Halloween Fun: The conniving lawyer and his evil zombie dentist son


Wa si lim lau peh. (trans. I am your father.)

As promised. Here they are.

The Husband promised he would dress up for Halloween and so he did. Not bad eh?

Notice the angry Evil Dr. Xan with his bowl of dismembered itchy fingers from naughty children. He was angry with me because I wanted him to bring the stethoscope since the outfit looked too generic for anybody to know he is a dentist. He refused and insisted people will know then looked at me like he wanted to say “Only you dumb dumb don’t know nia…” Ok lor… Xan was very insistent about wearing this garb because it really was from a dental clinic and he was super proud of it. It was given to him during a recent Be a Dentist Day at the National Dental Centre which I will tell you more in a future post. Since he was already upset, he started to whine about his eye makeup. “ONE BLACK EYE ONLY AH!” he insisted. I also dunno why only one side. He wanted the makeup, liked it, then whined about it and wanted to wipe it all off. All in 30mins. Sigh… I hate morning tantrums. I should just rename his character as the Psychotic Dentist who likes to cut off fingers for fun. Maybe then the costume and the food combination will make more sense eh?

Every Halloween morning, he will complain about his costume being too hot, too big, too long, too crazy, too something lah. EVERY HALLOWEEN! Then he would sulk (sometimes cry) all the way to school. By the time he sees his friends in equally ridiculous outfits at the main door, he would have this look that says “Heng ah, I’m not the only one like this today” then walks in with no further protests.

I was very determined not to buy candies for Xan’s school Halloween party this year. Last few times he will bring home a huge bag of candies, eat 2 or 3 pieces and abandon the rest for me to eat/dispose. Such a waste of money me thinks. So I sought help from my friends on Facebook for alternative suggestions. Some say make them do tricks, walk barefoot, give the kids homework, give walnuts, etc. I was like Harlow? I want them to like us, not murder us by pelting the walnuts at our faces leh!

During this time, I stumbled across this and when I showed Xan the pictures, he kept laughing and say “This will freak my friends out! Let’s do it! Must put blood!” Soon after, one kind friend share with me photos of her party food and I got inspired! Popcorn in gloves! Disgusting! PERFECT!

You touch some more lah. I cut off your fingers!
Zombie/Gout/Arthritic hands

It didn’t take much persuasion to get the boy to help me with the food prep. Hot dogs are his favourite snack and when there are extra bits lying around, he will help to dispose them into his belly. Other than popcorn, we used other munchies we found at Daiso for variety sake. Fingernails were M&Ms. Cute eh?

Aiyah, cut too much! Nair mind, I shall dispose it into my belly. See? Same size as his big toe!

I can’t wait to see him and hear his stories about the party plus the walkabout with his mates from school later today. Wonder if the PG (playgroup) kids will really ‘freak out’ like he said when they see the fingers. I hope they do. A few tears shed will be nice too. Mwahahaha!

A night of girlish fun plus 3 Style Essence Workshop Giveaway

When it comes to skincare and makeup, it’s all Cantonese to me. Meaning I know enough to get by but not motivated enough to want to learn more. My makeup style hasn’t changed very much over the years except now I draw my eyebrows. Ya, up until I was about 21, I walked around with almost non existent, au naturel eyebrows and thought I looked okay. Don’t ask me why I never thought of drawing my eyebrows because I also dunno. Dunno never mind leh. Whenever I saw pictures of myself I always wondered why my face always looked so sparse, like something was missing. Stupid right? I also wonder why none of my ex boyfriends ever pointed it out to me. Sigh. So anyway. Here are what I use on a typical day.

