Let’s make… Ice Cream Bread!

I chanced upon this really weird recipe while looking for dunnowhat online. Ice-cream bread! I know right? Madness! Fat die you ah! 肥死你啊! Budden I’m pregnant and I don’t care!

So easy! 2 ingredients nia! Ice-cream and self-raising flour! When you think about it, it makes sense though. The ice-cream already have milk, eggs and sugar so all you need is just flour.

Just to eng siew (entertain) you, here are the list of ingredients and measurements:

Taken from The Hungry Housewife

Makes One 8 x 4 loaf

  1. 2 Cups Ice Cream, any flavor, softened
  2. 1 1/2 cups Self-Rising Flour*
  • Preheat your oven to 350. Spray and flour a 8 x 4 loaf pan, or line it with parchment paper.
  • In a medium bowl mix the ice cream and flour together until just combined.
  • Scoop into the loaf and and smooth out.
  • Bake for about 45 minutes or until a toothpick stuck in the loaf comes out with a few crumbs stuck to it.
  • Remove from the pan and allow to cool.

*No self-raising flour? Nair mind. Can make your own! 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour plus 2 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp salt can liao!


Since this bread was going to be unhealthy so I picked the most unhealthy ice-cream of the lot lor. Then I thought, so simple ah? Get Xan to do this with me! He loves it when I give him baking/food prep chores and always get super excited.


It is a bad horrible idea to get your child to help you bake anything at 10pm. I forgot that he was already excited to be in the kitchen working with me but double that excitement when it’s past his bedtime. O.M.G…

I asked him to help me to scoop/sift flour, into the mixing bowl thinking what could possibly go wrong.  While he was at it, I can take pictures of him in action. Big boy already mah, he should know what to do by now. I was adjusting the settings on my phone when suddenly I heard him say BAM BAM BAM! So I looked up just in time to see a big cloud of flour and a giggly boy using the spatula to stab the mixture in the mixing bowl. *facepalm*



Well, here it is. My ugly, dry brick of ice-cream bread. Not as exciting looking as the original eh? I think I figured out that I should’ve measured the ice-cream based on weight instead of volume. The bread turned out way too dry and not fluffy at all. Sigh. Nair mind lah. At least I can tick this off my list of recipes to try. I doubt I will try this again because I feel ice-cream tastes better the way they were supposed to be served. Cold and wet.



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Pie on the Fly or as I like to call it my See Suah Lai Pie

I have what a lot of people will call the “eyes bigger than stomach” problem. I will see wonderful recipes/craft projects online or on tv and almost immediately I will go buy the ingredients/materials required in hopes I would jump into it that very day or at least the day after. Of course I never got to the projects that day or that week or even that month. Now almost every nook and cranny of almost every room in the house is filled with all sorts of materials and supplies. My kitchen is also not spared. Buy until lao hong (become soft) or fah mou (turn moldy) because I forgot I had them in the first place. Waste money sia.

So one day, I had a huge craving for a shepherd’s pie. Largely because a few weeks prior, I bought one but had left it in the office over the weekend. I knew by the time I get to it on Monday it would probably have turned bad so I told my sister (I’m working for her at her office lah) to eat it, don’t waste it. I never got the chance to taste it.

Lucky for me, we had some potatoes lying around and I started to gather whatever  I could find in the house for my pie. I tried to look for some easy recipes online but most required special sauce which I didn’t have so I thought, let’s just wing it.  Shepherd’s pie very easy one right? Just assemble, fry and bake mah. Ok set!

Ingredients I used (serves 2)*

  1. Concentrated chicken stock (almost expiring)
  2. Frozen vegetables (they last forever)
  3. Frozen minced pork (500g)
  4. Potatoes
  5. Light soy sauce
  6. A little corn starch powder
  7. A little pepper
  8. Butter for frying the meat and the mashed potatoes. You can used healthier alternatives if you wish but I prefer butter.
  9. Some water

*I’m not indicating any measurements because I didn’t measure them. All by feeling one.



  1. Defrost minced meat (duh)
  2. Mix a bit of soy sauce, corn starch powder and pepper with the minced meat in a bowl and put aside.
  3. Peel the potatoes and cut into quarters.
  4. Boil potatoes until soft, not mushy. This should take about 15-20mins depending on how many potatoes you use. I used 7 small ones.
  5. When the potatoes are boiling, start frying the minced meat.
  6. Add frozen vegetables when the meat is nearly done. Please don’t add it when the meat is still raw. You don’t want to cook the veggies until they are dead.
  7. Add some water if it gets too dry.
  8. Put the cooked mixture into a bake-proof dish and set aside
  9. By this time, your potatoes should be done so remove from heat. Add butter and bash mash ’em up. No need to be super smooth, slightly chunky also can.
  10. Top the meat mixture with the mashed potato.
  11. Use a fork to score/scratch the surface. The tips will brown very nicely in the oven. I was too gentle with mine so it turned out quite pale with very little browning.
  12. Pop into the oven to bake for about 15mins. Then broil for about 10 mins. Just don’t bake until chao da (burnt) can already.
  13. Take out from oven.
  14. Take picture of it until pie turns cold or until your family faints from hunger or whichever comes first.
  15. Serve to the hungry folks.






