Tasty Thursday: Famous 49 Katong Laksa


Laksa, otah and teh peng from Famous 49 Katong Laksa

Maybe its all in my head but all 3 items tasted pretty bland that day. I like my laksa gravy rich and spicy but that day was just blah. I used to prefer eating at 49 over 328 which is just within killer glare distance across the road. I loved the rundown shophouse look, dim lighting and the old ceiling fans. No not being sarcastic lah, don’t anyhow say me ah! I really did like it.

Now it still looks the same but somehow the magic is not there anymore. Maybe the owners don’t spend as much time there now as before and the current team of staff not as warm or friendly. Food doesn’t just have to taste good, you have to feel good eating it too. Well, this is no 5 star restaurant so I should throw my expectations out of the window lah.

Tasty Thursday: Prawn Noodles from Maxwell Market


It has been a while since I had prawn noodles. I’m no prawn noodle expert but this one suits me fine. Finally found another substitute to my favourite grumpy uncle prawn noodles. Dunno where he went, shop owner (who also took over the stall, even managed to copy the recipe quite closely) was reluctant to tell me. Oh well.