Let’s play…Viva Topo!

Based on looks alone, I will give award winning Viva Topo 2 big thumbs up . I love the wood pieces shaped like cheese wedges and mice with the little felt ears and tails. So cute can?

Image taken from MyFirstGames.com

The goal of the game is to gather as many pieces of cheese (they come in portions of 1, 2 , 3, 4 and 6 slices) you can grab without getting caught by the cat who will sneaking around and waiting to pounce on you. This game involves a little bit of strategy because the farther you go on the board, the bigger the cheese but each mouse is only allowed to collect 1 tasty piece per turn. Once the furry fella is in the cave, he has to stay there. Probably because he passed out from the cheese binge. *BURP*

Oh yah! There is a twist to the game! Come on, you really didn’t think it’s that easy to be a cheesionaire (Geddit? Geddit? Cheese+millionaire?) and attain ultimate nirvana in cheese heaven right? On the die, there is a cat icon and when you roll one of that, the cat gets to move 1 space. After the cat makes one round around the board, it will double it’s speed by moving 2 spaces instead of 1. Pam warned us at this point of the game, Xan might start to get upset and cry because the cat will be moving faster and he will lose his little furry friends. That damn cat made him cry buckets! In between sobs he kept saying NO CAT! I DOWAN THE CAT!! NAUGHTY CAT! Needless to say the game didn’t last very long. Sorry Pam.

That damn cat!

One day, we were supposed to pick my nephew to go for a trial art class with Xan so I decided to bring Viva Topo along just in case we get a chance to play it. Long story short, we ended up at my office and we (me, The Husband, The Son and The Nephew) had a go at Viva Topo. Like Xander, Andre loved the game at the start when it was nice and slow. They laughed, they squirmed around, the boys had fun. Once the cat picked up speed, it was all downhill from there. Now we have TWO hysterical cat hating boys. Who would have guessed a small wooden cat would create so much chaos? *face palm* Well, the tears didn’t last very long. Nothing an ice-cream cone won’t fix. Hehe!

The recommended age for the game is from 4 years and up. This sounds about right lah. Exciting for the kiddies, super entertaining for the adults when the kids burst into tears. 😛

Viva Topo retails at S$70.00 and is available from My First Games.

Let’s play… Soccer Dinosaurs!

When Pam whipped out Soccer Dinosaurs from her bag, I thought to myself HA! Xan will surely like THIS! The dinosaurs look cute, rules are simple, game pace can be fast and most importantly, can use DIE! Not sure why the fascination with dice throwing but hey, whatever makes the kid happy right?

Since we don’t have the habit of playing board games with the kid, he hasn’t grasp the concept of rules and waiting for turns. When we do play (board games, card games or whatever) I will admit we bend rules and alter game play just to make him happy or for the game to end very quickly so we can whisk him off to bed pronto.

Basically, Soccer Dinosaurs is a memory game where the first player to reach the goal line and score a goal wins. To do that, the player has to first roll the die and whatever colour (red, blue or yellow) you roll will be the piece you will use for the game. In front of the Player can now decide which tile to turn over be the first player to dodge the red crosses and score 2 goals. As with all sports games, a referee will always be guard, standing on the side of the field (there are footprints on the board to indicate where the referee should stand) to keep an eye on you when you make a mistake or turn over a tile with a red cross. Sounds really simple. What could possibly go wrong?

Full concentration for the 1st 5 minutes.

I think we’re not very good at making the board game sound exciting. At least not exciting enough for him to hold his concentration longer than 5 minutes and then scamper for Team Umizoomi. Maybe because we’re not very sporty folks who knows how to do that thing sports announcers do to rah rah the crowd and get them all excited. Yep, we’re a pretty boring bunch my husband and I 🙁

My nephew enjoyed it a lot more than Xander.

Undeterred, I decided to try the game with my nephew who is a little over a year older than Xander. He liked it a lot more than Xander but after a few rounds he decided he had enough and his ‘Facebook’ was more interesting. That green file near his hand in the picture is his ‘Facebook’. A file filled with faces he could colour. Ha ha!

Despite that, I think this game is simple for 3 years old and up. It will be even better if you can get a few kids to play together so that once they start to get the hang of the game and get competitive, they will enjoy it even more.

Hop over to My First Games and take a look at their full range of awesome games they have available.

Wordless Wednesday: Money can’t buy time with family

That’s The Husband, Me, The Son and The Nephew with my cake the boys decided to decorate with chocolate while I wasn’t looking.

My favourite kind of birthdays are the ones spent with family. Having everyone together at the same place and at time is so rare nowadays. Money can’t buy time with family. I am very grateful and very happy to have most of my folks together for a simple meal at my mum’s last night . Wheee!

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