DIY Hair raising experience

I am known among my friends and some acquaintances as That Siao Char Bor With The Super Long Hair. How long, you ask? Try tickle-ma-ass-crack kind of long. I wasn’t aiming to for a Guinness world record for the world’s creepiest hair. I’m just the lazy sort who allowed my hair take over my head. Nong nong ago, pre wedded days, I would spend money on ampules, olive oil, fancy shampoo, exotic hair brushes and the sorts for my crowning glory. Now even combing it is a luxury. Notice the receding hairline? That’s from wearing my hair up all the time because I don’t know what to do with it.

My friends loved my hair too. They loved to amuse themselves (sometimes also to impress their dates) by using my hair as a prop. Sometimes my hair can look like Dali’s mustache, caveman armpit hair, Greek Adonis worthy chest hair, toupee for follically challenged folks but most of the time in various form of this fella. There are more patterns but I’ll leave them to your imagination. My hair brought many tears of joy to my lovely friends.

November 2012

A few weeks ago, I was complaining to my friends that my hair was creeping me out. Literally creeping into my pits, clothes, bag everything. Sometimes when the wind blows, my hair will fly into my face, tickle my elbow and most of the time get stuck in my pits. Not seksi. Every time I asked my niece, my sister or my husband to cut my hair, they all looked at me like I was crazy and never really took me very seriously even when I had the scissors in my hand.

That night, after I trimmed Xan’s hair, I looked at The Husband and said I was going to cut my hair that night.

Him: Now?

Me: Yes.

Him: Tonight ah?

Me: *walks away to get my tools* Ya. Tonight. Now. Why?

Him: Come, I cut for you.

Me: *raise eyebrows* You sure? Don’t cut senget(crooked/tilted) ah? Nah, I got this thingy with a water level thingy attached you can use.

Next thing I knew, he grabbed my hair and CHOP! He presented me my hair. Ok lah, it wasn’t this dramatic. He did asked ‘Are you ready?’ several times until I got irritated and told him to CUT ALREADY!

Bye bye hair!

We are now at The Point of No Return. I wasn’t expecting to see this much hair but oh well.

It looks like the clips you use to seal your packets of Lays or muruku but this really is for DIY haircuts. You can buy this in a set (1 long one for hair at the back and 1 short one for the fringe) in any of those shops that sell professional hair cutting tools. I wouldn’t call the clips ‘professional tools’. They are more for cheapo charlies like moi.

After explaining to him how it works,  The Husband very carefully combed my hair into the clip but I kept moving around to talk to him which made him even more nervous. You know why when you get your hair cut by professionals they always like to make small talk with you? So much until it sometimes even irritates you? You think they really like you or want to talk to you ah? No lor! They talk to you because the conversation will help them focus and prevent them from saying what they were really thinking during the hair cut. Unfortunately for me, The Husband is not a professional so his internal monologue all leaked out.

Here are some gems.

  1. Shit.
  2. I’m learning a lot here.
  3. It will grow back.
  4. You can still tie up your hair if you want.
  5. Let me trim a bit here. *CHOP*
  6. Aiyah! Don’t move leh! You see lah!
The rest of the time he was mumbling stuff I couldn’t decipher. In a situation like this, I had to ask to see what was the party going on behind my head.

Can you feel my heart beating faster? Of all the angles, you could have at least straightened the hair before you take this shot right? Visions of this started to appear in my head.

While all this drama was happening, the little Zen Xan got bored.

Don’t know about you but every time I see this picture I always yawn.

I don’t understand why people get so nervous when I say I want to chop it off. The first time I cut  this much hair was when I was in Toronto years ago. My hairdresser, the hairdresser next to her AND the customer who she was serving all kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to cut it off. “But your hair is sooooo long! How could you bear it?” Why not? It always grow back! Aiyoh! After that, my hairdresser presented my hair to me very much like how my gynae presented Xan to me when he was born. With a gentle gaze and very gingerly.Then she struts off with my hair to show the entire salon who Oohed and Aahed at her prized kill. Her first big bunch of virgin (unbleached, untreated) Asian hair. Siao char bor (Hokkien for mad woman)…

Here’s how it looks at the end. Not drastic, not fancy, not horrible at all. He’s right I can still tie my hair, can still flip my hair bimbotically (if there is such a word).

