What’s in your hospital bag?

Less than 2 weeks to my EDD and my hospital bag is finally packed! Phew!

I tried to do some research online on what folks normally pack for a 2 to 3 days stay at the hospital and the lists are almost all the same. Some more detailed than others but the essential items are the same lah. There was one I really liked was from Growing With The Tans and so I adapted a lot of her ideas into my list.

Here’s my list in case anyone is interested…


1 Marriage Certificate For baby’s birth certification registration.
2 Husband & Wife’s NRICs For baby’s birth certification registration and open baby’s CDA account at the hospital.
3 Prenatal medical receipts Claimable up to $450 under the Medisave Maternity Package. Can submit at the hospital. (I did not know this until I read the post from Growing With The Tans)
4 Pre-admission paperwork Because you need to check in with proper document.
5 KKH booklet Since it’s in your bag already, just bring.
6 Latest bank statements To open baby’s CDA account at the hospital.
7 CDA application form from either OCBC Bank or Standard Chartered To open baby’s CDA account at the hospital.
8 Pens and a notebook/scrapbook In case you feel inclined to write down the day’s event and want to make a print of your baby’s feet for keepsake. Or you could just Facebook everything.
1 Makeup pouch & lip balm I want to look decent in the photos.
2 Face & bath towel Confinement not supposed to shower 🙁
3 Toiletry bag:
Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, hair clip.
You don’t want people to faint from your dragon breath or smells from your pits.
4 Long sanitary pads + disposable underwear Get the longest adhesive pads you can find. They will work better than regular maternity pads. Easy disposal.
5 Night gowns with easy nursing access You will want to nurse your baby as soon as you can.
6 Nursing bras You will want to nurse your baby as soon as you can. These provide easy access.
7 Robe/sweater Because you don’t get to wear your silk robe in your non-air conditioned home so why not now.
8 Breast pads In case of leakage.
9 Slippers/ slip-on footwear You probaby want to just wear them to the hospital instead of bringing extra footwear. Less junk to lug around.
10 Dress for going home 1 piece outfit is easier to put on especially if you had a c-sec done. If your night gown looks good enough as a ‘going out’ outfit, BEST!
11 Breast pump* For stimulating the boobs and help milk flow.
12 Socks It might get cold in the ward.
13 Cellphone & cellphone charger To call, send messages or pictures to your family and friends of the new baby. Facebook and Instagraming will deplete battery life very fast. Please bring charger.
14 Mints/candy In case you forgot to brush your teeth and your guests are standing right in front of you already.
15 Stretch mark oil I dunno. Because the smell is comforting to you?
1 Going home outfit x 2 In case the hospital does not provide any. Bring 2 sets just in case the 1st one gets dirty. I’m packing 3 sets because I can.
2 Swaddling cloth x 2
3 Baby mittens and booties x 2 sets
1 A clean change of clothes All the huffing and puffing around the hospital is bound to create some manly funky smell.
2 Camera You could just use your smartphone but hey, you’ll never know when you need a 15MB quality photo of the family portrait in scrubs right?
3 Coins For the middle of the night snacks from the vending machine. For him. I’ll probably eat air.
4 Watch To time contractions. But I haven’t seen his watch (the kind with hands) in years!
1 Milk bottles and teats For expressed breast milk.
2 Baby accessories cleaner To wash all the baby accessories lah.
3 Breast milk bags Easy storage.
4 Wet wipes Wipe the baby’s kar chng lah.
5 Diapers You’re asking why? You’re kidding right?

* The Husband saw this and said But you’ve got me for that. *rolleyes*


Forget about using expensive totes, they are really cumbersome. I remember using a really nice Fila bag when I was in the hospital with Xan. Nice to look at but oh so troublesome to carry around when we checked out. Kept slipping off the shoulder. Use a luggage with wheels, so easy sia!

The bags came just in time. One for Daddy’s stuff, the other for the baby’s stuff.

I like to organize things into small bags inside my big bag. The hospital bag is no exception. Remember my last post on shopping with Jedpacks.com and how I loved their bags? The bags finally arrived! I knew I simply had to use the wet bags for my stay at the hospital!

The Snuggybaby Espresso Damask Large Wet Bag holds The Husband’s stuff and the Snuggybaby Ningyou Wet Bag holds the baby’s stuff. So pretty hor the bag?

OCD much?

