Whatsapp, you sabo me!

The mardder of mardder of Xander is 70ish this year and she loves her gadgets, especially her iPhone.

When we all started to use the iPhone a few years ago, she would casually look over our shoulders to see what we were up to and then casually say stuff like “Wah! Your screen very big hor? Good leh! Mine, you see, so small, buttons so hard to press. Your phone can do what ah?” Sometimes she would also say “Aiyah, your phone so complicated. Don’t waste money on me lah.”

Note to all clueless filial children: when your mardder says all that, she is not envious of you or your youth or want you to impress her. She is very subtly TELLING YOU to get the same or better model for her because her current phone is crap. Of course her filial 2nd born child got the hint and bought one for her quite soon after that.

She’s very busy. Don’t disturb her.

One of the many things I love about my mardder is that she is not afraid of technology. Sure she was skeptical at first but she will still try it before throwing it back to us. She started off with using cassette recorders for her karaoke classes, then sending long distance SMSes to me while I was in Canada, then now, the iPhone. She used to (now also lah) corner me with 101 questions about how to do this and how to do that whenever we go back for dinners. Mardder eventually got the hang of the phone and even started to use Whatsapp because the service is free and everyone else in the family is using it. Must stay current hor?

Some months ago during one of our usual phone conversations, Mardder suddenly asked me what was I up to recently, why so busy, why was I sleeping so late. Kept insisting I was still awake at 2+ in the morning.

Me: No lah! I was already asleep, playing chess with Sandman by then liao lah!

Mardder: Dun bluff!

Me: Really lah! Anyway, how would you know I haven’t sleep at 2+?

Mardder: Because your Whatsapp say you were still online at 2+ mah!

Me: Wah lau!! (kenah betrayed by an app!!) You’ve been monitoring me this whole time?!

I stole this picture from my friend’s album. Taken many many years ago.

Recently an old friend was complaining that there is no privacy on Whatsapp and it reminded me of my mum. I quickly switched off the time stamping on the app and waited very patiently by my phone. True enough, she called to ask me if there was something wrong with my phone. She couldn’t see my ‘timing’ anymore. *facepalm* Mardder, you win liao lor! She said what you know? She’s keeping tabs on me because 为我好,关心我. Since I sleep very late and if she see I’m not online, she won’t disturb my sleep by texting me. If I’m online, she will text to ask if I’m going back for dinner and tonic. What do you/ can you say to that? Ya, nahting. You better shuddup and give her big hug because she is saying she loves you.

Yes I love her very much and no I’m keeping the time stamping off for a while. It’s fun to irritate her and keep her guessing. Hehehehe… 😛


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