So how? What do you think of my Si Suah Lai Pie? The Husband said it tasted very Asian, like the mushroom puff from Old Chang Kee that Xander loves. I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not but Xander asked for second helping because he said “This is the best pie in the whole world Marmee!” WAH! *head swells* Ok boy, I give you all! Never mind Daddy is starving, I give you as much as you want.


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Let’s make… Chocolate Crispies!

Over the weekend we popped over to a fellow mummy blogger’s home to pick up some shelves from her garage sale. While The Husband was dismantling the shelves, Xan and I decided to do a little more shopping. He almost immediately spotted the cookbook among the boxes of books and while flipping through it, he got excited and told me he wanted to make everything in the book. Since it was only $4, it was definately coming home with us.

He wanted to make the Chocolate Crispies from the very start mostly because he loves cereal and it was the main ingredient in the recipe. I liked the recipe because it is simple and just nice for Chinese New Year! Yay!

Here are the directions with some slight modification.


Mixing bowl
Large saucepan
Wooden spoon
12 Paper cases (more if you are using the bite sized ones like ours)


  1. 55g butter
  2. 4 tbsp golden syrup (I couldn’t find the regular ones so we bought the one mixed with honey.)
  3. 100g milk chocolate broken into pieces (I already had a packet of Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips in the fridge so I used that instead.)
  4. 70g cornflakes (We normally use Nestle’s cornflakes because it’s thicker and doesn’t turn into mush very quickly)

Put the butter, syrup and chocolate into a mixing bowl. Place the bowl over a large saucepan of simmering water.

Since I don’t have a heatproof mixing bowl, I used my Visionware saucepan and partially submerged it into a big pot of water. Clever right? I also say!

Allow the butter, syrup and chocolate to melt, stirring to mix well

Remove the pan from the heat. Take the bowl out of the saucepan.

Add the cornflakes to the mixture and stir well, using a wooden spoon. (I used a regular metal spoon. Made no difference to me.)

Not to belittle you but please remember it is going to be HOT!

Oh, because the cornflakes were enormous and the paper cases we bought were so tiny, I told Xan to mash it up as much as possible so that it will be easier for him to spoon later. I waited a little while for the saucepan to cool a bit before I allowed my little assistant to help me with the mixing bit.

Carefully spoon the mixture into the paper cases. Doesn’t matter if you spill some, you or your little assistant can always lick it up.

After you have completed putting the mixture into the paper cases, stand back and admire your masterpiece please. You deserve it.

Leave your crispies to set in the fridge for 1 hour. You can store them in an airtight tin so they stay crisp. Truthfully, in our humid climate, I doubt it will stay solid and not a melted mess if left in the open. You might want to store them in a cool dry area just to be safe.

You could substitute the chocolate pieces with Milo or chocolate drink mix.
Add 55g raisins to make them even chewier.
Before you pop them into the fridge, add sprinkles on top to make them look pretty. We wanted to but Mummy was too tired and forgot all about it.

1 hour later. Voila! Buelly buelly quick and easy ah? We are definately going to make another batch of this for his school’s Chinese New Year party next week. This time, we will remember to put the sprinkles for sure 🙂

There are other similar recipes floating around the net. Search “Chocolate Crispies” and pick one that suits you.

Have a happy weekend!



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Project Birthday Cake was a Success!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my attempt to make Xan a crazy birthday cake but wasn’t successful. Between the layered steam cake and this final cake, I had tried making a banana bread (looks damn nice but taste wise failed miserably) and a jelly cheesecake. The cheesecake was a success but of course we realize later Xan hates cheesecake. Wah lau…

Neh mind! I go research some more ideas lor. After a few nights of research, finally settled for a Kit Kat Cake.

Ah this one, so simple and so fail proof. If I can make it, SO CAN YOU!

Talk about risky, I made it the night before his class party. I told myself if this doesn’t work, I will just go buy a cake from one of the cake shops around the school. Always have a backup plan folks!

Ingredients included 1 cake mix, 1 tub of frosting, 1 big bag of M&Ms and maybe $15 worth of Kit Kats.

Total time taken: 3 hours. As long as your kid is awake, you can forget about speed.

