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Well folks, the Mayans were wrong, we are still very much alive and it’s 2013. *gasp* For those who didn’t pay all their bills or borrowed tons of money from loansharks for no reason or spray painted your ex’s car or gave it to  your bosses/wives/mother-in-laws on the 20th of December… gua gua gua. Idiots…

Because I’m still alive, I need to remind myself to be grateful for the following things I have and take for granted.

Son 我的儿

The Husband and I ask ourselves almost daily, what did we do to deserve this little boy? Someone upstairs must really like us. Even when he was a little baby, Xan seems to understand when I’m feeling down. He is always there to comfort me with an assuring smile, a hand on my knee or pass me a tissue paper. Most of the time, he will just squeeze up next to me, plant a kiss on my lips and we watch whatever it is on TV together in silence. He brings joy not only to our lives but also to whoever he comes into contact with. Sounds very far fetched but my friends will be willing to tell you otherwise. I’m grateful to have him in my life.

The Husband 我的愛人

I hope 2013 will be a better year for him. Money, we can earn together (I can always sell his shirts, shoes, bags, guitars, etc. Or I can rent him out to you. He’s very handy with tech and furniture. Hiak hiak hiak!) but faith and confidence is entirely up to himself. He allowed me to do my ‘thing’ from ’09 to ’12 so I guess it’s my turn to return the favour. I won’t deny that the finance part will always be on top of my mind in the next few months but I will TRY to focus on more important aspects of the family and less on the money. I am grateful we are able to do a little bit of role reversal this year. We will never know how things will turn out until we try right?

Health 我的健康状态

I finally know the reason of my constant back pains, not exactly jumping for joy with the diagnosis but glad that the pains are not entirely all in my head. Other than that, I’m (somewhat) healthy and ALIVE!  I’m grateful for every breath I take every morning because it means I can have 1 more day with my loved ones.

My Mum 我的娘亲

I keep talking about her in my posts because I think she’s great! She stalks me, she infuriates me, she stuffs me with excessive amount of food then points out my ever expanding  waistline. I know mummy does all these nonsense because she loves me. I hope my relationship with Xan will be this good when he grows up. She taught me that being a woman is more than just a daughter, sister, wife or a mother. She constantly reminds me to be happy, take care of myself and to stay true to my principles. I am grateful for such a loving, insane woman who drives me up the wall and around the neighbourhood 10 times as my mummy.

My Blog 我的博客

It’s a work in progress. Since 2008. It’s a long process lah. Spurred by a secret group of mum bloggers, I started to write a bit more and I’m liking it. The blog had helped me to organize my very random train of thoughts and also helped me made some new like minded friends. I am grateful to The Husband who helped spruce up my blog and make me want to write more.

So glad 2012 is over and I hope 2013 will be better and bring in a steady stream of good news to everyone.

Happy New Year everyone!

Whatsapp, you sabo me!

The mardder of mardder of Xander is 70ish this year and she loves her gadgets, especially her iPhone.

When we all started to use the iPhone a few years ago, she would casually look over our shoulders to see what we were up to and then casually say stuff like “Wah! Your screen very big hor? Good leh! Mine, you see, so small, buttons so hard to press. Your phone can do what ah?” Sometimes she would also say “Aiyah, your phone so complicated. Don’t waste money on me lah.”

Note to all clueless filial children: when your mardder says all that, she is not envious of you or your youth or want you to impress her. She is very subtly TELLING YOU to get the same or better model for her because her current phone is crap. Of course her filial 2nd born child got the hint and bought one for her quite soon after that.

She’s very busy. Don’t disturb her.

One of the many things I love about my mardder is that she is not afraid of technology. Sure she was skeptical at first but she will still try it before throwing it back to us. She started off with using cassette recorders for her karaoke classes, then sending long distance SMSes to me while I was in Canada, then now, the iPhone. She used to (now also lah) corner me with 101 questions about how to do this and how to do that whenever we go back for dinners. Mardder eventually got the hang of the phone and even started to use Whatsapp because the service is free and everyone else in the family is using it. Must stay current hor?

Some months ago during one of our usual phone conversations, Mardder suddenly asked me what was I up to recently, why so busy, why was I sleeping so late. Kept insisting I was still awake at 2+ in the morning.

Me: No lah! I was already asleep, playing chess with Sandman by then liao lah!

Mardder: Dun bluff!

Me: Really lah! Anyway, how would you know I haven’t sleep at 2+?

Mardder: Because your Whatsapp say you were still online at 2+ mah!

Me: Wah lau!! (kenah betrayed by an app!!) You’ve been monitoring me this whole time?!

I stole this picture from my friend’s album. Taken many many years ago.

Recently an old friend was complaining that there is no privacy on Whatsapp and it reminded me of my mum. I quickly switched off the time stamping on the app and waited very patiently by my phone. True enough, she called to ask me if there was something wrong with my phone. She couldn’t see my ‘timing’ anymore. *facepalm* Mardder, you win liao lor! She said what you know? She’s keeping tabs on me because 为我好,关心我. Since I sleep very late and if she see I’m not online, she won’t disturb my sleep by texting me. If I’m online, she will text to ask if I’m going back for dinner and tonic. What do you/ can you say to that? Ya, nahting. You better shuddup and give her big hug because she is saying she loves you.

Yes I love her very much and no I’m keeping the time stamping off for a while. It’s fun to irritate her and keep her guessing. Hehehehe… 😛


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Wordless Wednesday: Money can’t buy time with family

That’s The Husband, Me, The Son and The Nephew with my cake the boys decided to decorate with chocolate while I wasn’t looking.

