In my honest opinion… Stop complaining already!

I’m feeling a little perturbed about what I have been reading lately. No, nothing about me (yet). These are mostly comments about other people who I know personally and some about others that I don’t know at all. To make things even worse, I am having a major writer’s block and often unable find the right words to verbalize my thoughts. It is almost like a sneeze that stopped halfway. Correct lor! Damn irritating feeling right??

I mean, what good does it do to a person to nit pick or compare themselves to others who obviously have it better? They can afford to gurgle their mouths with TWG tea you cannot tahan ah? Yah, you are probably saying the same about me for talking about these people too. I have a problem with people who never seem to be satisfied with what they already have. Contentment. Not necessarily nirvana but at least being contented with what you have on hand. It is good to strive for a better standard of living, to be a better daughter/sister/wife/mother/friend. Why bring people down simply because they are stronger, smarter or just generally have a better life than you? I see these high achievers as very organized and extremely motivated individuals who worked hard to get where they are and working even harder to stay on that top spot. Who is to say they didn’t make any sacrifices along the way? You can’t judge a person that you don’t know solely based on the surface alone, my dear. I don’t geddit.

You think you sacrificed a lot or suffered a lot or endured a lot to be where you are or be denied what you rightfully deserve. You used whose yardstick to measure ah? You are obviously doing not too bad if you have a computer with internet access that you regularly use to criticize comb through other people’s background. This one is called Keyboard Warrior tio boh? How about transferring that energy to do something more positive and less toxic on yourself and other people like take a nap? Dun be so bo liao and Auntie can?

Then hor, you complain about having competition from beyond Singapore shores for your jobs, your flat, your men and even your kangkong at the market. Who ask you so slow/so short/so tall/so whatever? Gahmen already say, if you not hungry other hungry people will want to eat the kangkong mah. Boh salah mah. Prices will rise, livable space will eventually run out. You cannot possibly expect the world to stand still and wait for your royal highness to catch up tio boh?

If you think I’m talking about you, GOOD! Means you know what you have been saying. If you don’t like what I am saying, let’s meet up and discuss over some Iced Hojicha.

I know I am naive but no good meh? 知足常乐 (roughly translate as be contented and you will find joy often) you know?

Ok, I’m done complaining. Let’s move on to the next show.


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