My makeup tools are:
1. “Foundation” $2 Daiso concealer
2. Eyebrows and eyeshadow – In2it eyebrow/eyeshadow. Most likely expired for years.
3. Eyeliner – Maybelline Masterliner
4. Tweezers for the eyebrows

When I want to feel fancy, I have a Maybelline Volum Express mascara which I had bought maybeeeeee 2 years ago, last used 2 years ago. A good friend of mine shared a tip with me. she said on days when she felt too lazy to put on makeup, she would at least crimp her lashes because it helps to ‘open’ her eyes and it makes her look a little more alert. It’s true you know, I used to do it but I don’t even remember where I threw my eyelash curlers anymore.

My bare essentials

Inside my makeup pouch, I have other very random things. I don’t remember why the blue Zebra permanent marker is in there but it’s certainly not for makeup.

I don’t know why I have 2 tweezers. They are just THERE.

And then this is my “daily skin care routine”.

Skincare tools:
1. Facial wash – Shokubutsu facial wash
2. Makeup remover/moisturizer – Johnson and Johnson’s baby oil

So you see, I am pretty low maintenance. That’s a really nice way of saying I’m a lazy girl. I just want my face clean fast and cheap. I’m hopeless and I need help. That is until I attended Style Essence’s self makeover workshop recently.

Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB) which I am a member of, is celebrating our 1st birthday this year and part of the celebration included the exclusive, “just for SMB members only”, self makeup and styling workshop conducted by Style Essence. The vivacious Florinda (also a member of SMB) shared very useful tips on colour analysis, styling, makeup and skincare . Yeah!

Florinda sharing beauty tips to the class

She used the color wheel to illustrated how colors can compliment each other and with that in mind, we can use this theory when we shop for clothes and accessories that best suit our skin tones.

Colour Wheel

Florinda then did a very simple demonstration to find out which skin tone each of us belongs to with the help of a black and brown scarves. What do you think? Am I a Cool (black scarf) tone or Warm (brown scarf) tone?

Image source: The Accidental Mom Blogger
The Lao Hiao in action again.

As it turns out, I’m a Pear Shape not a Building Shape that I always thought I was. Phew! To draw attention away from my magnificent child bearing hips, Florinda suggested putting more emphasis around the neck and shoulder area. A nice shawl or necklace should do the trick but I think adding a few cup sizes won’t hurt either, yah? *wink wink*

We were all given a guide, based on our body shape, of what styles will suit us best.  This is especially handy for me who don’t really like to go shopping because I never know what looks good on me.

Body shape

After the body and colour analysis, we started the skincare routine using Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects Skin Care range. We were told we shouldn’t smoosh our faces around like how we would when we wash our car. You should always dab the cleanser on your face first then use your 3rd and 4th fingers to rub (gently) in circular motions. Less friction creates less wrinkles lah.

Once we were done washing our faces, we applied the Botanical Mask on half of our faces. It deep cleans with very little effort and almost immediately after washing it off, I could see the difference between the 2 sides of my face. The pampered side really did feel and look fresher. Whee!

So hard to just stop applying the mask halfway.

See my non existent eyebrows? No? There, I told you it’s non existent already mah.

Image source: Rachel Teo

Now that our faces were clean, it’s time for makeup! Florinda and Bernadette had prepared a wide range of colours, lipsticks and brushes of all shapes and sizes for us to experiment. For someone who only use brown, seeing so many colours on 1 plate was a little unnerving for me. Since we were all there to learn something new and do something different for a change, I went straight for the purple eye shadow. *shudder*

Loads of makeup at our disposal. Yay!
Florinda helping Pamela with the eye makeup.
Regina and Adeline putting on the finishing touches.

Here’s how I looked before and after. Never mind that I look bloated, I have colour on my face! Not so Auntie anymore hor? *giggle*

Image taken from Style Essence’s Facebook page.
Swee boh?

What’s a celebration without a group photo? Here are the crazy participants from left to right.

Top row: Bernadette, Susan, Sandra, Regina, Adeline, Madeline.

Bottom row: Jiahui, Estella, me, Pamela, Adora, PC and Florinda

Image source: Catch Forty Winks

Thank you Flo and Bern for the entertaining workshop! I haven’t had this much fun in a workshop like, forever!

