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    Another year has passed and we haven’t killed each other!

    22 November marked the day we signed our “til-death-do-us-part-your-money-is-my-money-and-my-money-is-my-money” contract: it was our 6th wedding anniversary. *applause please* For years The Husband insisted our anniversary should fall on 20 July when we held our customary wedding dinner and he said he (strangely, a few others also) thought a wedding is only formalized after the dinner. I said why would we go through the trouble to pick a nice date for the solemnization if the dinner date was going to be more important leh? We weren’t even planning for a wedding dinner back then because we thought sign contract can already, the dinner was such an extravagance and that we wanted no part of it. Luckily, we…

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    Tasty Thursday: Famous 49 Katong Laksa

    Laksa, otah and teh peng from Famous 49 Katong Laksa Maybe its all in my head but all 3 items tasted pretty bland that day. I like my laksa gravy rich and spicy but that day was just blah. I used to prefer eating at 49 over 328 which is just within killer glare distance across the road. I loved the rundown shophouse look, dim lighting and the old ceiling fans. No not being sarcastic lah, don’t anyhow say me ah! I really did like it. Now it still looks the same but somehow the magic is not there anymore. Maybe the owners don’t spend as much time there now…

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    Bangkok in October

    Hi Xander! Haven’t written anything for more than 1 month! Wah so lazy leh… Well, your daddy and I were in Bangkok from 15 to 20 Oct. We walked, we shopped, we ate and we had fun. “We” meaning your daddy, your mummy and of course, you. Altogether as a family for the 1st time 🙂 You were such a good boy too. You just went along with us in Bangkok with absolutely no fuss. I hate to admit this but I literally went crazy in Bangkok. Lau sai and still walked around non-stop. “It’s ok! No need to stop. I’m ok to walk some more lah. Let’s go to…