Another year has passed and we haven’t killed each other!

22 November marked the day we signed our “til-death-do-us-part-your-money-is-my-money-and-my-money-is-my-money” contract: it was our 6th wedding anniversary. *applause please*

For years The Husband insisted our anniversary should fall on 20 July when we held our customary wedding dinner and he said he (strangely, a few others also) thought a wedding is only formalized after the dinner. I said why would we go through the trouble to pick a nice date for the solemnization if the dinner date was going to be more important leh? We weren’t even planning for a wedding dinner back then because we thought sign contract can already, the dinner was such an extravagance and that we wanted no part of it. Luckily, we got it sorted out before this quarrel became an annual event.

During these 6 years, we have screamed at each other, threw stuff narrowly missing each other (Ok, maybe just me who did the throwing. If I had meant to inflict pain, I wouldn’t have missed), laughed with each other, laughed at other people together. I’m not good at poetic, sing-song description of our relationship. Just know that despite all our fights and quarrels, we are still together perhaps even stronger than the years before this. Steady!!

I’ll talk about our dramatic courtship another day because I suspect it will involve a Venn diagram, some Taiwan drama reference and a big chilled bottle of moscato d’asti. The booze is for me. Complicated love stories are best told semi drunk.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

This year, we made no special plans, prepared no special gifts. We got up late in the morning and decided it was a special enough day to justify Xan skipping school for the day. Aiyah! It’s not like he’s in primary school. Once in a while is ok lah.

We drove into JB for the first time on our own and got lost. No idea where to go, GPS pointing all over the place except the right place, heck I didn’t even know how much ringgit was in my ‘travelling wallet’ until we stopped for lunch at KSL City. After driving past numerous huge signs with photos of fishballs and roast meats, I was very ready to eat.

Pancake thing. Bamboo, pork, banana, seaweed thing. Fresh tomato with milk cream. Taro wrapped with bacon. All sounds strange but all good!

We had to walk off the heavy lunch so we decided to explore the mall a bit and we discovered this DIY stall.

DIY Candy Floss!
DIY soft serve ice-cream machines.

You can pick any topping you want and the amount to pay is determined by weight. We noticed the cups they use were pretty big and we were still very full from lunch so we gave it a miss. Maybe next time lah.

Then we wondered into Danga City Mall.


Other than the Metrojaya within the mall, the entire place looked like time stood still in the 90s. The only saving grace was the food place at the basement where one of the stalls served durian puffs WARM and charming beverages like Cham (coffee mixed with tea) and Neslo (Nescafe with Milo). The Neslo was a little too sweet for me but perfect for The Husband.

While exploring the supermarket, I came across this strange product.

Power coffee for men and women. I don’t understand what most of the text meant but I guess its for *waggle eyebrow* special times 🙂



I was very temped to buy for certain friends but I didn’t. Sekali drink already no ‘power’ but kenah power lau sai how? I don’t want to be held responsible ah!

We wanted to watch a movie in JB but the cinema we were at was closed so we headed back to Singapore to catch Rise of the Guardians instead.


Xan had been looking forward to the movie the whole day after The Husband told him about the different characters in the story. He had no clue who Easter Bunny, Sandman, Toothfairy and Jack Frost were but he was excited nevertheless. Guess who was Xan’s favourite character? Nope, none of the guardians. He loved (and still does) Cupcake! Go watch the movie lah. I love it! I think I will buy the DVD when it’s out next year.

Movie time! Boy, were we excited!

For an impromptu family day, it was really quite fun. Strange food, mini meltdowns (First meltdown, Xan wanted to buy a balloon. 2nd meltdown, he didn’t believe us when we told him we had to wait 45mins before we could head back to the theatre) and getting lost. Where got people’s wedding anniversary like that one? The day pretty much sums up how our marriage had been in the last 6 years:

Never a dull moment.

Happy Anniversary my dear!



Tasty Thursday: Famous 49 Katong Laksa


Laksa, otah and teh peng from Famous 49 Katong Laksa

Maybe its all in my head but all 3 items tasted pretty bland that day. I like my laksa gravy rich and spicy but that day was just blah. I used to prefer eating at 49 over 328 which is just within killer glare distance across the road. I loved the rundown shophouse look, dim lighting and the old ceiling fans. No not being sarcastic lah, don’t anyhow say me ah! I really did like it.

Now it still looks the same but somehow the magic is not there anymore. Maybe the owners don’t spend as much time there now as before and the current team of staff not as warm or friendly. Food doesn’t just have to taste good, you have to feel good eating it too. Well, this is no 5 star restaurant so I should throw my expectations out of the window lah.

Bangkok in October

Hi Xander!

Haven’t written anything for more than 1 month! Wah so lazy leh… Well, your daddy and I were in Bangkok from 15 to 20 Oct. We walked, we shopped, we ate and we had fun. “We” meaning your daddy, your mummy and of course, you. Altogether as a family for the 1st time 🙂 You were such a good boy too. You just went along with us in Bangkok with absolutely no fuss.

I hate to admit this but I literally went crazy in Bangkok. Lau sai and still walked around non-stop. “It’s ok! No need to stop. I’m ok to walk some more lah. Let’s go to the next shop! So many to cover, so little time!” Mad ah. I walked until both inner ankles disappeared and didn’t reappear until about 2 days later.

DarYee and Uncle Fan were also in BKK so we met them twice, hung around for a while, had even had street side seafood with DarYee just outside their hotel at Lumphinee. Fan was stuck at the hotel because he wasn’t feeling well. Dinner was REALLY good! Despite Ah Ma and Dr Wong’s strict instructions againest eating street food, we had gigantic prawns, super salted grilled fish, cockles, some veggies, etc… *SLURP!* It was all good 🙂 I LOVE BANGKOK! We will definately bring you along when you are a little older 🙂

Things were a little tensed in Thailand with the protesters and political mayhem that everyone were not too thrilled with our plans to visit Thailand in my condition. “What if got bomb?”… “What if you give birth on the plane?”… “Are you sure?”… Aiyah, it’s ok la. Thai protesters are not as violent as the media makes them out to be la. We came back safe and sound + you didn’t end up as a Thai citizen right?

Typical Singaporean paranoia of the unknown…