Here’s the fun part!

Style Essence is giving 3 of my readers a free makeover workshop worth $150 each!

How to win? Just use the simple Rafflecopter form below and you are on your way!

Giveaway ends at midnight on 19 April 2013 and winners will be announced here on the same day. I’m not going to keep y’all in suspense for too long this time 🙂

Winners will be selected randomly and Style Essence will contact the winners directly

Faster faster enter! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclaimer: We were invited to attend this workshop and received no compensation for this post. All opinions are entirely my own.

UPDATED (19 April 2013)

Congratulations ladies!! You have each won a free makeover workshop worth $150 by Style Essence! Don’t worry, Florinda and her team will take very good care of ya! They will be in touch with you via email soon.

Thank you everybody for supporting this giveaway!

The Year End School Concert

Besides Chinese New Year, November is a very busy month for me because The Husband’s birthday, wedding anniversary and Xan’s year end school concert all fall in the same month.

For days I had been trying to find out from him what he was going to perform during the concert but he would either ignore me or give me a really vague answer. His lips were sealed shut, not even giving me a single clue. So mysterious. Ok lor…

2 weeks before the actual day, they had a full dress rehearsal and I managed to have a sneak peek at what he was going to wear for the concert. The Husband had to pick him up from school that day and managed to take a picture of his outfit before they cleaned him up. To be honest, I wasn’t too pleased. He was wearing a dudou! I paid $100+ for his concert costumes and the best the school could do was a dudou? I can buy that dudou for less than $10 from China direct hor? The Husband kept reassuring me the little one looked very cute but I wasn’t buying it. Oh well, we shall see what the 2nd set is going to be since they usually have 2 performances every year.

Finally concert day came and we really enjoyed everybody’s performances especially those from the PlayGroup classes. Every year without fail you will see the Cryers, the Deers (you know? Deer in headlight kind?) and the Runaways. My favourites are the The Deers. Some can remain in the same position completely still for the full 3 minutes of the song. It’s so cute to see the children grow up and gradually grow out of their shyness like those from Xan’s class.

This year, we have a good camera so we have quite a few really good shots! Thanks to my dear Husband who bought it for me last year. We were kept busy taking pictures with the D90, our iPhones and my Ixus870IS. Sibeh kiasu.

However, midway through the concert, I started to develop a terrible migraine from the glare of the iPad belonging to a parent who was seated next to me. He was surfing the net/forum/whatever lah. He was giving me a migraine. Why do people do that during a concert if they don’t do that in a cinema? Very rude leh. You don’t think the bumblebees were cute but I DO! Lucky I didn’t ‘accidentally’ bump the iPad off his hands, onto the floor and ‘accidentally’ step on it because I found out at the end of the concert his daughter is my son’s classmate. HENG AH!

Little monkey showing me the lipstick his teachers had applied for him. His lips stayed that way until he started digging into his Happy Meal.

Ya I know what you’re thinking. I don’t like the choice of food they give the children during excursions and post concerts. Pandan bread and MacDs are not my idea of a healthy foods. Then again, what else can they give the children that will not turn bad when left out in the open for at least 3 hours? Don’t worry, we made sure to pump him with fresh vegetables and fruits after that.

Dodou and MacDs aside, Xan did very well during the concert. He smiled throughout his performances, remembered all his steps and the only child to thank the audience before he scurried off stage with the rest of his classmates. He looked like he really enjoyed himself too! Well done!! We were very very proud of you!

Proud parents.

After going through all the photos, this picture is without a doubt my favourite. It was supposed to be a kungfu whatever performance. He is cute even in a strange dodou. Of course I’m bias. Sue me.

Here’s my favourite shot of him with some DI help. 😛

Nail polish can make you gay!

As with any child if his age, Xander is quite a curious boy. He has questions for everything and would try (almost) anything. We try to answer him as best as we can but sometimes if I don’t know the answer, I usually make one up and indulge him.

