In my honest opinion… Stop complaining already!

I’m feeling a little perturbed about what I have been reading lately. No, nothing about me (yet). These are mostly comments about other people who I know personally and some about others that I don’t know at all. To make things even worse, I am having a major writer’s block and often unable find the right words to verbalize my thoughts. It is almost like a sneeze that stopped halfway. Correct lor! Damn irritating feeling right??

I mean, what good does it do to a person to nit pick or compare themselves to others who obviously have it better? They can afford to gurgle their mouths with TWG tea you cannot tahan ah? Yah, you are probably saying the same about me for talking about these people too. I have a problem with people who never seem to be satisfied with what they already have. Contentment. Not necessarily nirvana but at least being contented with what you have on hand. It is good to strive for a better standard of living, to be a better daughter/sister/wife/mother/friend. Why bring people down simply because they are stronger, smarter or just generally have a better life than you? I see these high achievers as very organized and extremely motivated individuals who worked hard to get where they are and working even harder to stay on that top spot. Who is to say they didn’t make any sacrifices along the way? You can’t judge a person that you don’t know solely based on the surface alone, my dear. I don’t geddit.

You think you sacrificed a lot or suffered a lot or endured a lot to be where you are or be denied what you rightfully deserve. You used whose yardstick to measure ah? You are obviously doing not too bad if you have a computer with internet access that you regularly use to criticize comb through other people’s background. This one is called Keyboard Warrior tio boh? How about transferring that energy to do something more positive and less toxic on yourself and other people like take a nap? Dun be so bo liao and Auntie can?

Then hor, you complain about having competition from beyond Singapore shores for your jobs, your flat, your men and even your kangkong at the market. Who ask you so slow/so short/so tall/so whatever? Gahmen already say, if you not hungry other hungry people will want to eat the kangkong mah. Boh salah mah. Prices will rise, livable space will eventually run out. You cannot possibly expect the world to stand still and wait for your royal highness to catch up tio boh?

If you think I’m talking about you, GOOD! Means you know what you have been saying. If you don’t like what I am saying, let’s meet up and discuss over some Iced Hojicha.

I know I am naive but no good meh? 知足常乐 (roughly translate as be contented and you will find joy often) you know?

Ok, I’m done complaining. Let’s move on to the next show.


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The down low about my phone… literally.

On Tuesday, after saying goodbye to Xan and his teacher at the main door, I was about the take the elevator down to the first floor. My usual habit is to whip out my phone to check the time so I could log-in at the school’s time in/time out book. Then I will take 1 last look after that for whatever reason. Habit already. So. Just as the door was closing…

My phone slipped from my hand, slided into the gap and down the elevator shaft. FOUR stories down.

Here’s how it went.

*The orz image (kneeling girl) was taken from here. But look like me hor? Hahah! But what is orz? Check it out from this website.

So drama. My heart was pounding so hard and I kept muttering S***S***S***S***S***S***! I went to the security office (which was really just a hole in a wall) and asked for help. Long story short, after waiting for about 50 minutes sitting outside the school looking like a deranged homeless woman who was clutching her bag very nervously, the company that services the elevator sent a technician to come to my rescue: for a fee of $49 (no GST). Everybody were very doubtful my phone would still be in one piece because they all very politely smiled and shook their heads to pity me. So when the technician climbed down the shaft, the security guard, the cleaner lady and I poked our heads in to look for the carnage. He asked me what colour it was and at the moment, I spotted something very familiar! I literally started bouncing up and down and said very loudly “NEH! NEH NEH! MY PHONE!!!! MY PHONE IS THERE THERE THERE!!” while pointing to my phone which had slid to the corner of the floor. He picked it up, flipped the phone over and  passed it to my very gingerly. The entire screen was shattered but luckily my $2 Daiso screen protector held the glass pieces together and my Tokidoki phone cover cushioned the back of the phone. I needed to know if it was really gone so I tested my luck and pressed the home button and what do you know? VOILA! It was still alive!!!! Incredible!! I was so happy and so excited, they all laughed at me. Well, I get that reaction from older folks all the time.

Uncle: But aiyoh, it’s broken leh. Can fix meh?