No need to tell you the steps and ingredients right? Do it freestyle lah 🙂

You see? So simple even a kid can do it!

I tell you hor. I don’t often bake cakes because ALL my cakes always turn out not how I expect them to be. In this case my cake had a dome top and a giant X crack ( I said X crack not aXX crack. Sigh.) I told Xan I did it on purpose with a giant X for his name. He was thrilled. Hahah! *nose growing longer*

After the cake was taken out of the oven, Xan wanted to decorate the cake immediately. It’s also his brilliant way of saying he didn’t want to go to bed and will say anything to convince us he didn’t need to go to sleep. Even though I explained the cake needed to cool down first, he refused to buy my story. Eventually after debating back and forth for maybe 10mins, he caved and The Husband went into the room to tuck him in.

The Husband managed to worm his way out of the room after the little one fell asleep. Naturally, I put him to work and made him help me slice off the top. Don’t worry if you end up hacking what look like pot holes on the top of the cake. Nobody will know because it will get covered up with the frosting, M&Ms and Kit Kats. See? I told you this was belly belly easy one?

Just before he went to bed, Xan said he wanted a ‘star’ on his cake. Tried as I could, my star looked like a starfish so The Husband came to my rescue again. After doing the outline of the star, we realized not enough yellow bits so we chin chye added the orange to the middle and randomly dumped the rest around the star. Nice hor? By the time the cake was done, I was really tired and forgot to put the ribbon around the cake. Ah, it didn’t matter anyway. The cake already looked blindingly colourful, no need any more colour liao.

I thought I was very prepared for the class party: got cake, got goodie bags, got party hats some more! That was until I stepped in and saw 25 little faces looking at me instead of the 12 I was expecting to see from his class. Crap! My cake so tiny how to slice 25 pieces leh? Wah lau… PANIC! As it was around the Christmas period, a lot of kids were away for the holidays. K2 kids have already graduated and very few of them chose to stay on for the month of December. I guess since there were only so few kids left, the teachers decided to gather them together to celebrate Xan’s birthday lor. Miraculously, the teachers managed to chisel 25 morsels of cake for the kids and I had spare hats to give to the additional kids. The Happy Birthday song dragged for what seemed like an eternity because they sang 4 versions of it simultaneously. Xan was ecstatic!

So yah. My attempt to bake my son a birthday cake and his party were successful. Most of the kids finished their cake, no M&Ms and Kit Kats were wasted, nobody broke into hives, nobody cried and Xan was happy. I even spotted his friend dipping her finger into the cake for a quick taste test after staring at it for a very long time. I think she tahan (resisted) very long ler. I have photo evidence! Hahah!

So glad I didn’t chicken out at the last minute. Will definitely do it again later this year.


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Project: Birthday Cake

Xan’s birthday is coming up in less than 2 weeks and I’m planning to bake his cake myself. It may not be a big deal to you but it is to me. So big until I’m breathing, eating, dreaming and seeing pastries all around me.

Daiso is an evil evil place 🙁

I’ve always wanted to bake his birthday cake myself instead of buying one off the shelf because I feel The Birthday Cake is the highlight of any child’s birthday. I want to be part of that memory for Xan. So vain right?

In the last few months, I have come across so many pictures of proud mummies showcasing their versions of The Birthday Cake. *sob* I also wan to do that!

It’s not that I can’t bake. I can lah but I bake for fun and when I can’t sleep. The Birthday Cake is a completely different story leh. If your cake is damn ugly, the kid is going to hate you. If it tastes horrible, the kid is going to hate you. If it’s both ugly and tastes horrible and worse of all, gives him an allergy reaction… gua gua gua…

I’ve been doing some research online and stumbled upon these amazing looking cakes called Sarawak Kek Lapis. Sure we have similar ones called Kueh Lapis but none of them even come close in terms of looks. How crazy cool would it be to bring these to any parties? I know right? You must be crazy to think I will try making one. Siao ah? In case YOU feel adventurous and think you can handle it, try it. Do remember to email me how it went. I am always available for taste tests. *SLURP*

After thinking about what kind of cake to make, I decided to try my hands at steaming one. Heck, since we’re at it, why not a multi-coloured one? Surely someone out there has already done this before right? I found a relatively simple recipe and tricked the boys into accompanying me to my favourite place, Phoon Huat to gather the supplies.

Phoon Huat and Daiso are 2 places I always dread walking in to. So many things to buy! Resistance is always futile. Sigh… The worst part about these 2 shops is that not every outlet carries the same range of product so I find myself having to stop at every outlet that is within a reasonable distance from where I happen to be at that moment just to ‘make sure’ they don’t carry the same things. Why do I torture myself this way I also don’t know.

