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    Always be grateful

    Well folks, the Mayans were wrong, we are still very much alive and it’s 2013. *gasp* For those who didn’t pay all their bills or borrowed tons of money from loansharks for no reason or spray painted your ex’s car or gave it to  your bosses/wives/mother-in-laws on the 20th of December… gua gua gua. Idiots… Because I’m still alive, I need to remind myself to be grateful for the following things I have and take for granted. Son 我的儿 The Husband and I ask ourselves almost daily, what did we do to deserve this little boy? Someone upstairs must really like us. Even when he was a little baby, Xan seems…

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    Whatsapp, you sabo me!

    The mardder of mardder of Xander is 70ish this year and she loves her gadgets, especially her iPhone. When we all started to use the iPhone a few years ago, she would casually look over our shoulders to see what we were up to and then casually say stuff like “Wah! Your screen very big hor? Good leh! Mine, you see, so small, buttons so hard to press. Your phone can do what ah?” Sometimes she would also say “Aiyah, your phone so complicated. Don’t waste money on me lah.” Note to all clueless filial children: when your mardder says all that, she is not envious of you or your…

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    Wordless Wednesday: Money can’t buy time with family

    My favourite kind of birthdays are the ones spent with family. Having everyone together at the same place and at time is so rare nowadays. Money can’t buy time with family. I am very grateful and very happy to have most of my folks together for a simple meal at my mum’s last night . Wheee! Linking up with:

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    Happy Birthday Mummy!

    Today is Mummy’s birthday. Let’s just say she’s forever 36. That’s how old she was when she had me. The best thing that had ever happened to her. Mwahahah! Of the 3 of sisters, I was the naughtiest, the loudest and now the fattest. I set Mummy’s heart racing for all the wrong reasons. I mean come on, when the cane comes flying your way, of course you RUN and run fast! It’s the most logical thing to do mah. I wasn’t going to stay put like my sisters used to when they were my age. Siao! When my sisters were busy getting As and mugging for exams, I was…

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    Happy Mother’s Day

    Xan’s school organized a simple Mother’s Day celebration in school on Friday. He kept talking about the card he had made for me with the teachers in school for days. “Mummy I made a heart-shaped card on a stick for you!”, then goes on excitedly to describe it as best as he could. Although I was excited to see the card he had made for me, I was dreading the interaction I have to have with the other mothers. In fact *whispers* I can’t stand a few of them. 😛 Growing up, I’ve always had more guy friends than girl friends. Sure I played masak masak, dressed up my 1…