My 小鬼 (little ghost) is baby no more.

Facebook status dated 24 Oct:

I forgot who reminded who but Xan & I were talking abt his sch’s Halloween party a few nights ago. I asked him if he wld like to wear the Ultraman costume my sis bought for him to the party. He said no. He wanted to be a Prince! I was surprised, asked him if he knew wat it was and he said No but he wanted to dress like a Prince anyway. Being a skeptic, I had to make sure so I asked him again the next day. He clearly had a good night’s rest and decided to ditch the whimpy Prince for… a Goose! The white white one hor. He couldn’t tell me why but gave me very clear instructions that it must hv very white feathers and a yellow beak. Goose very scary meh? Got ppl wear goose outfit for Halloween meh? Headache…how to make??

The day after, we had to made sure that was what he wanted so we asked again. This time he said he also wanted to be a HOTDOG. Don’t deny it. Phallic images started to flood your head too right? This would be easy to make with 2 pillows and 1 bolster but we still had a few more days to Halloween. He might change his mind. Hotdog? Come on…

Another Facebook status dated 29 Oct:

So the little one didn’t mean Goose. He meant Ghost. He wants to be a Ghost on Wednesday. You would think opaque fabric is easy to find until you really go out & find. All the rolls of soft white tulle and chiffon are hiding from me *sweat*

30 Oct…

I had full intentions to make his costume from scratch the night before. My inner Martha Stewart was just screaming to get out. I have a sewing machine! I had thread! I had a vision of the costume (in the form of a picture from the net)! I had the enthusiasm! I fell asleep… Sigh. Luckily my clever sister offered her help in the form of a clever seamstress whom she engages from time to time. I think she had already asked the lady to be on standby since the 24th because she knew I was all talk. HMPF! Anywayyyy… The clever girl whipped up his outfit in less than 2 hrs including the time the 2 of us spent gossiping discussing how it should look. STEADY BOH? STEADY RIGHT?

I brought it home that night to rip the edges out a little. Didn’t take any extra effort to make him try it on because he was sooooooo happy and excited with the ghost costume. It was exactly how he had described to us: white and can ‘fly’. Can’t blame us for initially thinking he wanted to be a Goose earlier on. He kept pronouncing ghost as GOOOST. Goose also white colour and can fly mah. Hiyah this boy ah!

I knew he was not going to be receptive to makeup and I suspect his teachers were going to plaster on some really weird makeup on them like last year (Next time I show you the picture lah. The eye-shadow was damn orbit sia) so I borrow some spectacle frames my sister for him to try out. Mr Vain-pot had a blast posing for me with the weird frames.

He made sure to try on all the glasses and parade in front of the mirror to double check.

Voila! The final look! Xan the Friendly Ghost!

He was very determined not to look scary because he thinks his friends would not want to play with a scary ghost.

Swee boh? He liked it a lot but had reservations that morning.

Xan: What if my friends don’t like my costume, Mummy? What if they disturb me?

Me: Well, do you like your costume?

Xan: Yes I like. *swishes his sleeves around*

Me: Then that’s all that matters! If they disturb you, it may mean they are jealous of you! Because you look good!

Xan: Oh… What is Jealous, Mummy?

Me: *looks at The Husband* Erm… Jealous means not liking someone who has something you like very much but you cannot or don’t have. (That was the best answer I could come up with on the fly.) Understand?

Xan: Er, ok. *swishes his sleeves around some more*

His name tag says “Hi, I’m Friendly” but he and his friends thought his character’s name was Boo. Note to self, next time pick simpler names. Friendly vs Boo. Boo is a clear winning name.

Anyway, feedback from the school was he was a hit with the teachers (and principal). All took individual photos with him. Not say I hao lian but hor, really leh. Based on the class photo I saw on his teacher’s Facebook, he had the best costume in his class. Not store bought some more leh. Wheee! The most important thing is from all this is that he had fun, had his vision of his costume realized and he overcame his fears of rejection from his friends. My 小鬼 (little ghost) is baby no more.

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    • der Mardder

      I’ve been told to keep the costume for next year. Dye it black, add a few accessories and turn it into an Assassin’s Creed character. Good idea hor?

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