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  • About the blog

    Mother of Xander had a makeover!

    来啊! 来啊! 郑宇他妈整容咯! Ahem… not that kind of makeover. The website had a makeover lah. My last blog makeover was 2 years ago. How time flies eh? Friends who have been following my blog will remember the previous look which was based on China’s cultural revolution. Ya, it had the classic red flags and Mao hat, that sort. In order to retain the super cheena spirit that I love, the new look is based on the 1930s Vintage Shanghai pinup girl. Sort of. Who designed the new site you might ask. Of course it’s The Husband. Again. From the buttons to the seksi pinup girl to the structure of the site. All him.…

  • About the blog

    It’s still me with a few upgrades

    Why the move and the new name? I used to blog from another site on and off since 2008. Some weeks back The Husband asked if I would like him to host/manage/redesign my blog as a Mother’s Day/birthday gift to me. He will deny this but he sneakily managed to convince me to change the name of my blog because it had to incorporate the xander.sg domain name. The previous name just didn’t cut it. A friend asked “Next time when you have another child how? Change the blog name ah?” Well, Number 2 doesn’t seem to be happening leh. I guess we will decide when Number 2 happens lah.…