As I won’t be checking into a single bed ward this time, I don’t want my bras and panties to be in full display when I dig into my bag. So how? I pack them into individual bags lor! So clever right? What you see are 4 ziplock bags (A4 size from Daiso) each consisting of 1 nightgown, 1 nursing bra, 1 disposable underwear and 1 pair of disposable breast pads (just in case). I brought the sanitary pads along in case I don’t like the ones provided by the hospital. These are kept separate. If I needed The Husband to help me get my stuff, he can just grab the bags without additional instructions from me.

The one with blue elephant belonged to Daddy, the other one belonged to Xander

On the hospital’s website, they suggested for us to bring our own baby clothes and swaddling cloths. These 2 blankies are very special to us because 1 belonged to The Husband and the other belonged to Xander. My mother-in-law kept the 36 year old blankie especially for our children so I thought it was only appropriate that I packed it into the bag for the baby 🙂

3 sets of clothes, socks and mittens for the baby

Finally, the baby’s very pink clothes. No need further explanation right?

So there you go, my hospital bag checklist and a peek into what I am bringing for my (hopefully) short stay.

Did you bring a special item with you for your delivery/hospital stay too? I would love to hear about it!


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You know you are about to pop when…

I stole this picture from The Husband’s Instagram. He was checking if his sister was awake.
  1. The cashcard In-Vehicle Unit seems like a mile away from your steering wheel.
  2. Your belly starts to steer the wheel for you.*
  3. You can no longer see the front of your car when you drive up a multi storey carpark.
  4. You pray for big open parking lots because you cannot weave through cars like Christy Cheung. Then again, I think nobody else can lah.
  5. Squatting cubicles with no side handles scare you.
  6. Filthy, wet squatting cubicles with no side handles terrify you so much you mutter “I cannot give birth here. I cannot give birth here” while you pee.
  7. You make your mardder so nervous with the squatter toilet story, she DEMANDS you to bring a whistle along when you go pee. Had to remind her that the handphone is easier and can call The Husband to break into the cubicle much faster than the whistle.
  8. When doing laundry, the detergent dispenser drawer (on a front loader) is a deadly weapon.
  9. When getting dressed, the reflection of your enormous belly shocked you into tears. “Am I going to explode today?”
  10. You have to lasso your underwear to your leg in order to put it on.
  11. After you lasso one leg in, you take 1 more min to lift the other leg through the other hole without tripping over yourself.
  12. You have trouble wiping/scratching/inspecting your ass.
  13. You hoist your belly up with your hands as you walk up 2 miserable steps. This would be fine if you are expecting multiples. Very dramatic sight when there is only 1 tenant in your belly.
  14. You have trouble rolling yourself out of bed.
  15. Crocs sandals are the best thing since Justin Timberlake’s SNL Single Ladies performance. To me at least.
  16. You no longer walk. You waddle.
  17. People think you are taking a slow leisure walk when in reality you are Zumba-ing to the tune of Boom Boom Pow in your head.
  18. The top portion of many of your clothes are always full of bits of food at the end of the day. Sometimes, you find food in your bra too.
  19. You feel the need to scrub the toilets clean. Today. Now. At 3am.
  20. You start to use your toes to pick up stuff you dropped on the floor.
  21. You get really offended when people see you and say things like “WAH! SO BIG AH! You sure only 1 inside?”, “WAH! Must be anytime now ah?” Basically anything that starts with WAH will make me want to throw my shoe at the fella if I could bend that low to get it.
  22. Your butt hurts when you sit anywhere or lie anywhere.
  23. When your child tries to seek solace by running towards you to try bury his face into your belly, he end up bouncing away, holding his nose in pain.
Who knows what really goes on inside?

I’m not complaining. Just sayin’…

*Disclaimer: I don’t let my belly drive me around. Seats can be moved back you know? I’m a very safe driver, just swears a little too much.

The Twenty Questions that were supposed to be answered on Tuesday

Fine, I know it’s not Tuesday anymore but I really wanted to participate in MummyMoo’s Twenty Questions lah.

Here are my answers.