Me: Neh mind neh mind! Can still use! It’s still in 1 piece. At least I can bring home and back up all my information. Wah! Thank you thank you! My heart was beating damn fast you know? Thank you thank you!

So here is the phone.


While waiting for my contract to be up in July, my sister lent me her old iPhone 4S to use in the meantime. Heng ah! I tell  you ah, playing Candy Crush with a cracked screen and playing it in the dark is no fun. I am having migraines because of it 😛

So the moral of the story is, chain your phone to your neck if you really must check your phone every 5 seconds. If not, don’t take it out of your bag when you take the lift, escalator or cross a busy road. One day you will also kenah suay suay like me when you least expect it.

Everyone please back up your phones. You might be the suay one today.


Wordless Wednesday: Don’t grow up so fast!

My dear boy, can you don’t grow up so fast?

Mummy, I have to grow up! I want to go to K2! I don’t want to be a baby anymore.

But you will always be Mummy’s baby. Is that ok?

No. Teacher say I’m not a baby anymore.

Aiyah, just for today. You are Mummy’s baby today. Then I can give you big hugs and big kisses and bao bao you all day. Can?


*Big hugs + big kisses + squeals of laughter*


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Let’s make… Chocolate Crispies!

Over the weekend we popped over to a fellow mummy blogger’s home to pick up some shelves from her garage sale. While The Husband was dismantling the shelves, Xan and I decided to do a little more shopping. He almost immediately spotted the cookbook among the boxes of books and while flipping through it, he got excited and told me he wanted to make everything in the book. Since it was only $4, it was definately coming home with us.

He wanted to make the Chocolate Crispies from the very start mostly because he loves cereal and it was the main ingredient in the recipe. I liked the recipe because it is simple and just nice for Chinese New Year! Yay!

Here are the directions with some slight modification.


Mixing bowl
Large saucepan
Wooden spoon
12 Paper cases (more if you are using the bite sized ones like ours)


  1. 55g butter
  2. 4 tbsp golden syrup (I couldn’t find the regular ones so we bought the one mixed with honey.)
  3. 100g milk chocolate broken into pieces (I already had a packet of Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips in the fridge so I used that instead.)
  4. 70g cornflakes (We normally use Nestle’s cornflakes because it’s thicker and doesn’t turn into mush very quickly)

Put the butter, syrup and chocolate into a mixing bowl. Place the bowl over a large saucepan of simmering water.

Since I don’t have a heatproof mixing bowl, I used my Visionware saucepan and partially submerged it into a big pot of water. Clever right? I also say!

Allow the butter, syrup and chocolate to melt, stirring to mix well

Remove the pan from the heat. Take the bowl out of the saucepan.

Add the cornflakes to the mixture and stir well, using a wooden spoon. (I used a regular metal spoon. Made no difference to me.)

Not to belittle you but please remember it is going to be HOT!

Oh, because the cornflakes were enormous and the paper cases we bought were so tiny, I told Xan to mash it up as much as possible so that it will be easier for him to spoon later. I waited a little while for the saucepan to cool a bit before I allowed my little assistant to help me with the mixing bit.

Carefully spoon the mixture into the paper cases. Doesn’t matter if you spill some, you or your little assistant can always lick it up.

After you have completed putting the mixture into the paper cases, stand back and admire your masterpiece please. You deserve it.

Leave your crispies to set in the fridge for 1 hour. You can store them in an airtight tin so they stay crisp. Truthfully, in our humid climate, I doubt it will stay solid and not a melted mess if left in the open. You might want to store them in a cool dry area just to be safe.

You could substitute the chocolate pieces with Milo or chocolate drink mix.
Add 55g raisins to make them even chewier.
Before you pop them into the fridge, add sprinkles on top to make them look pretty. We wanted to but Mummy was too tired and forgot all about it.

1 hour later. Voila! Buelly buelly quick and easy ah? We are definately going to make another batch of this for his school’s Chinese New Year party next week. This time, we will remember to put the sprinkles for sure 🙂

There are other similar recipes floating around the net. Search “Chocolate Crispies” and pick one that suits you.

Have a happy weekend!



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