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Praying for a baby

This was taken sometime in 2012. He looks a lot different now.

This is a typical sight whenever we make the occasional trip to temples to pray for the new year. He would always demand for his own set of joss sticks and mimic whatever we do because he felt that since everybody was doing it, so should he. My mother-in-law has a small modest altar at her home and Xan is very familiar with her daily ritual of burning joss sticks and praying for the family’s good health and safety. He knows to bai bai (拜拜) means to pray and wish for something good.

Somehow along the way, he decided he needed a sibling and would almost always, quite audibly even, pray for a baby.This fella (at that time) had no indoor voice at all. One time at a serene Buddhist temple, he asked me very loudly “How come the Boodah’s head look like a durian Mummy? Mummy? MUMMY?? Did you hear me?” *facepalm* I was too embarrassed to look up and see if anybody heard him.

One day, Xander eventually decided what our family lacked was a sister. It was all so logical to him.

Xan: Daddy is a boy, I am a boy. We have 2 boys. Mummy is a girl so the baby will be a girl.

Me: Don’t you want a brother instead?

Xan: *looks at me like I’m stewpig* Nooo. The baby will be a girl, Mummy! 2 boys, 2 girls! *shakes his head as he turns away to do his stuff far far away from me*

So there you go, ladies and gentlemen. This baby is Xander’s answered prayer. He will finally have someone to torment, play with and boss around everyday. He will be lonely no more.


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