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Let’s play… CitiBlocs plus a giveaway!


As you probably know by now, my dear husband aka The Blogfather scammed persuaded Pamela of My First Games to hand over the coloured blocks instead of the plain coloured ones to him as a token of appreciation for him sweating all over her nice clean floor while fixing up the table she so kindly bought from us some time last year. I won’t repeat the story, I’m not Channel 5. OOPS! You can read his account here.

I’ve reviewed some of her other board games last year and they were Pengoloo, Spot it!, Soccer Dinosaurs! and my personal favourite Viva Topo! They are all fun but CitiBlocs is definately the most versatile of them all.


Xan (just turned 4yo) has been a big fan of the regular wooden blocks (you know, the ones with cylindrical, semicircle and rectangular shapes?) the minute he laid his eyes on my nephew’s set during one of our visits to my mum’s place. Over the last 2 years, his wooden block collection kept growing because we bought some and a friend gave us her son’s set since her boy was getting too big for them. He can spend quite a long time playing with blocks while I slip away to do some housework. Since then, he has built towers, buildings, boats, spaceships and also ramps for stunt cars. The run of the mill assortment of blocks served him quite well until now.


Ok, so the colours are really pretty. Reallllly pretty! Xan initially wasn’t sure what to do with them because they were all the same size and same shape. Very different from the usual blocks he plays with that came in all sort of shapes. Based on the instruction manual that came with the boxes, there are so many different things you can build. You can build lobsters, houses, trucks and even a coliseum depending on how many blocks you have. Check out the CitiBloc master videos here.

Not that I have no faith in Xan, I thought it would be easier to introduce the blocks to him by building really simple shapes. Wah lau the boy gave me a really sian look after I very enthusiastically show him my 6 block master piece. *heart crumbles* Luckily he saved my heart from shattering into more pieces with a hug and a “But I still love you anyway”. Mummy scrambles to the manual to look for the most cheem (difficult/complex) pattern possible with 100pcs.

A few weeks later, we were invited to a friend’s house for a New Year countdown party and we thought if the other kids don’t turn up, Xan was going to reach for the iPad or our phones for sure. Since we just received the CitiBlocs, why not bring it along. Clever right? I know man.

Stolen from a friend’s Facebook album

After the noms, Daddy emptied the 2 boxes of CitiBlocs for Xan and half expecting to spend the entire time guiding him. This time, he went straight for the manual to look for inspiration instead of waiting for us to come up with something for him to follow. When he wasn’t sure, he would hollered for Daddy and Mummy to come to his rescue.


He decided our structures were boring so he went ahead and did his version of a tower. So easy! While he was creating and improving his architectural masterpieces, I was able to continue my gossip session without having to help him every 2 minutes. Good for me leh!


Eh, I say so much also no use. You got to try it to believe it. I no bluff you one.

Well, it just so happens, My First Games (the exclusive distributor of CitiBlocs in Singapore) would like to give ONE lucky YOU a box of 100pc CitiBlocs (RP S$49.90). Why, you ask. Why not, we say.

To win this is so easy.

  1. You must to Like these 4 Facebook pages (click click click click):
    The Blogfather
    Dear Xander
    My First Games
    and of course don’t forget mine!
  2. Leave me a comment with your Facebook name to let me know that you’ve already Liked us all. For those who participated in The Blogfather’s giveaway but didn’t win, LAI LAI LAI! I panchan(give chance to) you. Leave a comment here for a 2nd chance. Steady boh? Steady right?
  3. In your comment, let me know if you want the Hot or Cool Colour set.

My First Games is also giving Mother of Xander’s readers an exclusive 10% off your purchase of their CitiBlocs range! To redeem, just use the discount code “MOMXAN” when you check out your purchase!

Some other terms to note:

  1. This giveaway is open to Singapore addresses only.
  2. Contest must end on Friday 1 February 11.59pm. I so love the .59 timing. So exciting!
  3. Winners will be randomly drawn and notified via Facebook PM.
Good luck! I will also pohpee (pray) for you


*Mother of Xander received 2 boxes of 50pc CitiBlocs in order to write this review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.



UPDATE (Submission for giveaway is now closed):

My dear friends, thank you for participating and supporting my first ever giveaway! Here is the list of participants in no particular order.

  1. Andy Lee             Cool
  2. Bena Chan          Hot
  3. Eddie Yii               Hot
  4. PC Lee                  Cool
  5. Nadia Efron        Hot
  6. Angeline Sim      Hot
  7. Regina Soejanto-Moo    Hot
  8. Alicia Tan             Hot
  9. Jaime Chan         Hot
  10. Veraday Poh      Cool
  11. Lexelle De Charmaine    Cool
  12. Esther Kee          Hot
  13. Boon Hean Low       Hot
  14. Jasmin Ho            Hot
  15. Ct Chooi               Cool
  16. Chuyan Kwek    Hot
  17. Delia Mar             Cool
  18. Cen-Tin Ting       Cool
  19. Wack Duo            Cool
  20. Cindy Chia           Hot
  21. Jingxian Liang     Hot
  22. Winnie Lam        Hot
  23. Jocelyn Wee      Cool
  24. Lilium Day            Hot
  25. Sheron Moey    Hot
  26. Sarah Lee-Wong     Cool
  27. Angeline Ng       Hot
  28. Jenny Tan            Hot
  29. Cheryl Siew        Hot
  30. Viola Tan              Hot
The winner has been notified via Facebook PM.
Kum sia very much!


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