The full month party photos lost and found

The Photos

I started out writing this post to “fill in the blank” before I start on Yvie’s eventful 1st birthday post. I mean, who skips the full month celebration and then goes straight to writing about the 1st birthday? Doesn’t make sense leh. Cannot cannot! I wrote about the venue, the food, the cakes, the balloons and other frivolous stuff. Then I realized I lost/accidentally deleted/never even took photos with some very important people at the party and I freaked out. At 3am. I searched my old laptop, old mobile and still couldn’t find them. As a last resort, I PMed some folks in hopes they haven’t deleted these photos with us in their phones or laptops. I really didn’t expect them to still have it but most did and I was so glad. But there were still some missing and they were photos with my in-laws. In fact, I remember not having taken a group photo with them that day ūüôĀ I know what you’re thinking. “Wah lau eh! That’s supposed to be the 1st photo you take before you are even allowed to eat leh!” I know I know…

My lousy memory has gotten progressively worse over the years and so photos have become my pictorial diary of events and celebrations. Without them, I won’t remember anything and I cannot have that.

I told The Husband about it the next day and he said he will see if he had any on his laptop. I had forgotten I demanded he unsync my Dropbox with his laptop because he messed around with my folders and he saw many accidental shots of the insides of my bag, fat thighs and toilet walls. Now I was hoping he still had copies of my silly folders in his laptop.

I watched as he¬†sat in the middle of the living room floor, scrolling and searching for the precious photos. Every time he giggled at the screen I would go “Wot wot?? Found it???” Nerve wrecking.

Fortunately, he managed to dig out the original batch of photos including those I thought I had deleted. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Here they are! A compilation of photos gathered from friends and ourselves! *big wide grin*

The Party

2014_Yvie full month 01

It was a simple affair among family and friends at the Glee Kitchen. Since the cakes and balloons were delivered to the venue directly, we only needed to concentrate on¬†arriving on time and in style. But of course we didn’t arrive on time nor in style¬†as parents with kids seldom do. Thank goodness the folks at Glee Kitchen helped us signed for them before we got there. Phew!

2014_Yvie full month 02

I was chatting with Mabel online the other day and we spoke about the party. We shared our experiences about our previous celebrations and the topic of photos came up. When I said we would be taking the photos ourselves, she volunteered to help me take the photos because she said there was no way we would be able to mingle and take pictures at the same time. Mabel was right and she totally saved my life that day. Without her help, we would not have this many photos. Thank you so very much!

2014_Yvie full month 15
Mabel, the selfie queen has done it again. Perfect shot!
2014_Yvie full month 03
There is always time for pictures!
2014_Yvie full month 04
Delish gluten free food
2014_Yvie full month collage 2
Mingling schmingling.
2014_Yvie full month collage 4
The in-laws inspecting the baby. I was so happy The Husband took these precious shots especially the one 0f my late father-in-law carrying the little one. *melt*
2014_Yvie full month collage 5
Photos of some of the guests that turned up. Thank you for coming!
Last photo of the day. The awesome crew at Glee Kitchen

Looking at the photos again brought back a whole bunch of feelings. It was such a happy day and everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves. It was also sad to know it was Yvie’s first and last birthday party with our beloved grandfather. If only we knew, I would’ve taken a whole lot more photos of him with the family that day. Sigh. That being said, I am very glad so many people turned up and turned the place upside down. Thank you everyone for taking the time out¬†bearing¬†ang pows and gifts, to celebrate our baby’s milestone with us. Yvie is a very blessed little girl.



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Let’s go… to Glee Kitchen!

Glee Kitchen
Yes, they are gluten free!

I was snooping around Facebook one day and I came across a conversation between 2 friends who were discussing about new places to explore in Singapore. So kaypoh hor? ūüėõ One of them mentioned Glee Kitchen¬†(not to be mistaken with a hit TV show of a smilar name. GL-uten frEE. Geddit? Geddit?) a gluten free place situated inside Toa Payoh Central Community Club. Inside Toa Payoh Central Community Club? Small cafe ah? No leh. I saw on their Facebook page they had proper tables and chairs leh. Gluten free food nice ah? Not bland and cardboard like meh? I dunno. I nair had it before. Since The Husband recently had a health scare, lifestyle and dietary changes needed to be made. Besides eliminating sugar from his diet, going gluten free seemed like a good idea too. No harm trying mah. So I told him about this place that day, picked the little boy up from school and off to Toa Payoh we went!

Found it!

Glee Kitchen is a 100% gluten free, casual dining establishment. If you have a special request, let the friendly team know beforehand what your dietary restrictions are and they will discuss with you what they can or cannot do for you. Really lah, they are very friendly one!

The owner, Keirra, explained to me that when her children were younger they had specific dietary needs and going gluten free was the best option for them other than relying on medicines. She saw marked improvements in them physically as well as emotionally after the diet change. She also reminded me that a gluten free diet does not necessarily work on everybody as the effects and health benefits will vary from person to person. Luckily for her it all worked out very nicely. Unfortunately, back then, such places were not common and even the costly ingredients were pain to find locally. The ex-educator’s dream was to set up an accessible place where she could serve affordable, healthy food and to provide a safe, quiet area for children with special needs to relax while their family members enjoy their meals nearby. When the space inside Toa Payoh Central Community Club was made available, they jumped at the opportunity to finally be able to kick start this dream with the restaurant. I was very thankful to have the opportunity to bump into Keirra while we were there and for her to take the time to share her personal experience with me.

The simple menu

Sorry, I nair take picture of the menu inside. Too hungry and too pregnant to remember to do a lot of things lah. 

How come got spoon one? Other places got number plate, here use number spoons lor! Cute!

After you place your order at the counter (they also have a dessert display showcase), go and wait for your food at your table or go kaypoh see how your food gets prepared. It’s a small setup and the kitchen is quite visible. But no lah, don’t disturb them lah. Let them do their work in peace ok?

There are the food we ordered that night and they were ALL GOOD!

Saba & Kimchi Risotto. Sorry photo not very nice. My hands trembled a bit by the delicious aroma lah.
Glee Kitchen_02
Sous Vide Chicken Leg with Roasted Vegetables. The skin is crispy lor! Very nice lor!
Erm… Penne with Marinara sauce? I don’t remember already. Xander really enjoyed this non-spicy dish.

Update: The lady boss say this was Penne with Ragu Sauce.

I also forgot the name to this dish but the warm salad with grilled eggplant and balsamic vinegar dressing was sooooo good!

Update: The ladyboss say this was the Eggplant Salad.

We also had chocolate soy pudding or The Husband preferred to call it Chocolate Tau Huey. It was buelly good! Not too sweet, just the way I like it! Sorry no photo because I couldn’t stop at the 1st bite and didn’t think about taking a photo of it.

So, if you happen to be in the Toa Payoh area or looking for a nice gluten free place, try them out. Sincere food, reasonable prices, why not?

As Glee Kitchen is still relatively new, be kind ok? Do Like their Facebook Page for the latest offerings and updates.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or compensated review. This is an honest, true to heart review of a really nice eatery. My family and I really enjoyed the food so I thought I should share a good find with all of you.


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