So. Do you trust your husband enough to cut your hair? Washing hair is passé liao. Eh! Shaving your face, legs or trimming your nose hair don’t count. Maybe I’ll consider plucking your eyebrows and cutting toenails as High Risk so ya, those are ok. If you do, let’s share stories. Should be exciting. 🙂

Are the very unnecessary hearts helping to make the hair look better?


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Let’s make… DIY Yakult Cars

Last year, Pamela from Tan Family Chronicle shared on her blog how she made this very easy DIY car she fashioned out of empty Yakult bottles and plastic bottle caps. Eh I tell you ah, she is really very precise with the details man! You need to see how she made hers then you will know what I mean. I thought the cars looked really cute and easy to make but I always forget to save my Vitagen bottles.

We were at Pamela’s place recently for a play date and she showed us the cars she made. Eh, very cute leh! Fast too! Xan was immediately hooked! Pamela said she still have some materials left and gave me some to kick start the DIY project. Steady! We barely stepped out of her house when Xan insisted we MUST make the cars that very day. Wah lau, the boy kept yakking about it every other minute throughout the 35 min drive home. *faint* However later that night, I managed to convince him we would do it the next day IF he goes to bed early, without a fuss and wake up early the next morning. With a big wide grin and a loud ORH, he had a very quick shower and plonked into bed rather quickly. MIRACLE #1!

MIRACLE #2! He woke up really early but he waited patiently until I opened my eyes. The minute he saw me stir, he kept whispering “Good morning Mummy! Craft time!” *yawn* Ok lor. Leeeet’s do it!

Materials you need:

  1. Empty Yakult bottles (or any plastic bottles you have at home)
  2. Plastic bottle caps
  3. Straws (I used those that came with the Yakult)
  4. Satay sticks/thin bamboo skewers
  5. Penknife/cutter
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue
  8. Scrap paper or coloured paper to decorate the bottle with

How to do it:

  • Poke 2 holes on each side of the bottle to insert the straw and satay sticks. The straw works like a sleeve so if you can get thicker straws, even better! I had to shave my satay sticks a bit so that the sticks can turn turn more better. You understand me? Aiyah, I dunno how to say lah. You do ler you will understand. (Neh! See picture below.)
  • Use the scissors to cut the satay sticks into half. Each should be wider than the width of the bottle
  • Poke a hole in the the middle of the bottle cap first so that it will be easier to insert the satay sticks through them. You can either use your penknife or an ice pick if you happen to have one lying around in the house. I don’t know why you will have one at home but ya, it’ll be easier.
  • I didn’t chisel the satay stick with an extra groove like Pamela did because I’m lazy. Chin chye as long as the satay stick can go through can ler lah.

Here is how it will look like when you put the wheels on. So cute!

If you look closely at the bottle, you will see extra holes. I made the 1st set of holes so perfect until the wheels couldn’t touch the floor *facepalm*. Never mind. The holes will eventually get covered up in the next step.

  • Since I didn’t allow Xan to help me with all the sharp and dangerous tasks, I made him help me tear up some old wrapping paper into small pieces. Instead of gluing scraps of paper, you can choose to use stickers, stick embellishments or whatever that tickles your fancy.
  • After that, he used glue to paste the small bits of paper onto the bottle. Xan was so neat until I couldn’t tahan. I had to remind him it was ok to be messy and that art and craft is supposed to be messy.
  • You could remove the wheels first before you start pasting the paper it doesn’t really matter.

Here is the finished product! Not bad for a first attempt eh? Thanks Pamela for the inspiration, the bottles and the bottle caps!


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Let’s play… CitiBlocs plus a giveaway!


As you probably know by now, my dear husband aka The Blogfather scammed persuaded Pamela of My First Games to hand over the coloured blocks instead of the plain coloured ones to him as a token of appreciation for him sweating all over her nice clean floor while fixing up the table she so kindly bought from us some time last year. I won’t repeat the story, I’m not Channel 5. OOPS! You can read his account here.

I’ve reviewed some of her other board games last year and they were Pengoloo, Spot it!, Soccer Dinosaurs! and my personal favourite Viva Topo! They are all fun but CitiBlocs is definately the most versatile of them all.


