Mother of Xander had a makeover!

来啊! 来啊! 郑宇他妈整容咯! Ahem… not that kind of makeover. The website had a makeover lah.

Screenshot of previous site
This was how it used to look

My last blog makeover was 2 years ago. How time flies eh? Friends who have been following my blog will remember the previous look which was based on China’s cultural revolution. Ya, it had the classic red flags and Mao hat, that sort.

In order to retain the super cheena spirit that I love, the new look is based on the 1930s Vintage Shanghai pinup girl. Sort of.

Who designed the new site you might ask. Of course it’s The Husband. Again. From the buttons to the seksi pinup girl to the structure of the site. All him. So clever ah this fella? *giggle* If you are interested to engage him for your site makeover, I suggest you contact him directly. The pinup girl portrait of me only took him 8 YEARS to do. *rolleyes*

Why this theme? Well, we were having tea at Dong Po Colonial Cafe recently when he suddenly asked me what sort of look I would like for my blog. Since he was in the mood to redesign his own blog, he said he will refresh mine as well. Woots! So I looked around and spotted the posters of the 1930s Shanghai girls. I pointed to it and said “NAH! I like that I wan that gimme that!” To that he said “DONE!” The rest was history.

The trouble with the themes on WordPress is that not everything (my Chinese words for example) gets formatted properly. I am in the midst of doing some housekeeping and if you spot anything unusual, please let me know!

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Thank you for visiting Mother of Xander’s blog. I hope to see you back again soon!

It’s still me with a few upgrades

Why the move and the new name?

I used to blog from another site on and off since 2008. Some weeks back The Husband asked if I would like him to host/manage/redesign my blog as a Mother’s Day/birthday gift to me. He will deny this but he sneakily managed to convince me to change the name of my blog because it had to incorporate the domain name. The previous name just didn’t cut it. A friend asked “Next time when you have another child how? Change the blog name ah?” Well, Number 2 doesn’t seem to be happening leh. I guess we will decide when Number 2 happens lah.

Why the cheena look?

Besides my adoration for all things Hello Kitty, my family and a few close friends know I also love cheena kitschy stuff. Whenever my family goes to China and ask me what to bring back for me, I always tell them “Get me the most cheena china thing you can lay your hands on. It can be something very small and bought from a street side stall, it doesn’t matter. Bring a piece of China back for me lah.”  So one day after showing me a few drafts of the new website, The Husband hit an epiphany (probably included giving himself a loud slap on the thigh and exclaiming TIO HOR while listening to his NIN tracks on his iPhone) and here we are. This new site is his baby. Not bad, hor?

Eh, your Ingrish very horrible leh!

In case you are wondering why is this site full of grammatical errors, that’s how I speak. I like to stay true to character. Be my friend, we go for kopi, share gossips and you will know what I mean. If you are referring to my header and buttons, that’s how my husband, son and I talk to each other. Be our friend, stay  for dinner and you will know what I mean 🙂

Anyway, this is my blog. I hope you like what you see. If you don’t, we need to talk… *cracks knuckles*

2012_moving on
My ever helpful little boy.