1. Was your pregnancy planned, and how old were you?
Not really planned but neither were we preventing it. I was 30.

2. What were your reaction?
Shocked because… please read Point 3.

3. How did you find out you were pregnant?
I was driving us home one evening in April and we had stopped at a red light, gossiping about what had happened at the office that day. I was talking halfway when I saw in the rear view mirror a car speeding towards the back of our car showing no signs of slowing down. I started to scream and BAM! He “kissed” the back of our car. I stepped out of the car, moved towards the back angrily and started screaming at the driver who turned out to be a 70ish year old man who was also visibly shaken by the accident. I eventually stopped ranting like a mad woman 2 mins later when I realized he couldn’t really see very well either. *guilty face* I was the victim but behaved like a raging mad bully 😛 Luckily The Husband was calm enough to make sure the other driver was ok and not hurt either. After the cops came to take our statements, we took pictures and exchanged information, we drove to the mechanic with our bumper about to fall off. Everyone suggested we go to the A&E to make sure we didn’t suffer from any internal injuries so we went to Tan Tock Seng A&E department to do the usual tests. After giving the nurses my urine sample, we were told to head over to get some x-rays done. I started to panic when we got there because I had a navel ring and I could only get it out with a pair of pliers. It was past midnight, where to find pliers you tell me? So I tried my luck and went to ask the technicians for it and all of them gave me blank stare and went HAR? Pliers?? Then in a typical Taiwan drama fashion, just as I was walking into the radiology room for my scan and hoping to find pliers lying around, the doctor who had attended to me at the beginning ran into the room shouting “STOP STOP STOP! No x-ray! You do already? No need to do ok?” Maybe “shouting” is too dramatic a description. “Raised voice” would be better. SO! He came in, ushered The Husband and I back to the consulting room for more Q&A. He showed me 3 square plastic thingy. He did 3 pregnancy tests just to make sure and all turned up positive. We were very shocked because I was still having what I thought were very light menses. Long story short. WE WERE PREGNANT!

4. Who did you tell first?
My sister-in-laws because I was working for them at the time and was scheduled to leave for New York that month for work. I had to tell them to cancel my tickets immediately.

5. Did you find out the sex?
Yes! I was thrilled to find out it was a boy. I’ve always wanted a little boy.

6. Did you have morning sickness?
Minimal. Only when I brush my teeth in the mornings. Weird.

7.What did you crave?
Nothing in particular but I was completely turned off by the smells of my favourite foods like mushrooms. I lost weight during pregnancy because I didn’t feel like eating.

8. Who / What irritated you the most?
My husband. We quarrelled a lot back then and I packed and unpacked my “run away from home” bag many times and even slept on the sofa equally many times during pregnancy.

9. Did you wish you had a different gender from what you obtained?
No but we did ask the OBGYN to double check during initial ultrasounds for 2nd baby. We are very optimistic folks.

10. How many kilos did you gain during the entire pregnancy?
Too many.

11. Where did you think the baby was conceived?
Somewhere somehow after the kissing and before the showering.

12. Did you have any complications during the pregnancy?
I  had 2 endometriosis cysts (both were more than 6 cm each) removed during my 2nd trimester which was also the night after my traditional wedding dinner. Party first, if not I would be stuck on bed rest for weeks.

13. Where did you give birth?
Aisle 4 in the supermarket! No lah, I’m kidding of course. Thomson Medical Centre.

14. How many hours were you in labour?
I don’t remember active labour took how long but I remember lying around for 32 hours. Lie so long until I started to see weird images forming from the labour room’s floral curtains. I saw papillions, old men fishing by the lake, gold fish, etc. We were warded on Christmas Eve hoping he will pop on Christmas Day but the determined boy held his ground and stuck to the original ETD 26 December 2008.

15. Who watched you give birth?
The Husband.

16. Was it natural, or C-Sect?
Was induced to try for natural delivery, failed. Then assisted with forceps, also failed. My doc had to push the baby back in and then do an emergency C-sect at the end.

17. Did you take medication to ease the pain?
Epidural and laughing gas. It was not funny at all.

18. When was your child born?
26 Dec 2008

19. What is his / her name?

20. How old is he today?
4 going on 16. He is slowly morphing into an emo teenager. Scary.


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Fat cannot meh?

Xander is now 3 years and 3 months old. He is a happy, healthy little monster who proclaims daily “I’m growing bigger and bigger everyday! I am going to become bigger than Daddy and Mummy!” I thought to myself, Good! Then you can help mummy do housework and cook dinner! Yay for me!

