Almost ready…

Hi Xander!

We were at Dr Wong’s clinic today. She has confirmed that you are now engaged and ready to exit “The Mothership”! From the scans, she estimated you at 3.3kg, give and take about 10%. I’m wondering to myself when did you managed to do that? Was it yesterday in the afternoon? Or did you do it a little at a time? Wow! You did it all by yourself! I’m thoroughly impressed with my son again ๐Ÿ™‚

Guess what? I was driven around by Daddy today. Yup, he passed his driving test 2 days ago and today was his 1st time on the roads as an official driver! Yeah!! Your Daddy so clever. Passed everything on his 1st try. We were supposed to go for a short drive last nite but I was too tired. He wanted to take the car around the block a couple of times but will admit now that I was skeptical. Sekali car come back half the original size how?? Ah Gong will flipped to Mars and back! Thank goodness your Daddy agreed to wait until tomorrow morning. PHEW! Sorry baby, not that I don’t trust you ah but you know me lah…

He was a little nervous during the drive today but that is completely normal for all 1st-time drivers. I think I contributed to his nervousness today la. Couldn’t help it, I’m a control freak. You’ll learn more about this charming little trait of mine in the years to come. Anyway, the drive in general was good, no bumps, no scratches, no screaming matches in the car. Heng ah.

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