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Wordless Wednesday: Label of love


I was out delivering tickets to my winners from The Megabugs Return! Exhibition last week and stumbled upon this work of art. What a nice surprise! It reminded me of a Hong Kong movie I had watched on the telly a few days prior. Thank you Starhub for the free channels during the long National Day holiday weekend!! We don’t subscribe to the Chinese channels so being able to watch mandarin movies (even the really corny B grade ones) was a treat for me. The movie was called《单身男女 》Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. in a nutshell, the movie involved lots of post-it label messages and miming across office buildings between the main characters which resulted in a love triangle that turned into a rectangle then hexagon, then dunnowatgon and then back into a triangle. So typical of all romantic movies. Anyhoo… I love the unexpected work of art and I wonder if it was also a secret message between 2 lovers too. So romantic right? It totally made my week and I hope it will make yours nicer too.


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