I’ve got the Primary One blues

It has been almost 4 months since my last entry because I haven’t had the time to sit down to pen my thoughts. Every time I try, one or all of the following will happen.

  1. The baby would cry bloody murder because she just passed out the mother of all poop and threatens to rip off the offending diaper to pigeage (think grape stomping) it,
  2. Rain would be pouring down on my nearly all dried freshly washed laundry that was hung outside the window,
  3. Water from my upstairs neighbour’s wet mop would be dripping onto my nearly all dried freshly washed laundry that was hung outside the window,
  4. Something urgent from the office needed to be dealt with immediately, or
  5. I would be hungry. By the way, I am always hungry *sad pouty face*

On top of all these, I am also suffering from The Primary One Blues: dealing with Xander’s homework, projects, mastery tests and deng deng deng…. Chinese class. *blood curdling scream*

“Primary One 很 relax 的!” (translation: Primary One level is pretty low stress) experienced parents would tell me. “No exams mah. Don’t be too stressed out lah” they added.

Pfft! 骗人的lor! (translation: Bloody liars!) Have you taken a good look at the Chinese textbooks recently? If they didn’t come with hanyu pinyin, I most likely wouldn’t be able to read many of the words. My knowledge of Mandarin is pathetic.

Let’s take a look at the picture description test he was expected to practice before the actual day. Some keywords were provided to help him; 跳飞机, 飞碟, 老鹰抓小鸡, 瞎眼猫. Wah… I haven’t seen these words since forever! Do kids even know what these are? Not Xander apparently. He knows “catching”, basketball, frisbee, and the usual games but definately not 老鹰抓小鸡, 瞎眼猫. Heck, there isn’t even a hopscotch course in his school. If he doesn’t know and has never played these games, how is he supposed to answer leh? I also dunno. The feedback from his Chinese teacher about his low scores isn’t helping me feel better either. I don’t enjoy getting mad at my child just because a teacher feels he is not performing up to par. *sigh*

This is an image of his recent 看图说话 test.

I had a really good conversation with a fellow mummy online yesterday and she made me felt so much better. I said, after comparing how other kids of his level are faring, maybe we should have started preparing him and ourselves for primary school a lot earlier. She reminded me that I was not alone with my fears and other than consistent work at home, we just need to be supportive and focus on the child’s efforts, not just the results. Every child is different and the way they learn will also be different. There is no point in comparing him with others. I am such a control freak + perfectionist so not focusing on the results will take some getting used to.

Do you have any tips on managing expectations or motivating the child to do better you can share with me? I will really appreciate it very much.