While trying to figure out what is the difference between pastes and emulcos, I spotted an instant Huat Kueh Mix. I rationalized it to myself: it is a steamed cake, potential to be colourful, instructions easy enough and best of all, ‘just add water’. I found my winner! Got to give this a try! I quickly scooped up 1 packet, bought other ‘standby ingredients’ and hurried out of the store before I find a reason to buy the expensive Silpat mats.


Besides the instant mix, I also bought some food colouring I’m not familiar with. Wah lau.. Emulco sounds like something you put into your car engine… 😛 Not sure what I was going to do with them but they will be used for something somehow.


Pardon the ugly surface. I got too excited and kept removing the lid to check on the cake so the surface looked like got 3 boobs and 2 nostril holes. While trying to remove the cake from the steamer, I accidentally scraped the surface lah. I know I’m not supposed to open the lid but that rule only applies when you want the Huat Kueh to have that nice split top, right? I don’t need mah. After I poured in the last layer, I continued to stare at bubbly mass through the glass lid and I found myself muttering to it “don’t split open, please don’t split open, split liao not pretty!” As soon as I heard myself saying that I told myself quite sternly “Hello? This was supposed to be a Huat Kueh mix in the first place. It’s supposed to split open for good luck! Choy!” Ironic isn’t it? Ya, I tend to talk to myself and a little more frequently when I’m sleep deprived.


Here we go, the final product. So pretty hor? The four flavours were (from top down): strawberry, orange, mocha and pandan.


But when you slice it hor…


Taste test? The Husband and The Eldest Sister said it was ‘Nice’. So polite ah my family? I tell you lah. It was dense and bland. Good for folks who are on low sugar, low fat, low taste diet. I’m not even a fan of steamed cakes in the first place. I can hear you ask me now “Then why in the world would you want to make a steamed cake?” Seriously? I also dunno. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Sigh… Time to make another cake.


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Foodie Friday: Slippery noodles!

Determined to be independent.

It was one of those nights when we were so hungry and too tired to think of where to go and what to eat as long as we get to eat something not too expensive around where we were, within the Far East Square area. Unfortunately, most of the casual eating places were closed (it was only 7pm) and the prawn noodle place was one of the few that was still open and looked quiet + affordable. We decided to give it a try.

To be honest, I thought the prawn and pork rib noodles weren’t that great, I’ve had better ones elsewhere. Little boy didn’t seem to mind though and he was very determined to feed himself with normal chopsticks that day. We have the kiddie training chopsticks at home but he seldom get to use them because we don’t normally cook noodles at home and Mummy dearest doesn’t know how to use chopsticks herself. I can pick my food up with chopsticks lah but most of the time end up with splatter stains all over my top and my bag lor. Also, the way I hold the chopsticks look like some evil witch’s grip. Salah max man. The Husband has been the one trying to teach Xan how to use it properly and the training was paying off.

That day, Xan succeeded in picking up all the noodles with the chopsticks by himself. As I sat next to him, watching him, I thought to myself he is growing up too fast. Today use chopsticks, tomorrow get married liao. Wah biang! I quickly snapped out of it, wiped his mouth and whisked him up into my arms very tightly and returned to the car.

“Que Sera Sera… whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que Sera Sera. What will be, will be.”


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Foodie Friday: Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie (premix lah)

Making sure the chocolate are placed just right.

A few months ago, I bought some cookie mix with full intention to let Xan try his hands on the process of making one of his favourite snacks. I would have made them from scratch but who am I kidding? I’m horrible at measuring ingredients even with a digital scale and an assortment of measuring tools in the kitchen drawers. Instant cookie mixes are my party lifesavers and during the 20 mins of  mixing and sweating, I felt almost marthastewarty. Note that I said “months” because as usual, I procrastinated until 1 day before the package was due to expire.

When I told Xan I was going to make some cookies that night, he decided (for me) that HE will make them for his teachers and friends in school. Extra large ones for the 2 special teachers. Ok lorrr… Since I had a big bag of M&Ms waiting to be expired, I decided there is no time like the present to use them for the special project. Xan had a lot of fun decorating the cookies but the OCD side of me that always appear when I cook/bake was threatening to poke its ugly head out whenever Xan poked the M&Ms the wrong way. Don’t ask me how, just know that any way that is not my way is the wrong way. I managed to kicked the OCD monster aside and just let him do his thing. Heng ah.

I am happy to report that there were no feedback from teachers about upset stomachs or food poisoning in the following days. Then again it was a Friday. Even if there were any such cases everyone would have recovered by then. Whee!

Big wide grin with his precious bag of goodies for his teachers and friends.

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