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    Change is good

    I got tired of the previous red and black template so I decided to change it last night foolishly thinking it would be easy peasy. Up until 8am, I passed out on the sofa twice from frustration & exhaustion. Not getting the new template was really annoying & I was determined to get it done on the same day. Right about then, Tech God woke up but even he wasn’t sure what the problem was. Argh!! Anyway, I got it to work eventually by myself. Proud! Ha! Now with a much prettier look, I am happy. Yay!

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    Picture this

    My son’s school asked us for a photo of him as well as another of us 3 in a family shot. As I am going through the photos in my computer, I realized I have very few pictures with him and even fewer family shots. You would think he is from a single parent family. I am envious of my friends who have so many photos of themselves (mostly taken by their husbands) during their pregnancy. Some even have stage by stage belly shots. I wished I had more pictures during my pregnancy because it would’ve been nice to look back and remember that stage of my life. It’s always…