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Wordless Wednesday: I love you mummy

Showing how much he loves Mummy

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I was very angry with Xan that afternoon because in a moment of anger, he took it out on Daddy with a CANE! Disclaimer: we have never used it on him. Only to whack the floor, sofa, etc.

While Daddy whisked him into the room for his nap, I decided to lock myself up in the study to do some packing and to cool off.

After about 2 hours, Xan woke up from his nap and came to the room to say sorry to me for making me mad. Even though he was instructed by Daddy to apologize to me the moment he woke up, he was very sincere about it. Aiyah, I’m his mummy of course I know it’s sincere. Soon after he left the room, he tapped on the door to give me a present. A simple word but the 1st time we’ve seen him write it & write so perfectly! It’s also the 2nd word we have ever seen him write willingly other than his name. How to stay angry with him like that?

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