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Halloween Fun: The conniving lawyer and his evil zombie dentist son


Wa si lim lau peh. (trans. I am your father.)

As promised. Here they are.

The Husband promised he would dress up for Halloween and so he did. Not bad eh?

Notice the angry Evil Dr. Xan with his bowl of dismembered itchy fingers from naughty children. He was angry with me because I wanted him to bring the stethoscope since the outfit looked too generic for anybody to know he is a dentist. He refused and insisted people will know then looked at me like he wanted to say “Only you dumb dumb don’t know nia…” Ok lor… Xan was very insistent about wearing this garb because it really was from a dental clinic and he was super proud of it. It was given to him during a recent Be a Dentist Day at the National Dental Centre which I will tell you more in a future post. Since he was already upset, he started to whine about his eye makeup. “ONE BLACK EYE ONLY AH!” he insisted. I also dunno why only one side. He wanted the makeup, liked it, then whined about it and wanted to wipe it all off. All in 30mins. Sigh… I hate morning tantrums. I should just rename his character as the Psychotic Dentist who likes to cut off fingers for fun. Maybe then the costume and the food combination will make more sense eh?

Every Halloween morning, he will complain about his costume being too hot, too big, too long, too crazy, too something lah. EVERY HALLOWEEN! Then he would sulk (sometimes cry) all the way to school. By the time he sees his friends in equally ridiculous outfits at the main door, he would have this look that says “Heng ah, I’m not the only one like this today” then walks in with no further protests.

I was very determined not to buy candies for Xan’s school Halloween party this year. Last few times he will bring home a huge bag of candies, eat 2 or 3 pieces and abandon the rest for me to eat/dispose. Such a waste of money me thinks. So I sought help from my friends on Facebook for alternative suggestions. Some say make them do tricks, walk barefoot, give the kids homework, give walnuts, etc. I was like Harlow? I want them to like us, not murder us by pelting the walnuts at our faces leh!

During this time, I stumbled across this and when I showed Xan the pictures, he kept laughing and say “This will freak my friends out! Let’s do it! Must put blood!” Soon after, one kind friend share with me photos of her party food and I got inspired! Popcorn in gloves! Disgusting! PERFECT!

You touch some more lah. I cut off your fingers!
Zombie/Gout/Arthritic hands

It didn’t take much persuasion to get the boy to help me with the food prep. Hot dogs are his favourite snack and when there are extra bits lying around, he will help to dispose them into his belly. Other than popcorn, we used other munchies we found at Daiso for variety sake. Fingernails were M&Ms. Cute eh?

Aiyah, cut too much! Nair mind, I shall dispose it into my belly. See? Same size as his big toe!

I can’t wait to see him and hear his stories about the party plus the walkabout with his mates from school later today. Wonder if the PG (playgroup) kids will really ‘freak out’ like he said when they see the fingers. I hope they do. A few tears shed will be nice too. Mwahahaha!

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