very clear instructions that it must hv very white feathers and a yellow beak. Goose very scary meh? Got ppl wear goose outfit for Halloween meh? Headache…how to make??

The day after, we had to made sure that was what he wanted so we asked again. This time he said he also wanted to be a HOTDOG. Don’t deny it. Phallic images started to flood your head too right? This would be easy to make with 2 pillows and 1 bolster but we still had a few more days to Halloween. He might change his mind. Hotdog? Come on…

Another Facebook status dated 29 Oct:

So the little one didn’t mean Goose. He meant Ghost. He wants to be a Ghost on Wednesday. You would think opaque fabric is easy to find until you really go out & find. All the rolls of soft white tulle and chiffon are hiding from me *sweat*

30 Oct…

I had full intentions to make his costume from scratch the night before. My inner Martha Stewart was just screaming to get out. I have a sewing machine! I had thread! I had a vision of the costume (in the form of a picture from the net)! I had the enthusiasm! I fell asleep… Sigh. Luckily my clever sister offered her help in the form of a clever seamstress whom she engages from time to time. I think she had already asked the lady to be on standby since the 24th because she knew I was all talk. HMPF! Anywayyyy… The clever girl whipped up his outfit in less than 2 hrs including the time the 2 of us spent gossiping discussing how it should look. STEADY BOH? STEADY RIGHT?

I brought it home that night to rip the edges out a little. Didn’t take any extra effort to make him try it on because he was sooooooo happy and excited with the ghost costume. It was exactly how he had described to us: white and can ‘fly’. Can’t blame us for initially thinking he wanted to be a Goose earlier on. He kept pronouncing ghost as GOOOST. Goose also white colour and can fly mah. Hiyah this boy ah!

I knew he was not going to be receptive to makeup and I suspect his teachers were going to plaster on some really weird makeup on them like last year (Next time I show you the picture lah. The eye-shadow was damn orbit sia) so I borrow some spectacle frames my sister for him to try out. Mr Vain-pot had a blast posing for me with the weird frames.

He made sure to try on all the glasses and parade in front of the mirror to double check.

Voila! The final look! Xan the Friendly Ghost!

He was very determined not to look scary because he thinks his friends would not want to play with a scary ghost.

Swee boh? He liked it a lot but had reservations that morning.

Xan: What if my friends don’t like my costume, Mummy? What if they disturb me?

Me: Well, do you like your costume?

Xan: Yes I like. *swishes his sleeves around*

Me: Then that’s all that matters! If they disturb you, it may mean they are jealous of you! Because you look good!

Xan: Oh… What is Jealous, Mummy?

Me: *looks at The Husband* Erm… Jealous means not liking someone who has something you like very much but you cannot or don’t have. (That was the best answer I could come up with on the fly.) Understand?

Xan: Er, ok. *swishes his sleeves around some more*

His name tag says “Hi, I’m Friendly” but he and his friends thought his character’s name was Boo. Note to self, next time pick simpler names. Friendly vs Boo. Boo is a clear winning name.

Anyway, feedback from the school was he was a hit with the teachers (and principal). All took individual photos with him. Not say I hao lian but hor, really leh. Based on the class photo I saw on his teacher’s Facebook, he had the best costume in his class. Not store bought some more leh. Wheee! The most important thing is from all this is that he had fun, had his vision of his costume realized and he overcame his fears of rejection from his friends. My 小鬼 (little ghost) is baby no more.

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Let’s play… Vegetable stamping!

I had been thinking of doing some vegetable stamping with Xan for quite a long time because we have never done it before. Usually thinking of it after the vegetables end up either in our bellies or in the trash. I only cook We love eating Shanghai Greens and the stems are perfect for the art project. I managed to save all 3 this time and even struck a deal with the Little Man to finish every grain of food and we could do some art and craft after that. I think he barely looked up from his bowl and managed to finish his food in record time. He absolute LOVES art and craft. I haven’t met any child who loves it more than he does. If he was given a choice, he will want to do crafts all day (and night) long. He’s too easy to bribe 🙂

Good to eat, great for print.

We started off with single colour stamping on a few sheets of drawing paper before progressing to multiple colours. I tried to convince him that it was ok to mix colours without mixing completely. Er. You know, put 2 or 3 colours together but not mix them into various gross shades of…brown. I hate brown. I like coffee, I like chocolate, I love suede. Just not brown. It’s so dull. Cannot stand it.

Simple pleasures.

Tried as I might, Xan ended up mixing all the colours to create a wonderful dull shade of brown. Haha! Never mind lah. There will be plenty of opportunities to do stamping again. Perhaps then I will try with a variety of vegetables or even attempt to carve shapes onto some root vegetables. *gasp!* I’ll be sure to update here if I do. At least now, I have a few sheets of his masterpieces to make into Christmas cards for our family members this year.

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It’s still me with a few upgrades

Why the move and the new name?

I used to blog from another site on and off since 2008. Some weeks back The Husband asked if I would like him to host/manage/redesign my blog as a Mother’s Day/birthday gift to me. He will deny this but he sneakily managed to convince me to change the name of my blog because it had to incorporate the domain name. The previous name just didn’t cut it. A friend asked “Next time when you have another child how? Change the blog name ah?” Well, Number 2 doesn’t seem to be happening leh. I guess we will decide when Number 2 happens lah.

Why the cheena look?

Besides my adoration for all things Hello Kitty, my family and a few close friends know I also love cheena kitschy stuff. Whenever my family goes to China and ask me what to bring back for me, I always tell them “Get me the most cheena china thing you can lay your hands on. It can be something very small and bought from a street side stall, it doesn’t matter. Bring a piece of China back for me lah.”  So one day after showing me a few drafts of the new website, The Husband hit an epiphany (probably included giving himself a loud slap on the thigh and exclaiming TIO HOR while listening to his NIN tracks on his iPhone) and here we are. This new site is his baby. Not bad, hor?

Eh, your Ingrish very horrible leh!

In case you are wondering why is this site full of grammatical errors, that’s how I speak. I like to stay true to character. Be my friend, we go for kopi, share gossips and you will know what I mean. If you are referring to my header and buttons, that’s how my husband, son and I talk to each other. Be our friend, stay  for dinner and you will know what I mean 🙂

Anyway, this is my blog. I hope you like what you see. If you don’t, we need to talk… *cracks knuckles*

2012_moving on
My ever helpful little boy.