One day in the car on the way to somewhere I cannot remember now…

X: Mummy, how come that Uncle’s hair is like that? *points to an ah beng looking uncle by the road*

Me: Oh that Uncle dyed his hair red.

X: Why?

Me: I don’t know. Maybe he wants to be an Ang Mor?

*laughter choke from The Husband in the driver’s seat*

Me: You know what is an Ang Mor? No? Ang means Red in Hokkien, Mor means Hair. Together you get Ang Mor lor!

Xan gave me a polite giggle, shakes his head and ‘tsk’ + ‘aiyah you ah’ to me. He didn’t get the joke but can respond to my reply quite accurately. By 3.5 years old, he now know his mardder is a blarddy joker. Ok ok. I’m getting to my story now.

A few weeks ago, we were invited to a distant relative’s wedding dinner. Few nights prior, I took a good long look at my stubby toes and muttered to myself “Wah lau, so ugly. Better paint them now while there’s time and since I’m going to wear sandals.” So I painted the toenails and forgot my fingernails. Typical. Anyhoo… While I was slapping on some hot pink polish, I suddenly remembered a scene from an early episode of Jon & Kate plus 8. Kate Gosselin was reminiscing when Colin (one of the sextuplets) was fascinated with her painted toenails. She said “he would just come up, and I would feel a little petting on my feet.” At that moment, I wondered how would Xan react? So I tested it out the next morning.

We sat in the living room and I nudged him to look at my newly painted nails.

Me: Psst! Nice or not?

Xan: *eyes open wide” Waaah! *tries to touch a nail thinking it was still wet* Why you put colour on your toes?

Me: Because mummy hiao (Hokkien for vain). I want my toenails to look nice. Nice or not?

Xan: Nice! I also want colours on my toenails. I want yellow, blue, green!

Me: Ok, but I only have white and pink.

Xan: White then!

Me: Ok, I’ll paint ONE toenail. If I paint more, your teachers are going to think Mummy is mad and call me in for a private meeting.

Since Xander was born, I stopped wearing earrings and necklaces for fear of scratching him and him tearing my earlobes apart. That being said, whenever I accessorize myself in anyway, Xan is always the 1st to notice and keen to try for himself. So far it has been hair clips (though daddy was the culprit who started clipping them on him for fun/torture), hairband, bracelets and now nail polish. Oh yes. Bras too. Can transform into eye masks, gas mask, headgear, drag on the floor like an animal kenah hunted, etc. My 2 boys are irritating. *rolleyes*

I don’t have a problem with boys playing with nail polish & earrings. Just don’t touch my knickers. The Husband had painted nails and wore earrings (manly loops) for quite a while until a few years ago when his job required him to look more …ahem… serious. See here and here. Its the folks around me that have problems with it when I told them about painting his nails and his love for fresh flowers.

“Don’t encourage him ah! Wait he turn Ah Gua how?”

“Must be you and your Hello Kitties turning him into a sissy!”

“He needs more manly contact. Make some more boy babies!” Okok, I made this one up. You get the point lah.

What’s wrong with boys with nail polish anyway? You can’t turn gay from using nail polish, getting ears pierced, grown long hair, get facials, drink Shirley Temples, listening to Air Supply or cry at weddings. Don’t be goondu! Wah lau! Which cave from which century did you crawl out from?

A little feather boa will bring a smile to any child.
Photo credit: inmagine.com

Kids NEED to play dress up. It helps to build confidence, exercise their imagination and even strengthen their communicative skills through role play. Not I say one. Experts say one. Homophobes should learn to relax a little and just let the kids enjoy their childhood without being influenced by the crazy gender stereotypes. So folks. Relax! Let them play! The kids will have plenty of chances to dress properly later in life so let them be and have some fun.

Dressing up as the cast of Jersey Shore. Yea or Nay?
Photo credit: http://www.buzzfeed.com