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The Year End School Concert

Besides Chinese New Year, November is a very busy month for me because The Husband’s birthday, wedding anniversary and Xan’s year end school concert all fall in the same month.

For days I had been trying to find out from him what he was going to perform during the concert but he would either ignore me or give me a really vague answer. His lips were sealed shut, not even giving me a single clue. So mysterious. Ok lor…

2 weeks before the actual day, they had a full dress rehearsal and I managed to have a sneak peek at what he was going to wear for the concert. The Husband had to pick him up from school that day and managed to take a picture of his outfit before they cleaned him up. To be honest, I wasn’t too pleased. He was wearing a dudou! I paid $100+ for his concert costumes and the best the school could do was a dudou? I can buy that dudou for less than $10 from China direct hor? The Husband kept reassuring me the little one looked very cute but I wasn’t buying it. Oh well, we shall see what the 2nd set is going to be since they usually have 2 performances every year.

Finally concert day came and we really enjoyed everybody’s performances especially those from the PlayGroup classes. Every year without fail you will see the Cryers, the Deers (you know? Deer in headlight kind?) and the Runaways. My favourites are the The Deers. Some can remain in the same position completely still for the full 3 minutes of the song. It’s so cute to see the children grow up and gradually grow out of their shyness like those from Xan’s class.

This year, we have a good camera so we have quite a few really good shots! Thanks to my dear Husband who bought it for me last year. We were kept busy taking pictures with the D90, our iPhones and my Ixus870IS. Sibeh kiasu.

However, midway through the concert, I started to develop a terrible migraine from the glare of the iPad belonging to a parent who was seated next to me. He was surfing the net/forum/whatever lah. He was giving me a migraine. Why do people do that during a concert if they don’t do that in a cinema? Very rude leh. You don’t think the bumblebees were cute but I DO! Lucky I didn’t ‘accidentally’ bump the iPad off his hands, onto the floor and ‘accidentally’ step on it because I found out at the end of the concert his daughter is my son’s classmate. HENG AH!

Little monkey showing me the lipstick his teachers had applied for him. His lips stayed that way until he started digging into his Happy Meal.

Ya I know what you’re thinking. I don’t like the choice of food they give the children during excursions and post concerts. Pandan bread and MacDs are not my idea of a healthy foods. Then again, what else can they give the children that will not turn bad when left out in the open for at least 3 hours? Don’t worry, we made sure to pump him with fresh vegetables and fruits after that.

Dodou and MacDs aside, Xan did very well during the concert. He smiled throughout his performances, remembered all his steps and the only child to thank the audience before he scurried off stage with the rest of his classmates. He looked like he really enjoyed himself too! Well done!! We were very very proud of you!

Proud parents.

After going through all the photos, this picture is without a doubt my favourite. It was supposed to be a kungfu whatever performance. He is cute even in a strange dodou. Of course I’m bias. Sue me.

Here’s my favourite shot of him with some DI help. 😛


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