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From what I can remember, I had a grand total 4 of  such severe haircuts in my lifetime. All seem to happen when my hair gets ridiculously long. Most of the time below my waist…

1st time, 4 years old.

I had to cut my waist-length hair before I started K1. Before that, I remember crying and struggling alot with my mum and sisters when they tried to wash or tie my hair. I was such a whinner… My mum was so glad to chop off the hair. No more screaming matches and trying to catch hold of a soapy, squirming brat. There should be a few pictures of that lying around somewhere at my parents’ house. Should scan and post it when I’m free-er.

2nd time. 16 years old.

I think should be a few days after O Levels. Went for my first expensive hair cut with the girlfriends to Kimage at Marina Sq (straightening + hair cut). My mum and sisters were so amused with my chin length bob that my mum actually tugged at it to make sure it wasn’t a wig. Hahaha…

3rd time. Around 22 years old in Canada.

Also had waist-length hair. I was tired of my hair and just needed a cheap haircut. During one of my trips to the mall, I noticed that one of the salons was having a Student Special. I think was CAD$30 for a haircut by their students so I just went for it. The minute I undid the clip, the lady next to me literally gasped. She whispered something to her hairdresser who by then was looking at me with disbelief. She then asked “you sure you want to cut it? People will die for hair that long!” I just told them “it’s just hair. It’ll grow.” You know the stupid thing? It didn’t even end up very short, it was an inch below the shoulder because my hairdresser wasn’t very keen to cut it shorter. Wah lau.. stupid leh.

4th time. Today.

Well, my mum (and to an extent, my hubby) had been nagging at me to have my hair cut short since my 2nd sis had hers cut about 3 wks ago. She say that it’ll be easier for me to manage during my confinement period. To be honest, I had a LoveHate relationship with my long hair. I always get hair caught under my elbow when I try to get up from the sofa, get hair caught under my husband’s elbow when he tries to get up from the sofa, hair stuck in my earrings, hair all over the car, you get the point lah. I love my hair because I love it when my husband runs his fingers in my hair or just smoothen it when he stands behind me on escalators or when he’s bored. I have to agree with my mum and said to myself & hubby “Looking like a HotMama is important but ending up a SmellyMama is not attractive and not an option” so after 5 hours of procrastinating at home, I finally drove myself and met my sis at the salon in Paragon for current buzz. Nice? It’s been a long time since I felt wind breezing past my neck!

I didn’t even realize hubby has NEVER seen me with short hair until my sis asked. Luckily, he’s impartial and the cut was nice. Dun think he will want to be seen with me if I had looked like a mop.

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