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Hi, my name is Cookie and I’m a Hoarder. I think my husband is one too

My dad is a hoarder so I don’t think people will be surprised to know that I am too.I’m trying to find an excuse for this ridiculous habit but I do want to spring clean my life and house of the unnecessary junk.

Growing up, my parents tell me stories of their childhood. My mum grew up in a relatively less well-to-do family as compared to my dad. They would only, if ever, throw things that were beyond repair and keep many “standby” items for those “just-in-case” days. As such, they will try to make the best of whatever they can get their hands on to last as long as possible. Think Children of Heaven. My dad has effectively converted the small study room and the cupboard under the staircase as his personal store rooms.

At last look, scattered in various corners of the house, there were 4 huge suitcases of dunnowats, maybe 2 briefcases of more dunnowats, 3 cabin size trolley bags (not necessarily all in good condition), at least 7 long umbrellas by the door (3 of which might not even work properly), at least 5 small foldable umbrellas in the drawers next to the door, 4 more long umbrellas in the car (we have since threw 3 away), a box full of those free Buddhism CDs and cassette tapes which my dad doesn’t even listen to, documents and bills dating back to the 90’s, tons of old watches and expired batteries.

It doesn’t help that the next door neighbour is also a fellow hoarder. Only difference is, they hoard cardboards and newspaper to sell when they have a reasonable load. Because they are pretty old, the turnover of their stash tends to take a long time to happen.

Both of them grew up in the same era of Waste not, Want not. They have also taught their children this same philosophy. I’m not sure if my neighbours’ grown kids are like that but I definately am.

When my hubby gasped at the sight of the bags he had accumulated over the years the other night, I cunningly feigned ignorance and agreed with him. “Wah! You have so many bags ah? Mine leh? Oh only that small corner ah?” He forgot that his lovely wife adores bags as much as he does and have stashed hers in the wardrobes neatly a few months before. If I had taken them out for display as he had, I am confident to say I won’t lose to him. Out of the approximate 30 bags, I’m only using 3 frequently. The rest? “Too pretty to throw!”, “Still new what!”, “If I need a small handbag for a nice dinner out, I have one”… Blah blah blah.

You know? I still have old love notes and photos from Primary school? These, I will NEVER throw. They are hilarious! I dig out the dusty pile from time to time when I’m bored.

Today, I finally had a chance to go through my jewellery box and in my horror, I have accumulated 56 pairs of earrings + a few missing ones around the house. Like my bags, I only wear certain ones frequently because I’m just lazy. I buy earrings not always because they look nice but mostly because they were cheap and in case I need, I have them. Impulsive shopping. I still have stuff in their original polybags and prices tags attached. *faint*

How ah? Will Xander end up like his parents and grandparents? This house ain’t big enuff for our junk combined leh.

I need to clear out these junk soon. Clean house, clear mind. ohmmmmm….. Pray for me.


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