It has been 3 years and 3 months since the tenant vacated Condo Le Womb but I still get looks and whispers about my belly. Is she or is she not? Please lah people! I’m just fat, not pregnant lah! Most of the time when I say that to people, they become embarrassed and change topic. Then there are the “caring ones” who just go on and on. “Aiyoh! You look very fat you know? So sayang! Never do javanese massage ah?” or “When is the second one coming? Your son lonely you know?” or “Fat never mind. I also fat and my husband thinks I’m sexy.” OMG! I really didn’t need the mental picture of my mum’s 50+ year old friends making out! *shudder*

Naturally, I wished my belly can look like this but for the longest time, I think it looks more like Jabba the Hutt. That is until I came across this site asking women to send them pictures of THEIR real postpartum bellies. Found a few tiger bellies that look like mine. I felt slightly less like a freak now that I know there are others just like me.

A few more hours to go…

Well, after the Christmas Eve dinner at my sister’s place tonight, hubby and I will head straight down to TMC for admission.

Xander Claus is coming to town!! My mum had been mispronouncing Xander as Santa for a few days. She’s technically correct lah. We thought why wait for Boxing Day when he can have more fun on Christmas Day instead 🙂 It also means we have to start saving up for his presents now!

After the hubby left for work this morning (yes, it’s Xmas eve and he is still required to work 1/2 day. Stupid leh.), I couldn’t go back to sleep. All these excitement and anticipation have been keeping me up for the last few days. I would stay in bed wide awake for a few hours before finally drifting off and then my eyes will pop open just before the Majulah Singapura plays on the radio. The thought of the labour process is definitely freaking me out a bit (it will get progressively worse in the next few hours) but I am also looking forward to meeting the little fella who has been keeping me company 24/7 in the last few months. All 3 sides of the family been anxiously preparing for his arrival and I’m still feeling if I missed out anything. I’m starting to get paranoid again. I hope we will be okay parents. He seems to be agreeing with me coz he just jabbed me a bit. Awwww…

Anyhow, I’m going back to sleep. I doubt I will be able to do that when the little one comes so best to do it while I still can. But before I do that, I need to raid the fridge for some Sara Lee Choc Pound Cake :)~

Almost ready…

Hi Xander!

We were at Dr Wong’s clinic today. She has confirmed that you are now engaged and ready to exit “The Mothership”! From the scans, she estimated you at 3.3kg, give and take about 10%. I’m wondering to myself when did you managed to do that? Was it yesterday in the afternoon? Or did you do it a little at a time? Wow! You did it all by yourself! I’m thoroughly impressed with my son again 🙂

Guess what? I was driven around by Daddy today. Yup, he passed his driving test 2 days ago and today was his 1st time on the roads as an official driver! Yeah!! Your Daddy so clever. Passed everything on his 1st try. We were supposed to go for a short drive last nite but I was too tired. He wanted to take the car around the block a couple of times but will admit now that I was skeptical. Sekali car come back half the original size how?? Ah Gong will flipped to Mars and back! Thank goodness your Daddy agreed to wait until tomorrow morning. PHEW! Sorry baby, not that I don’t trust you ah but you know me lah…

He was a little nervous during the drive today but that is completely normal for all 1st-time drivers. I think I contributed to his nervousness today la. Couldn’t help it, I’m a control freak. You’ll learn more about this charming little trait of mine in the years to come. Anyway, the drive in general was good, no bumps, no scratches, no screaming matches in the car. Heng ah.

New Do

From what I can remember, I had a grand total 4 of  such severe haircuts in my lifetime. All seem to happen when my hair gets ridiculously long. Most of the time below my waist…

1st time, 4 years old.

I had to cut my waist-length hair before I started K1. Before that, I remember crying and struggling alot with my mum and sisters when they tried to wash or tie my hair. I was such a whinner… My mum was so glad to chop off the hair. No more screaming matches and trying to catch hold of a soapy, squirming brat. There should be a few pictures of that lying around somewhere at my parents’ house. Should scan and post it when I’m free-er.

2nd time. 16 years old.

I think should be a few days after O Levels. Went for my first expensive hair cut with the girlfriends to Kimage at Marina Sq (straightening + hair cut). My mum and sisters were so amused with my chin length bob that my mum actually tugged at it to make sure it wasn’t a wig. Hahaha…

3rd time. Around 22 years old in Canada.

Also had waist-length hair. I was tired of my hair and just needed a cheap haircut. During one of my trips to the mall, I noticed that one of the salons was having a Student Special. I think was CAD$30 for a haircut by their students so I just went for it. The minute I undid the clip, the lady next to me literally gasped. She whispered something to her hairdresser who by then was looking at me with disbelief. She then asked “you sure you want to cut it? People will die for hair that long!” I just told them “it’s just hair. It’ll grow.” You know the stupid thing? It didn’t even end up very short, it was an inch below the shoulder because my hairdresser wasn’t very keen to cut it shorter. Wah lau.. stupid leh.

