The full month party photos lost and found

The Photos

I started out writing this post to “fill in the blank” before I start on Yvie’s eventful 1st birthday post. I mean, who skips the full month celebration and then goes straight to writing about the 1st birthday? Doesn’t make sense leh. Cannot cannot! I wrote about the venue, the food, the cakes, the balloons and other frivolous stuff. Then I realized I lost/accidentally deleted/never even took photos with some very important people at the party and I freaked out. At 3am. I searched my old laptop, old mobile and still couldn’t find them. As a last resort, I PMed some folks in hopes they haven’t deleted these photos with us in their phones or laptops. I really didn’t expect them to still have it but most did and I was so glad. But there were still some missing and they were photos with my in-laws. In fact, I remember not having taken a group photo with them that day ūüôĀ I know what you’re thinking. “Wah lau eh! That’s supposed to be the 1st photo you take before you are even allowed to eat leh!” I know I know…

My lousy memory has gotten progressively worse over the years and so photos have become my pictorial diary of events and celebrations. Without them, I won’t remember anything and I cannot have that.

I told The Husband about it the next day and he said he will see if he had any on his laptop. I had forgotten I demanded he unsync my Dropbox with his laptop because he messed around with my folders and he saw many accidental shots of the insides of my bag, fat thighs and toilet walls. Now I was hoping he still had copies of my silly folders in his laptop.

I watched as he¬†sat in the middle of the living room floor, scrolling and searching for the precious photos. Every time he giggled at the screen I would go “Wot wot?? Found it???” Nerve wrecking.

Fortunately, he managed to dig out the original batch of photos including those I thought I had deleted. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Here they are! A compilation of photos gathered from friends and ourselves! *big wide grin*

The Party

2014_Yvie full month 01

It was a simple affair among family and friends at the Glee Kitchen. Since the cakes and balloons were delivered to the venue directly, we only needed to concentrate on¬†arriving on time and in style. But of course we didn’t arrive on time nor in style¬†as parents with kids seldom do. Thank goodness the folks at Glee Kitchen helped us signed for them before we got there. Phew!

2014_Yvie full month 02

I was chatting with Mabel online the other day and we spoke about the party. We shared our experiences about our previous celebrations and the topic of photos came up. When I said we would be taking the photos ourselves, she volunteered to help me take the photos because she said there was no way we would be able to mingle and take pictures at the same time. Mabel was right and she totally saved my life that day. Without her help, we would not have this many photos. Thank you so very much!

2014_Yvie full month 15
Mabel, the selfie queen has done it again. Perfect shot!
2014_Yvie full month 03
There is always time for pictures!
2014_Yvie full month 04
Delish gluten free food
2014_Yvie full month collage 2
Mingling schmingling.
2014_Yvie full month collage 4
The in-laws inspecting the baby. I was so happy The Husband took these precious shots especially the one 0f my late father-in-law carrying the little one. *melt*
2014_Yvie full month collage 5
Photos of some of the guests that turned up. Thank you for coming!
Last photo of the day. The awesome crew at Glee Kitchen

Looking at the photos again brought back a whole bunch of feelings. It was such a happy day and everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves. It was also sad to know it was Yvie’s first and last birthday party with our beloved grandfather. If only we knew, I would’ve taken a whole lot more photos of him with the family that day. Sigh. That being said, I am very glad so many people turned up and turned the place upside down. Thank you everyone for taking the time out¬†bearing¬†ang pows and gifts, to celebrate our baby’s milestone with us. Yvie is a very blessed little girl.



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A very overdue post on Xan’s birthday party in school…last year

I meant for this post to be out LAST YEAR but hey, better late than never right?


Me: What would you like for your birthday, Xan?
Xan: Mmm… I dunno.
Me:¬†How about the cake? You want a proper cake like your cousin’s or several cupcakes laid out together?
Xan: Cupcakes! Cupcakes!
Me:¬†Okkkk… What kind? How do you want them to look like?
Xan:¬†I want it to be a surprise! Don’t tell me ok? I want a surprise!! *excited giggles*

And so the birthday party prep began.

Have I told you this little fella doesn’t like cakes? He likes to taste them, buy them, distribute them but he’ll never finish eating them. If for some strange reason he does finish the cake, it must have been damn nice. Since he’s not going to care how they taste like, it made my life a whole lot easier.

We figured he is probably not going to be able to celebrate with this group of kids in K2 (his birthday is in December and most parents would’ve withdrawn their kids from the school from November onwards), I decided to go the extra mile and tried to plan something extra special. He was a big fan of the movie Despicable Me and especially love the silly minions so I went along with this theme for the party.