My favourite kind of birthdays are the ones spent with family. Having everyone together at the same place and at time is so rare nowadays. Money can’t buy time with family. I am very grateful and very happy to have most of my folks together for a simple meal at my mum’s last night . Wheee!

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Happy Birthday Mummy!

Today is Mummy’s birthday. Let’s just say she’s forever 36. That’s how old she was when she had me. The best thing that had ever happened to her. Mwahahah!

Of the 3 of sisters, I was the naughtiest, the loudest and now the fattest. I set Mummy’s heart racing for all the wrong reasons. I mean come on, when the cane comes flying your way, of course you RUN and run fast! It’s the most logical thing to do mah. I wasn’t going to stay put like my sisters used to when they were my age. Siao!

When my sisters were busy getting As and mugging for exams, I was busy planning what to wear, which club to go and with which group of friends. From when I was about 17 until about 20 years old, I used to club/pub crawl at least 3 times a week, drank a-l-o-t, climbed onto countless bar tops/platforms/stools, broke a few glasses, crashed into many people, crawled home at daybreak and passed out on my bed until it was time to get my ass to school in the morning. Both of my older sisters received scholarships during their undergrad years. Me? Everybody were just glad when I got a passing grade. I wasn’t facing problems at home or anything traumatic. I was just having the time of my life. Mummy and my eldest sister thought I was doomed to become either an ah lian-an unsophisticated Chinese girl or a bar girl- another version of an ah lian but more heong. I was my mum’s biggest worry.

One day after a bad breakup, I decided I hated Singapore and took up my folks’ offer to go pursue an education overseas. I picked Ontario, Canada because I knew no one there and knew nothing about the country except how the flag looked. I was such a brave idiot.

The 27hr flights and 12hr time difference made communication with my family a little challenging. My technophobe mum learnt to email and SMS me because those were the fastest and most convenient way to communicate with me. Despite it all, Mummy and I texted each other almost daily. We traded gossips, recipes, complain about our friends, complain about each other, slammed the phone at each other, the normal stuff lah.

Now that I’m married and have a family on my own, I can relate to my mummy alot better. Yes Mummy, husbands are created to give wives headaches! *sayang Mummy*

Mummy is my best friend, my annoying sister and my life coach. I love you mummy and I hope you will enjoy your birthday today.

Happy Mother’s Day

Xan’s school organized a simple Mother’s Day celebration in school on Friday. He kept talking about the card he had made for me with the teachers in school for days. “Mummy I made a heart-shaped card on a stick for you!”, then goes on excitedly to describe it as best as he could. Although I was excited to see the card he had made for me, I was dreading the interaction I have to have with the other mothers. In fact *whispers* I can’t stand a few of them. 😛

Growing up, I’ve always had more guy friends than girl friends. Sure I played masak masak, dressed up my 1 and only Barbie in weird and wonderful outfits and liked puffed up princess dresses (never owned any though). That was only in the privacy of my own room. I preferred to play other stuff when I’m out with friends. Ride a bike, poke some random frogs, pluck weeds, roller skate or whatever activity that will result in a hot and sweaty mess. Girls my age back then don’t like to sweat.

As a result, I’m not usually inclined to interact with other women because I can’t seem to connect with them. I’m not quite a girlie girl who lives for makeup, fashion brands or high teas. No common interests to keep the conversation going leh. My only contact with them so far is when we’re stuck in the lift together or outside the door while we wait for the teachers to let us in at 9.20am or downstairs when Xan spots one of his friends from across the road “HI ASHLEY!!! Mummy mummy! That’s my friend Ashley and her mummy!”

Anyhoo, back to the party. It was a much simpler affair this year. In the middle of the room, there was a table with containers of freshly chopped up fruits and vegetables with a few salad dressing on the side. The kids were supposed to gather some for their mummies and the mummies were encouraged to join in. As soon as the teachers gave the go ahead, the herd of mummies attacked the table of fresh vegetables. Xan had to jostle his way through the sea of backsides just to get his dear mummy some salad. Aww!

The kids were being their usual happy boisterous selves. The mummies were either busy force feed feeding healthy food to their kids or showing off their child’s latest portfolio of headshots to the teachers or pretending every other parent is invisible. Me? I just sat there, get fed by Xan and taking mental notes of everything to tell you here lah!

I was happy to see the kids enjoying themselves and playing with each other. It was an opportunity for me to put names to the faces I see on FB and in school. I was a little peeved when a mother didn’t even thank me when I made Xan gave up his seat for her when her seats were hijacked by another mum. When she saw Xan sniffing away because he had a slight runny nose, she very loudly asked her kids if they were having runny noses too then made them grab their sweaters from their bags. Hello? I’m not more than 20cm from you leh. Don’t be so obvious mah. Anyway, your crappy sweaters ain’t gonna do shit to prevent your kids from the diseases the other kids in school are just dying to spread to your babies. What a donkey.

There was 1 or 2 genuinely friendly ones but like the plastic chairs, they were also quickly hijacked by other mummies. Never mind lah. I was there for my little boy and I’m glad he had a good time. He was gracious to give up the chair for the woman and thoughtful to give mummy a few bites of the salad even though you could tell he was famished! LOL!

Thank you for the lovely gift, baby! I love you too!

My son made this, with the teachers’ help of course but I don’t care lah.