Let’s play… Spot it!

Spot It! is a visual perception card game in which players race to find the one matching picture between one card and another. The pictures can be different sizes.

The cards are round and feature an assortment of colorful images of items like insects, plants, symbols, and smiley faces. Every card is unique, and has only one picture in common with each card in the deck. The game is very portable and includes a deck of 55 cards in a round, tin container that is the same size as the cards.
Information taken off My First Games website

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eFM_NzqoLo&w=560&h=315]

Trying out Spot it! among ourselves.

We met Pamela from My First Games at Upper Crust and played a few rounds before we went home with the games. The latte was mine. I needed caffeine to concentrate. Oi, we’re playing games leh, need to concentrate one! According to Pamela and the rules, there are a few ways to play the game:

The Tower: +1 point per card collected / +5 points to the player who has collected the most cards
The Well: +10 points to the first player to run out of cards / -20 points to the last player
Hot Potato: -5 points per round lost
The Poisoned Gift: +20 points to the player who has collected the fewest cards / +10 points to the player who finished in second

I’m ashamed to say I was the ultimate loser of the afternoon. I’m not very observant nor do I react very fast. I’m quite pathetic at games that involves speed and concentration. Don’t judge me but I like simple games like Puzzle Bobble. Instant gratification mah…

Despite the fact that I was the ultimate loser, I really did enjoy the game. It’s almost like Snap but a lot more challenging and definately more fun because there are 8 symbols on each card and only 1 symbol will exist between 2 cards. We were thinking “Really??” then flipped most of the cards over to find the matching symbols. Ya, they weren’t kidding. I was thinking this will make an excellent drinking game for the adults, yah? YAH? Add a bit more speed, fewer cards, higher stakes, BAM! Perfect party game!

Later that night, Daddy and I tried to play the game with Xan but all he wanted to do was to distribute all the cards to Daddy and me then move on to another game. Well, the recommended age was 5 years and above but Xan is only 3+. Oh well, at least we tried.

In a nutshell, this is a fun, simple and compact game you can take anywhere.

Go to My First Games and take a look at their full range of awesome games they have available.

Tasty Thursday: Famous 49 Katong Laksa


Laksa, otah and teh peng from Famous 49 Katong Laksa

Maybe its all in my head but all 3 items tasted pretty bland that day. I like my laksa gravy rich and spicy but that day was just blah. I used to prefer eating at 49 over 328 which is just within killer glare distance across the road. I loved the rundown shophouse look, dim lighting and the old ceiling fans. No not being sarcastic lah, don’t anyhow say me ah! I really did like it.

Now it still looks the same but somehow the magic is not there anymore. Maybe the owners don’t spend as much time there now as before and the current team of staff not as warm or friendly. Food doesn’t just have to taste good, you have to feel good eating it too. Well, this is no 5 star restaurant so I should throw my expectations out of the window lah.

Let’s play… Pengoloo!

My First Games Pte Ltd is an importer, distributor and retailer of premium quality Euro-style boardgames and educational products. Pamela from My First Games invited us to try out some of the games to see how our kids or ourselves respond to it. I’m a big fan of games so when she made the offer, I jumped at the chance lah! First game to review is Pengoloo.


From the description on the box, Pengoloo is suitable for ages 4 & up but if your kid has mega concentration skills, the game is good for 3 year olds too. The game is pretty simple, roll the dice, find the matching hidden eggs. Be the first to collect six penguins to win. Easy peasy!

Playing with penguins

I didn’t realize until we started playing the game that Xan doesn’t really understand the concept of “waiting for your turn”. The first few games were quite a challenge but after that Xan really enjoyed the game especially the part where he gets to find the coloured eggs regardless if it was his turn or not. To make the game a little more challenging, the players are allowed to steal the penguins away from their opponent. When Daddy started stealing the pieces off Xan’s iceberg, Xan got peeved and ALMOST cried when Daddy wanted to steal another piece. Haha! Immediately after that, we decided to stick to the original rules. We are happy when Xan is happy.

Overall, I liked the Pengoloo. Easy to understand, easy to play.

Go to My First Games and take a look at their full range of awesome games they have available.

Happy Mother’s Day

Xan’s school organized a simple Mother’s Day celebration in school on Friday. He kept talking about the card he had made for me with the teachers in school for days. “Mummy I made a heart-shaped card on a stick for you!”, then goes on excitedly to describe it as best as he could. Although I was excited to see the card he had made for me, I was dreading the interaction I have to have with the other mothers. In fact *whispers* I can’t stand a few of them. 😛

Growing up, I’ve always had more guy friends than girl friends. Sure I played masak masak, dressed up my 1 and only Barbie in weird and wonderful outfits and liked puffed up princess dresses (never owned any though). That was only in the privacy of my own room. I preferred to play other stuff when I’m out with friends. Ride a bike, poke some random frogs, pluck weeds, roller skate or whatever activity that will result in a hot and sweaty mess. Girls my age back then don’t like to sweat.