You see, I don’t plan parties, I go to parties. I had no clue whatsoever what to do other than ordering cakes. In times like this, the Internet is the best place to source for ideas and I found this! How cute are these cupcakes?? Incidentally, these were made by an old secondary school mate so I quickly made my order with her and breathed a huge sigh of relief.¬†

The Goodie Bags and Balloons

minion balloons and minion goodie bags
What is a school birthday party without goodie bags and balloons?

I DIYed the goodie bags and balloons for his friends and boy did I bit off more than I could chew! I forgot to take into consideration I couldn’t prepare everything in advance without spoiling the surprise for the little boy. That meant we only had the night before the party to get everything together. That meant blowing up the balloons, cutting the eyes, tags and whatnots. Very chuan ah! *hyperventilates* I found the templates for the Minion goggles¬†here¬†and the Evil Minion goggles and mouth¬†here. For the goodie bags and I enlarged some of the goggles a little bit use on the yellow and purple balloons. Nice right? I even made “hair” for the evil minions but they were very troublesome to make. Have to use steel brush to brush out some purple wool. Wah biang! Brushed until hand numb only managed to get a small handful of usable fluff. I cursed and swore and wanted to give up. In the end I had enough for 4 purple head. The rest of the evil fellas had no hair and the kids didn’t even care because none of them wanted to take the evil minions home! Wah lau! So cute why dowan?? *heart crushed*

We also forgot that to fit 30 balloons in the car + big box of cupcakes + goodie bags will require some space planning which I obviously didn’t do. The balloons almost got crushed by the car door, nearly flew away at the void deck and they blocked my rear view mirror thus making driving a little tricky and scary because of they were staring back at me in the mirror. That was not the worst. Midway through while I was on the way to pick up the cupcakes, it started to rain. WAH LAU EH! *cries to the sky* WHY YOU BULLY PREGNANT ME???

Luckily The Husband met me at the cupcake pick up point and we managed to get everything into the school building with minimal damage; some of the balloons flew out of our hands and landed in the rain ūüôĀ After some screaming, running, shoving, huffing and puffing (referring to the very large and pregnant me lah), we got the table, goodie bags and balloons set up before Xander’s class arrived. Phew!

Yay! We are finally here!

Minion balloons, Minion cupcakes
Swee boh?

Xander’s face immediately lit up when he saw us and the balloons. He was beaming from ear to ear. His classmates squealed with excitement. The surprise was a success! Yay!

Minions everywhere
Some group photos from that day
The cupcakes were really good!

I was so glad he loved his surprise party. I wonder if he will remember it 20 years down the road? Oh well, doesn’t matter lah. As long as he enjoyed himself and we have these photos as mementoes can already lah ūüôā

P.S. Minion cupcakes were created by Flourish. Do give them at least 1 week advance notice for customized design.

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Project Birthday Cake was a Success!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my attempt to make Xan a crazy√ā¬†birthday cake√ā¬†but wasn’t successful. Between the layered steam cake and this final cake, I had tried making a banana bread (looks damn nice but taste wise failed miserably) and a jelly cheesecake. The cheesecake was a success but of course we realize later Xan hates cheesecake. Wah lau…

Neh mind! I go research some more ideas lor. After a few nights of research, finally settled for a Kit Kat Cake.

Ah this one, so simple and so fail proof. If I can make it, SO CAN YOU!

Talk about risky, I made it the night before his class party. I told myself if this doesn’t work, I will just go buy a cake from one of the cake shops around the school. Always have a backup plan folks!

Ingredients included 1 cake mix, 1 tub of frosting, 1 big bag of M&Ms and maybe $15 worth of Kit Kats.

Total time taken: 3 hours. As long as your kid is awake, you can forget about speed.

No need to tell you the steps and ingredients right? Do it freestyle lah ūüôā

You see? So simple even a kid can do it!

I tell you hor. I don’t often bake cakes because ALL my cakes always turn out not how I expect them to be. In this case my cake had a dome top and a giant X crack ( I said X crack not aXX crack. Sigh.) I told Xan I did it on purpose with a giant X for his name. He was thrilled. Hahah! *nose growing longer*

After the cake was taken out of the oven, Xan wanted to decorate the cake immediately. It’s also his brilliant way of saying he didn’t want to go to bed and will say anything to convince us he didn’t need to go to sleep. Even though I explained the cake needed to cool down first, he refused to buy my story. Eventually after debating back and forth for maybe 10mins, he caved and The Husband went into the room to tuck him in.

The Husband managed to worm his way out of the room after the little one fell asleep. Naturally, I put him to work and made him help me slice off the top. Don’t worry if you end up hacking what look like pot holes on the top of the cake. Nobody will know because it will get covered up with the frosting, M&Ms and Kit Kats. See? I told you this was belly belly easy one?

