chocolate balls

One day, I had this awesome idea for Xander’s birthday party in school. Why not make cake pops?? Great plan right? Homemade yummies are always easy to make right? WRONG!

I came across an old friend’s FB page where she posted stuff she made/baked for her son in NY and I saw her cake pops. They looked even nicer than the professionally baked ones I saw on the internet. So I asked her for permission to borrow the idea for Xan and she graciously agreed and even gave me the URL where she got her recipe from.

Few days, well, maybe 2 weeks later, I decided to give it a go. For something that looked so simple, the ingredients were not so easy to gather. Anyway, after some time, I managed to get all the ingredients and started last week (with a little bit of help from The Husband)at around midnight. I’m sure alot of girls out there will agree with me that evenings are the best for stuff like this. If you fail, nobody will know. Straight into the tummy or dumpster. Hahaha!

After about 5hrs later (I got distracted by tv lah), I finished making the non-cake balls. Looks good, but tastes… BLAH! It was too sweet, gooey and the chocolate didn’t set. Sigh… Oh well, better luck next time.

The Husband liked them though. Happily wolfed down about 4 in total.

Him: *chomping into a choc ball* I think they are too big.
Me: No they’re not. They’re 2.5cm. Just nice.
Him: I think they’re more like 4cm. You might as well call them Fuzhou Choc Balls.
Me: …idiot…
Him: You should add salt next time.
Me: Why??
Him: Then you can call them Fuzhou Choc Salty Balls!
Me: You are so irritating…

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