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Wordless Wednesday: I was rendered wordless

MOX pins

The talented and creative Jasmine from Scissors Paper Stone gave me these absolutely fabulous pins and pendants she made herself a while ago and I simply must how lian (That’s ‘showoff’ in Hokkien in case you don’t know this term by now) to everybardee today! Swee boh? Swee right? I also say when I saw it! These also came with another set with black background you know? When I saw them, I was rendered wordless and speechless and stared with my mouth open for a good 1 min! So sia suay (embarrassing) right? Haha! Now every time I see these, I get goose pimples (the good kind lah) and a goofy smile! I LOVE THEM ALL!

Jasmine! You had me beaming from ear to ear for quite a few weeks until my face cramp. LOL! Definitely the best present I have ever received this year! Thank you so very much Jasmine!


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