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Let’s go see… Navy@Vivo

Have you ever been on board of a warship? No, a cruise ship with many noisy fighting children may seem like a warship to you but it is not. I’ve never been on one and never thought I would ever want to because I have Thalassophobia and Claustrophobia. I used to have nightmares being dragged into the sea by some unknown monster/s and getting trapped in tiny spaces. I’m so ma fan (troublesome) right? As parents, The Husband and I try to expose Xan to as many new experiences as possible because we are sadistic want to be advantageous for his sake. We don’t want him to cop out on an experience just because he THINKS he won’t like it even before giving it a go. That being said, Mummy and Daddy need to practice what we preach and so sometimes have to subject ourselves in situations which we would normally not be caught dead in. Like Mummy boarding an enormous warship which is the fuel for my claustrophobia. *gulp*

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Earlier in November, I read that the RSS Endurance would be docked at the Vivocity’s Promenade from 14 to 17 November but admission into the ship was strictly by balloted tickets only so I fast leg fast hand went onto the Singapore Navy Facebook page and tried my luck for some. A couple of days later I received an email confirming that we were successful! We were going on board the RSS ENDURANCE! Wheeee!

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What is this ship you may ask. The RSS Endurance is the Republic of Singapore Navy’s largest ship and during the 4 day event, the Republic of Singapore Air Force’s Super Puma Helicopter would also be on the flight deck of the RSS Endurance for visitors to have a chance to see and of course, take pictures of.

Some quick reminders before we board the warship.

Just before we board the ship, the officer reminded us about the Three Point Contact Rule: The Three Point Rule requires three of four points of contact to be maintained at all times – two hands and one foot, or both feet and one hand.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force’s Super Puma Helicopter on the flight deck of the RSS Endurance.

So we huffed and we puffed and we made it on board the RSS Endurance. First thing we saw was the hamson pilot helicopter. Like a true suaku city-dweller I am, I let out a very loud WAHHHH! and dragged the poor boy to the aircraft to have a closer look. At the helicopter, not the pilot. Xan was in awe of the helicopter. It was the first time he has ever seen one up close and he was a little intimidated. So intimidated that he didn’t realized 5 irritating people cut his line and rushed into the helicopter like true jerks. Poor boy. What can we do? Wait for our turn patiently lor. We eventually got our turns and had a lot of fun posing for pictures anyway.

It was surprisingly more spacious than I thought.

We made our way into the belly of the ship and explored some of the sections that were made available for public viewing.

In the control room looking so ‘sud kee’.
Posing like a true child of a blogger.
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We had to miss the ride on the Fast Craft Utility (FCU) this time because pregnant women are not allowed on the craft. What a shame. Nair mind lah. We will definately try it if the opportunity arises again. Perhaps better if Daddy goes with Xan than me since Mummy is afraid of everything. *rolleyes* According to The Husband, it’s really not that fast. He say for example to get to Pulau Ubin normally takes 40 mins, this FCU will take 20 mins. I was like *blink* catch no ball. Not that fast har? Ok lor.

The tiny uniforms were so cute can??

After the grand tour of the warship, we made our way to the exhibition area inside Vivocity hoping to learn more about the Navy. I will admit, I got distracted by the photo booth area and completely bypass most of the exhibits. Nair mind lah. There will be other times and when that happens we will see the exhibits again lor correct? Correct right? Ya, I also say.

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Not only did we get a printed copy of the photo, a softcopy of made it available on their Facebook page!While looking for Xan’s photo in their Facebook page, I came across some gems like this poor little fella and this one. You MUST see this precious one! I shouldn’t laugh at their misery but but but! SO CUTE!! SO POOR THING!

For more pictures of the RSS Endurance, do visit the Republic of Singapore Navy’s Facebook page. I was too preoccupied that day with trying to catch my breath while climbing up and down the steep stairs and holding onto Xan to take more pictures. Wah I tell you ah, it took about 3 days to be rid of the thigh and butt aches ah! Those damn stairs are just as effective as the evil stair masters in the gym ah I tell you! *sweat*


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