Just before he went to bed, Xan said he wanted a ‘star’ on his cake. Tried as I could, my star looked like a starfish so The Husband came to my rescue again. After doing the outline of the star, we realized not enough yellow bits so we chin chye added the orange to the middle and randomly dumped the rest around the star. Nice hor? By the time the cake was done, I was really tired and forgot to put the ribbon around the cake. Ah, it didn’t matter anyway. The cake already looked blindingly colourful, no need any more colour liao.

I thought I was very prepared for the class party: got cake, got goodie bags, got party hats some more! That was until I stepped in and saw 25 little faces looking at me instead of the 12 I was expecting to see from his class. Crap! My cake so tiny how to slice 25 pieces leh? Wah lau… PANIC! As it was around the Christmas period, a lot of kids were away for the holidays. K2 kids have already graduated and very few of them chose to stay on for the month of December. I guess since there were only so few kids left, the teachers decided to gather them together to celebrate Xan’s birthday lor.√ā¬†Miraculously,√ā¬†the teachers managed to chisel 25 morsels of cake for the kids and I had spare hats to give to the additional kids. The Happy Birthday song dragged for what seemed like an eternity because they sang 4 versions of it simultaneously. Xan was ecstatic!

So yah. My attempt to bake my son a birthday cake and his party were successful. Most of the kids finished their cake, no M&Ms and Kit Kats were wasted, nobody broke into hives, nobody cried and Xan was happy. I even spotted his friend dipping her finger into the cake for a quick taste test after staring at it for a very long time. I think she tahan (resisted) very long ler. I have photo evidence! Hahah!

So glad I didn’t chicken out at the last minute. Will√ā¬†definitely√ā¬†do it again later this year.


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Happy birthday old boy!

Dear Ah Lao,

Today is your birthday and I need to come clean … *whisper* I did not get you a present. I can just hear you guys gasping and exclaiming. “WHAT??? No present?? Wah lau!” Eh, you all don’t lydat leh. Don’t judge me leh… *sob*

For a guy who has everything, the last thing you need is another long sleeve shirt or bag. Your wardrobe very full ler lah. I’m not very creative in the gift giving department. The Triton is little out of my budget at the moment, honey. You just wait ohkay? You wait long long ok? *roll eyes*

I know the last few weeks haven’t been easy for you and I didn’t help to make you feel better. Sorry. Let’s go have a nice day out later. Do whatever, go wherever and yes, I will hold your hand all day as requested.

Happy birthday! Sweet dreams, I’ll see you later when you wake up!

Special father son moment with tiny “Tritons”.



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Wordless Wednesday: Money can’t buy time with family

That’s The Husband, Me, The Son and The Nephew with my cake the boys decided to decorate with chocolate while I wasn’t looking.

My favourite kind of birthdays are the ones spent with family. Having everyone together at the same place and at time is so rare nowadays. Money can’t buy time with family. I am very grateful and very happy to have most of my folks together for a simple meal at my mum’s last night . Wheee!

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Happy Birthday Mummy!

Today is Mummy’s birthday. Let’s just say she’s forever 36. That’s how old she was when she had me. The best thing that had ever happened to her. Mwahahah!

Of the 3 of sisters, I was the naughtiest, the loudest and now the fattest. I set Mummy’s heart racing for all the wrong reasons. I mean come on, when the cane comes flying your way, of course you RUN and run fast! It’s the most logical thing to do mah. I wasn’t going to stay put like my sisters used to when they were my age. Siao!

When my sisters were busy getting As and mugging for exams, I was busy planning what to wear, which club to go and with which group of friends. From when I was about 17 until about 20 years old, I used to club/pub crawl at least 3 times a week, drank a-l-o-t, climbed onto countless bar tops/platforms/stools, broke a few glasses, crashed into many people, crawled home at daybreak and passed out on my bed until it was time to get my ass to school in the morning. Both of my older sisters received scholarships during their undergrad years. Me? Everybody were just glad when I got a passing grade. I wasn’t facing problems at home or anything traumatic. I was just having the time of my life. Mummy and my eldest sister thought I was doomed to become either an ah lian-an unsophisticated Chinese girl or a bar girl- another version of an ah lian but more heong. I was my mum’s biggest worry.

One day after a bad breakup, I decided I hated Singapore and took up my folks’ offer to go pursue an education overseas. I picked Ontario, Canada because I knew no one there and knew nothing about the country except how the flag looked. I was such a brave idiot.

The 27hr flights and 12hr time difference made communication with my family a little challenging. My technophobe mum learnt to email and SMS me because those were the fastest and most convenient way to communicate with me. Despite it all, Mummy and I texted each other almost daily. We traded gossips, recipes, complain about our friends, complain about each other, slammed the phone at each other, the normal stuff lah.

Now that I’m married and have a family on my own, I can relate to my mummy alot better. Yes Mummy, husbands are created to give wives headaches! *sayang Mummy*

Mummy is my best friend, my annoying sister and my life coach. I love you mummy and I hope you will enjoy your birthday today.