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The down low about my phone… literally.

On Tuesday, after saying goodbye to Xan and his teacher at the main door, I was about the take the elevator down to the first floor. My usual habit is to whip out my phone to check the time so I could log-in at the school’s time in/time out book. Then I will take 1 last look after that for whatever reason. Habit already. So. Just as the door was closing…

My phone slipped from my hand, slided into the gap and down the elevator shaft. FOUR stories down.

Here’s how it went.

*The orz image (kneeling girl) was taken from here. But look like me hor? Hahah! But what is orz? Check it out from this website.

So drama. My heart was pounding so hard and I kept muttering S***S***S***S***S***S***! I went to the security office (which was really just a hole in a wall) and asked for help. Long story short, after waiting for about 50 minutes sitting outside the school looking like a deranged homeless woman who was clutching her bag very nervously, the company that services the elevator sent a technician to come to my rescue: for a fee of $49 (no GST). Everybody were very doubtful my phone would still be in one piece because they all very politely smiled and shook their heads to pity me. So when the technician climbed down the shaft, the security guard, the cleaner lady and I poked our heads in to look for the carnage. He asked me what colour it was and at the moment, I spotted something very familiar! I literally started bouncing up and down and said very loudly “NEH! NEH NEH! MY PHONE!!!! MY PHONE IS THERE THERE THERE!!” while pointing to my phone which had slid to the corner of the floor. He picked it up, flipped the phone over and  passed it to my very gingerly. The entire screen was shattered but luckily my $2 Daiso screen protector held the glass pieces together and my Tokidoki phone cover cushioned the back of the phone. I needed to know if it was really gone so I tested my luck and pressed the home button and what do you know? VOILA! It was still alive!!!! Incredible!! I was so happy and so excited, they all laughed at me. Well, I get that reaction from older folks all the time.

Uncle: But aiyoh, it’s broken leh. Can fix meh?

Me: Neh mind neh mind! Can still use! It’s still in 1 piece. At least I can bring home and back up all my information. Wah! Thank you thank you! My heart was beating damn fast you know? Thank you thank you!

So here is the phone.


While waiting for my contract to be up in July, my sister lent me her old iPhone 4S to use in the meantime. Heng ah! I tell  you ah, playing Candy Crush with a cracked screen and playing it in the dark is no fun. I am having migraines because of it 😛

So the moral of the story is, chain your phone to your neck if you really must check your phone every 5 seconds. If not, don’t take it out of your bag when you take the lift, escalator or cross a busy road. One day you will also kenah suay suay like me when you least expect it.

Everyone please back up your phones. You might be the suay one today.



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