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Feeling very blessed

The kids
The kids enjoying a special moment.

Yes I’m feeling a little maternal in the middle of the night so I’m sharing 2 videos of the kids here with you.

I need to count my blessings to have these 2 little rascals in my life. They drive my blood pressure up, run my patience low but most of the time they bring us so much joy we have never thought possible. The way a child’s face lights up when they see you is enough to make any parent forget about whatever was troubling them that day. You feel on top of the world because of that one bright smile. Correct or not, Parents?

The video above was taken by The Husband’s niece on the day Yvie was born. He was sooo gentle with her I almost cried with pride.

Xander has been a really good big brother to little Yvie so far. Even though he is petrified of her supersonic screams and unbelievably pungent poopy diapers, he understands she is just doing what all babies do. He rarely complains about her, sometimes even tries to soothe the screaming banshee when Mummy and Daddy’s hands are full. You know, the little boy makes it a point to plant at least 1 kiss on his sister every morning before he leaves for school, 1 when he sees her after school and 1 before he goes to bed. He loves his little sister and I pray they will continue to love each other long after we kick the bucket.

This is KorKor entertaining the little one right before bedtime.

For the parents with more than 1 child, do your kids get along? I know mine are still in the “honeymoon” period so I am enjoying this while it lasts. With lots of pictures and videos of course!


  • pc

    Blessed indeed, Liza. You have me nod all the way from pat till likr yesterday. I miss the girls when they are smaller! (My tween is killing me)

    Absolutely Sweet korkor! Must be th parents la, doing a wonderful job on the kid;).

    Keep up the good work!

    • der Mardder

      We are very lucky he loves his sister lah. But then, it has only been 5 months. Who knows what will happen when she gets a little bigger and starts destroying his property? Ha ha!

    • der Mardder

      I think fights among siblings help each other understand the other person’s quirks and will make the kids grow even closer together. Fights are also considered interaction but a heck lot louder, tio boh? #tryingtobeoptimistic

  • E

    Wow! I might’ve done the “I’m here!” trick twice or thrice at most and gone off to do something else! I wasn’t a great older sibling hehe… unlike your son!

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