school days

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    A very overdue post on Xan’s birthday party in school…last year

    I meant for this post to be out LAST YEAR but hey, better late than never right? ____ Me: What would you like for your birthday, Xan? Xan: Mmm… I dunno. Me: How about the cake? You want a proper cake like your cousin’s or several cupcakes laid out together? Xan: Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Me: Okkkk… What kind? How do you want them to look like? Xan: I want it to be a surprise! Don’t tell me ok? I want a surprise!! *excited giggles* And so the birthday party prep began. Have I told you this little fella doesn’t like cakes? He likes to taste them, buy them, distribute them but he’ll never finish eating…