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Always be grateful


Well folks, the Mayans were wrong, we are still very much alive and it’s 2013. *gasp* For those who didn’t pay all their bills or borrowed tons of money from loansharks for no reason or spray painted your ex’s car or gave it to  your bosses/wives/mother-in-laws on the 20th of December… gua gua gua. Idiots…

Because I’m still alive, I need to remind myself to be grateful for the following things I have and take for granted.

Son 我的儿

The Husband and I ask ourselves almost daily, what did we do to deserve this little boy? Someone upstairs must really like us. Even when he was a little baby, Xan seems to understand when I’m feeling down. He is always there to comfort me with an assuring smile, a hand on my knee or pass me a tissue paper. Most of the time, he will just squeeze up next to me, plant a kiss on my lips and we watch whatever it is on TV together in silence. He brings joy not only to our lives but also to whoever he comes into contact with. Sounds very far fetched but my friends will be willing to tell you otherwise. I’m grateful to have him in my life.

The Husband 我的愛人

I hope 2013 will be a better year for him. Money, we can earn together (I can always sell his shirts, shoes, bags, guitars, etc. Or I can rent him out to you. He’s very handy with tech and furniture. Hiak hiak hiak!) but faith and confidence is entirely up to himself. He allowed me to do my ‘thing’ from ’09 to ’12 so I guess it’s my turn to return the favour. I won’t deny that the finance part will always be on top of my mind in the next few months but I will TRY to focus on more important aspects of the family and less on the money. I am grateful we are able to do a little bit of role reversal this year. We will never know how things will turn out until we try right?

Health 我的健康状态

I finally know the reason of my constant back pains, not exactly jumping for joy with the diagnosis but glad that the pains are not entirely all in my head. Other than that, I’m (somewhat) healthy and ALIVE!  I’m grateful for every breath I take every morning because it means I can have 1 more day with my loved ones.

My Mum 我的娘亲

I keep talking about her in my posts because I think she’s great! She stalks me, she infuriates me, she stuffs me with excessive amount of food then points out my ever expanding  waistline. I know mummy does all these nonsense because she loves me. I hope my relationship with Xan will be this good when he grows up. She taught me that being a woman is more than just a daughter, sister, wife or a mother. She constantly reminds me to be happy, take care of myself and to stay true to my principles. I am grateful for such a loving, insane woman who drives me up the wall and around the neighbourhood 10 times as my mummy.

My Blog 我的博客

It’s a work in progress. Since 2008. It’s a long process lah. Spurred by a secret group of mum bloggers, I started to write a bit more and I’m liking it. The blog had helped me to organize my very random train of thoughts and also helped me made some new like minded friends. I am grateful to The Husband who helped spruce up my blog and make me want to write more.

So glad 2012 is over and I hope 2013 will be better and bring in a steady stream of good news to everyone.

Happy New Year everyone!


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