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A few more hours to go…

Well, after the Christmas Eve dinner at my sister’s place tonight, hubby and I will head straight down to TMC for admission.

Xander Claus is coming to town!! My mum had been mispronouncing Xander as Santa for a few days. She’s technically correct lah. We thought why wait for Boxing Day when he can have more fun on Christmas Day instead 🙂 It also means we have to start saving up for his presents now!

After the hubby left for work this morning (yes, it’s Xmas eve and he is still required to work 1/2 day. Stupid leh.), I couldn’t go back to sleep. All these excitement and anticipation have been keeping me up for the last few days. I would stay in bed wide awake for a few hours before finally drifting off and then my eyes will pop open just before the Majulah Singapura plays on the radio. The thought of the labour process is definitely freaking me out a bit (it will get progressively worse in the next few hours) but I am also looking forward to meeting the little fella who has been keeping me company 24/7 in the last few months. All 3 sides of the family been anxiously preparing for his arrival and I’m still feeling if I missed out anything. I’m starting to get paranoid again. I hope we will be okay parents. He seems to be agreeing with me coz he just jabbed me a bit. Awwww…

Anyhow, I’m going back to sleep. I doubt I will be able to do that when the little one comes so best to do it while I still can. But before I do that, I need to raid the fridge for some Sara Lee Choc Pound Cake :)~

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