4th time. Today.

Well, my mum (and to an extent, my hubby) had been nagging at me to have my hair cut short since my 2nd sis had hers cut about 3 wks ago. She say that it’ll be easier for me to manage during my confinement period. To be honest, I had a LoveHate relationship with my long hair. I always get hair caught under my elbow when I try to get up from the sofa, get hair caught under my husband’s elbow when he tries to get up from the sofa, hair stuck in my earrings, hair all over the car, you get the point lah. I love my hair because I love it when my husband runs his fingers in my hair or just smoothen it when he stands behind me on escalators or when he’s bored. I have to agree with my mum and said to myself & hubby “Looking like a HotMama is important but ending up a SmellyMama is not attractive and not an option” so after 5 hours of procrastinating at home, I finally drove myself and met my sis at the salon in Paragon for current buzz. Nice? It’s been a long time since I felt wind breezing past my neck!

I didn’t even realize hubby has NEVER seen me with short hair until my sis asked. Luckily, he’s impartial and the cut was nice. Dun think he will want to be seen with me if I had looked like a mop.

More growing pains

Day 2 of my maternity leave.

The bottom of my belly now looks like a bright red watermelon with the squiggly lines and all. I swear i haven’t been scratching it but it feels so sore and raw that it hurts every time my pants ride down or if there are any seams along the waist. Ouch…

The guys came back to pick up the sofa for repair works today. Now the living room is so empty and echoy, echo echo echoooo… In a wk or 2, we’ll get a sturdier and more comfy sofa to laze on again 🙂 Bliss bliss bliss 🙂

Oh ya! They also brought over the white baby cot Uncle Tommy so graciously given us. Beautiful 🙂 Can’t wait to use it soon.

GAGA bed in white
My baby’s bed

Your daddy bought a foldable bike yesterday. I almost fainted when he told me how much it was. I still feel faint everytime i look at it. At least now if he go gets food, it’ll be way faster than before and he’ll be losing his belly at the same time 🙂 I’ll miss the belly.

Your daddy’s home. I’m going to nap for a while…

Swelled up with happiness

Hey Baby!

Your daddy was very tired and went to sleep already. He and Uncle Darran were at the 2 shops installing some stickers. He came home yesterday with huge blisters on his finger! YIKES!

You did a really big slow stretch today in my belly today. It must be really cramp inside by now. Be patient ok? You still have about 23 more days to grow 🙂 Take your time, take your time 🙂

Now mummy’s right foot is huge! Look like a fat baby’s foot! Haha! I love looking at it everyday. The strange lines and folds. I wonder if your feet will look like that too 🙂

Anyhow, today the cramps are slightly worse. I’m glad I’ll get to rest from next wk onwards. No more work, no more nonsense at least until March 🙂

Growing pains

Hi baby!

it has been a pretty rough few wks since the upset stomach last mth. Not your fault, just a coincidence that all the classic pregnancy discomforts of joint aches and pains are all happening at the same times. It feels like the ON button was suddenly switched on and everything kicked into gear.

My pelvis hurt so much it hurts to shift around in bed. Hv to come up with different methods everyday to get out of bed. 

I had my 1st calf cramp in bed on Saturday morning…

WOW! I had 1 or 2 close calls before but this was WOW! I panicked and couldn’t straighten out my right foot like i usually do. I had to pat your daddy awake, pointing to my leg which was already in the air, “Baby! Help! Help! Leg!”

My right calf has been in pain ever since… feels like i had done some intense leg workouts. I couldn’t walk properly over the weekend. It’s not so bad today. Just swollen feet. It was just the right foot during the last few days but the left one seems to be catching up. My feet look so weird! Almost like a fat baby’s feet! Serves me right for laughing at your ErYee’s feet last year 😛

Anyway, i am finally going to be on maternity leave next wk 🙂 So tired of the nonsense at work.

You’ve also been moving quite a lot these last few weeks 🙂 I know i will definately miss it when you are born. Sometimes i think u’re really stretching your arms and legs at the same time. Everyone say it’s not possible but I think they don’t knw what they’re talk abt 🙂

Looking forward to Friday coz that’s when i’ll see you on ultra sound at Dr Wong’s.