Shopping is easy with (Part 2 of 2)

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Remember my previous post about why shopping with was so awesome? Shopping online is convenient and easy. Shopping for groceries online is a lifesaver for busy working parents like us. Let me explain.

My workplace is a little far from my son’s school (about 1 hour of drive time in rush hour traffic) and by the time I pick my son up from school, it would be almost 7 pm or later if I have to stay a little later at the office. The little one will not hesitate to let you know he is completely delirious with hunger (he likes to give me the rolled back eyes + I’M DYING face) and we would have to hunt for food nearby or whizz home for a quick home cooked meal (if I feel up to it and have prepared the ingredients beforehand lah). Since he has to go to school the next day, we try to make it home by 9pm and bed by 10pm. TRY lah. Where got time go grocery shopping right?

So what is my solution? lah!

Main page


Like most online shopping sites, you need to create a user account first and I like it that on the site, I can add more than 1 delivery address under my account. That way, I can also opt to have my stuff delivered to my office during office hours. What? You think I was skiving during office hours doing shopping? NEVER! I am very dedicated to my work okay? I only take peeks at the site with their iPhone app in between documents lah.

redmart_account info
Fill in your details

So! Now that you have created your account, it’s time to explore the site! Other than the usual products they have on the main pages, do remember to check out the Just Arrived and On Sale Now for great deals.

redmart_new products
New products added regularly

When you get to the On Sale Now page and realize the item you wanted is out of stock? No worries, just click on the Notify Me button and they will send you an email once the product is available again.

redmart_sale page
My favourite page. SALE!

Ok, now that you have finished shopping, you can review the items and total cost in your cart and make sure everything is in order.

I also call this my Reality Check. Gulp!
redmart_review order details2
Note: Effective Friday 30 August 2013 at 5pm, will no longer be accepting orders with “swipe on delivery” payment (using portable terminals to swipe credit cards at the point of delivery). They continue to accept credit cards or PayPal when ordering online.

Next, select your 2 hour delivery time slot. As you can see, they offer time slots up to 10 pm for folks like me who don’t reach home so early. This is a major life saver for me.

redmart_delivery timing

And then, YOU ARE DONE! *happy dance*

redmart_order confirmation2

I have the lousiest memory for everything so having a copy of my last shopping list in the system that I can refer to for my next order is definately very useful for me.


When I told Xan we had to rush home early that day because we were expecting a delivery, he was very VERY excited. You see, we don’t get visitors so that door bell of ours is very sadly neglected and lonely. The only other people who ring it are the auntie who delivers Yakult to our place and Xander himself. Pardon us if you do visit us and get greeted by a super happy, bouncy and excited little boy at the door.

The friendly delivery guy

Ding dong! The delivery guy arrives with our shopping and a big sincere grin. I kinda made The Husband take a photo (ok, a few photoS) of the poor unsuspecting guy because I didn’t want him to think I’m a weirdo auntie. Luckily for us, he shyly obliged.

The excited boy in his pjs posing with the shopping. Such a typical blogger’s child moment eh?

Finally, here’s what we bought. Can you pretend not to see the processed food and focus on the nice packets of organic broths and the Method products at the back?


Especially for readers of Mother of Xander!! is offering 10% discount off your first purchase.
How? Just enter the code rm_momxan before you check out your purchase.

September Special!
Free delivery for orders above $49 (usual amount is minimum $75) has been extended to 30 September 2013!! Please check their website for more details.



Disclaimer: I was compensated by for this post but all opinions and views are my own.

Shopping is easy with (Part 1 of 2)

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I love supermarkets. Big ones, small ones, clean ones, smelly one, I love them all. I would spend hours in supermarkets like how some women would in shoe stores. The trouble with supermarkets though is that I either have to go very early to avoid the scary shoving grandmothers and women with gigantic strollers aka Toe Crushers, or I go in the dead of the night but run the risk of seeing very hungry rats scurrying around in the rice department. “EEE! Rats?! Dun bluff lah!” you might say. I will look at you straight in the eye and say “I sumpah, no bluff you. I have seen it before and I don’t want to see it again.”

Going grocery shopping with the little boy can sometimes also be a little trying as long as there is a trolley in sight. Folks with kids will know what I mean. They don’t want to sit still, they just want to make a run for it with the trolley in a super busy supermarket. If that doesn’t work, they will cling onto the trolley to perform weird cirque du soleil-ish stunts. Sigh.


I must confess I am quite the suaku when it comes to online shopping. Really so easy meh? I’ve heard about from so many of my friends, I knew I had to check it out because if you don’t try, how would you know?


Why shop online?

Redmart website
RedMart iPhone app
RedMart iPhone app
  • If you find anything wrong with the items delivered, you can always email or give them a call to get it sorted out.
  • I don’t have to wait 20mins in line during peak hours just to pay for 2 bags of chips.
  • I don’t have to waste time waiting and looking for parking space.
  • Free delivery on orders above $75.
  • Same day delivery on orders placed before 10am. Last delivery time slot is 8-10pm. Woohoo!
  • You just might get a handsome delivery guy knocking at your door. Mine was quite cute. Got photo evidence! I’ll show you in my next post, I promise!

Good right?

All that time saved means more time for the little things.


So you see, ordering your non-perishables from is quick and easy. Click. Click. Done!

Especially for readers of Mother of Xander!! is offering 10% discount off your first purchase.
How? Just enter the code rm_momxan before you check out your purchase.

August Special!
Free delivery for orders above $49 until 31 August 2013!! Phuwah! How to beat that?? You see suah buy also can reach $49 you know? Please check their website for more details.



Disclaimer: I was compensated by for this post but all opinions and views are my own.