As a result, I’m not usually inclined to interact with other women because I can’t seem to connect with them. I’m not quite a girlie girl who lives for makeup, fashion brands or high teas. No common interests to keep the conversation going leh. My only contact with them so far is when we’re stuck in the lift together or outside the door while we wait for the teachers to let us in at 9.20am or downstairs when Xan spots one of his friends from across the road “HI ASHLEY!!! Mummy mummy! That’s my friend Ashley and her mummy!”

Anyhoo, back to the party. It was a much simpler affair this year. In the middle of the room, there was a table with containers of freshly chopped up fruits and vegetables with a few salad dressing on the side. The kids were supposed to gather some for their mummies and the mummies were encouraged to join in. As soon as the teachers gave the go ahead, the herd of mummies attacked the table of fresh vegetables. Xan had to jostle his way through the sea of backsides just to get his dear mummy some salad. Aww!

The kids were being their usual happy boisterous selves. The mummies were either busy force feed feeding healthy food to their kids or showing off their child’s latest portfolio of headshots to the teachers or pretending every other parent is invisible. Me? I just sat there, get fed by Xan and taking mental notes of everything to tell you here lah!

I was happy to see the kids enjoying themselves and playing with each other. It was an opportunity for me to put names to the faces I see on FB and in school. I was a little peeved when a mother didn’t even thank me when I made Xan gave up his seat for her when her seats were hijacked by another mum. When she saw Xan sniffing away because he had a slight runny nose, she very loudly asked her kids if they were having runny noses too then made them grab their sweaters from their bags. Hello? I’m not more than 20cm from you leh. Don’t be so obvious mah. Anyway, your crappy sweaters ain’t gonna do shit to prevent your kids from the diseases the other kids in school are just dying to spread to your babies. What a donkey.

There was 1 or 2 genuinely friendly ones but like the plastic chairs, they were also quickly hijacked by other mummies. Never mind lah. I was there for my little boy and I’m glad he had a good time. He was gracious to give up the chair for the woman and thoughtful to give mummy a few bites of the salad even though you could tell he was famished! LOL!

Thank you for the lovely gift, baby! I love you too!

My son made this, with the teachers’ help of course but I don’t care lah.

Tasty Thursday: Prawn Noodles from Maxwell Market


It has been a while since I had prawn noodles. I’m no prawn noodle expert but this one suits me fine. Finally found another substitute to my favourite grumpy uncle prawn noodles. Dunno where he went, shop owner (who also took over the stall, even managed to copy the recipe quite closely) was reluctant to tell me. Oh well.

Wonder Woman I am not.

For the longest time, I thought I was the strongest woman in the world. I was always the first to volunteer to move furniture or fixtures around the house or at work, carry (didn’t drag because I’m a little OCD about scuffed marks on my bags) 20+kg luggage down stairs, single-handedly cleared racks of stock during stock take while the other girls do the paper work. I was awesome. I was gilah. I was Wonder Woman!

How I think I look like in my dreams. Thanks MummyMoo!

Sadly, my dreams of outdoing the guys at the warehouse were dashed as my back pains got worse. One time during work, while I was doing some paperwork at the office, a sudden excruciating pain hit me on my lower back. Adoi!! I was in so much pain I couldn’t straighten up, had to be led very gingerly to my sis-in-law’s (she was one of my bosses) car so that we could get to the nearest possible clinic which happened to be Thomson Medical Centre. You see ah, if you walk around holding your back at TMC, EVERYONE steps away and give you a lot of space. They thought I was about to deliver a baby. Thinking back, it really was quite a sight. Sweaty me holding my back with a pained look and “oww oww oww” all the way, husband (back then still boyfriend ah) holding onto me and my very gu niang (ladylike) bag. Can’t blame them for thinking that way hor?

I’ve always thought the back pain got aggravated because I had put on a lot of weight over the years while studying in Canada and while working in an office environment. I ate lots of junk food and the only exercise I did was walking to the pantry and back to my desk. I started out taking regular painkillers, then double dose, then extra strength, then muscle relaxants, then jabs, then suddenly nothing worked. Even after the jab, it took me about 3 to 4 weeks to feel better or to be able to walk upright. I was walking around like the the hunchback of notre dame. Didn’t help that I sprained my foot on CNY eve as well. I was the Limpin’ Hunchback of Anchorvale Link.

Luckily, the doctor at the polyclinic took my pains seriously and referred me to a specialist at SGH. Never mind I had to wait 4 months to see him/them, as long as I can get to the root of the problem, I didn’t really care.

So here. This is as naked as you will ever see me. An x-ray of my sexy back.

I’m glad to have confirmation from the doctors that whatever I was feeling during the last few years was real, not my imagination, nor because of my weight. I’m sad coz I’m really not Wonder Woman, not more herculean feats. Looking at the x-ray, I don’t think it’s scary serious but it was enough to cause me weeks of agonizing pain and discomfort. The irritating bone seems to be pressing some nerve or muscle but hopefully with the physiotherapy sessions, my back will feel better and *cross fingers* no more Hunchback of Anchorvale Link.

I never thought about writing about my sexy back until a friend posted an entry about her sexy back on her blog. If she can be so open about it, why should I be so secretive about mine. So yah lah. Here is my entry. Thanks for the inspiration, Jennifer!