signs of getting old

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    The down low about my phone… literally.

    On Tuesday, after saying goodbye to Xan and his teacher at the main door, I was about the take the elevator down to the first floor. My usual habit is to whip out my phone to check the time so I could log-in at the school’s time in/time out book. Then I will take 1 last look after that for whatever reason. Habit already. So. Just as the door was closing… My phone slipped from my hand, slided into the gap and down the elevator shaft. FOUR stories down. Here’s how it went. So drama. My heart was pounding so hard and I kept muttering S***S***S***S***S***S***! I went to the security…

  • signs of getting old

    Wonder Woman I am not.

    For the longest time, I thought I was the strongest woman in the world. I was always the first to volunteer to move furniture or fixtures around the house or at work, carry (didn’t drag because I’m a little OCD about scuffed marks on my bags) 20+kg luggage down stairs, single-handedly cleared racks of stock during stock take while the other girls do the paper work. I was awesome. I was gilah. I was Wonder Woman! Sadly, my dreams of outdoing the guys at the warehouse were dashed as my back pains got worse. One time during work, while I was doing some paperwork at the office, a sudden excruciating…