Let’s go to… Malaysia Boleh! at Jurong Point

The Husband and I had an appointment to have brunch with a friend at Jurong Point recently but the place we wanted to go originally wasn’t open yet. By that time both of us were really starving. Hungry breath kind of hungry if you know what I mean. So! We decided to explore the mall while waiting for our friend to arrive and we came across this odd new (opened on 6 October) place called Malaysia Boleh! If you ask me, the food quality and prices didn’t invoke the same kind of enthusiasm as the ‘!’ the owners had happily stamped onto the name.

Thankfully it was not crowded so I had ample space to roam around and see what they had to offer. I need to state for the record I hate eating out. I cannot decide which is worse, trying to decide what to eat, crowds or stalls with no photos indicating what they are selling. I’m quite ok when we are travelling and the food stalls don’t have images. Adventure mah. But when we are here in Singapore, I am a lot less forgiving.

The place was clean and bright. Food choices were sufficient but prices a bit high for the portions they dished out. Other than the snacks that were already cooked, on display and ready for sale, there were no images of the food each stall was offering.  The Chinese descriptions were ambiguous and my extensive knowledge of Malay words only consists of words like bengawan solo, ondeh ondeh, tikam and teh peng. I think peng is Hokkien so I guess just teh then. I had to tikam tikam choose one and hope it won’t taste horrible.  My Hokkien Mee tasted no different from the one served at the tze char store near where I stay. The Husband’s chicken rice and omelette did not fly me to the moon and back nor did it make me move mountains. *yawn*

It left me hungry for more not because it was good but because the portion was pathetic.

Unless you have muscles like genetically modified bulls and can carry your kiddo in his pram + bags of groceries you just purchased from NTUC downstairs without breaking into sweat, The Stairs is a giant put off. Even the poor auntie on her wheelchair had to concede defeat and sat at the table with her maid to wait for her companions to come back to her with their recce report. Even if this was a genuine mistake and they are looking into installing a ramp now, I really don’t know how they are going to do it because there isn’t very much space left.

The part that really put me off was not the food but that giant flight of stairs in the middle of the place.

My conclusion is, if you want authentic Penang char kway teow, a nice road trip with your family to Penang is a much better and definitely more exciting idea.

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