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Wordless Wednesday: Everyday should be playground day!

See his delirious face? Sand and swing. 2 of his favourites and at the same place! You can imagine how super duper happy he was that day.

Playgrounds with sand in Singapore are so rare nowadays because they are now mostly replaced with rubber mats. Although I am not a fan of sand (messy lah, sometimes got big red ants also you know?), I cannot deny the fact that the sand adds that extra fun touch to the playground. Sometimes if you are lucky enough, you might even find real treasures in them! As a kid, I loved digging into the sand and have always found coins! Really! I no bluff you! I used to come home with coins from the playground or notes on the way home. Now that I’m older, such sightings are rarer.

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What is this #funforfreesg? Read here!

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