Xan (just turned 4yo) has been a big fan of the regular wooden blocks (you know, the ones with cylindrical, semicircle and rectangular shapes?) the minute he laid his eyes on my nephew’s set during one of our visits to my mum’s place. Over the last 2 years, his wooden block collection kept growing because we bought some and a friend gave us her son’s set since her boy was getting too big for them. He can spend quite a long time playing with blocks while I slip away to do some housework. Since then, he has built towers, buildings, boats, spaceships and also ramps for stunt cars. The run of the mill assortment of blocks served him quite well until now.


Ok, so the colours are really pretty. Reallllly pretty! Xan initially wasn’t sure what to do with them because they were all the same size and same shape. Very different from the usual blocks he plays with that came in all sort of shapes. Based on the instruction manual that came with the boxes, there are so many different things you can build. You can build lobsters, houses, trucks and even a coliseum depending on how many blocks you have. Check out the CitiBloc master videos here.

Not that I have no faith in Xan, I thought it would be easier to introduce the blocks to him by building really simple shapes. Wah lau the boy gave me a really sian look after I very enthusiastically show him my 6 block master piece. *heart crumbles* Luckily he saved my heart from shattering into more pieces with a hug and a “But I still love you anyway”. Mummy scrambles to the manual to look for the most cheem (difficult/complex) pattern possible with 100pcs.

A few weeks later, we were invited to a friend’s house for a New Year countdown party and we thought if the other kids don’t turn up, Xan was going to reach for the iPad or our phones for sure. Since we just received the CitiBlocs, why not bring it along. Clever right? I know man.

Stolen from a friend’s Facebook album

After the noms, Daddy emptied the 2 boxes of CitiBlocs for Xan and half expecting to spend the entire time guiding him. This time, he went straight for the manual to look for inspiration instead of waiting for us to come up with something for him to follow. When he wasn’t sure, he would hollered for Daddy and Mummy to come to his rescue.


He decided our structures were boring so he went ahead and did his version of a tower. So easy! While he was creating and improving his architectural masterpieces, I was able to continue my gossip session without having to help him every 2 minutes. Good for me leh!


Eh, I say so much also no use. You got to try it to believe it. I no bluff you one.

Well, it just so happens, My First Games (the exclusive distributor of CitiBlocs in Singapore) would like to give ONE lucky YOU a box of 100pc CitiBlocs (RP S$49.90). Why, you ask. Why not, we say.

To win this is so easy.

  1. You must to Like these 4 Facebook pages (click click click click):
    The Blogfather
    Dear Xander
    My First Games
    and of course don’t forget mine!
  2. Leave me a comment with your Facebook name to let me know that you’ve already Liked us all. For those who participated in The Blogfather’s giveaway but didn’t win, LAI LAI LAI! I panchan(give chance to) you. Leave a comment here for a 2nd chance. Steady boh? Steady right?
  3. In your comment, let me know if you want the Hot or Cool Colour set.

My First Games is also giving Mother of Xander’s readers an exclusive 10% off your purchase of their CitiBlocs range! To redeem, just use the discount code “MOMXAN” when you check out your purchase!

Some other terms to note:

  1. This giveaway is open to Singapore addresses only.
  2. Contest must end on Friday 1 February 11.59pm. I so love the .59 timing. So exciting!
  3. Winners will be randomly drawn and notified via Facebook PM.
Good luck! I will also pohpee (pray) for you


*Mother of Xander received 2 boxes of 50pc CitiBlocs in order to write this review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.



UPDATE (Submission for giveaway is now closed):

My dear friends, thank you for participating and supporting my first ever giveaway! Here is the list of participants in no particular order.

  1. Andy Lee             Cool
  2. Bena Chan          Hot
  3. Eddie Yii               Hot
  4. PC Lee                  Cool
  5. Nadia Efron        Hot
  6. Angeline Sim      Hot
  7. Regina Soejanto-Moo    Hot
  8. Alicia Tan             Hot
  9. Jaime Chan         Hot
  10. Veraday Poh      Cool
  11. Lexelle De Charmaine    Cool
  12. Esther Kee          Hot
  13. Boon Hean Low       Hot
  14. Jasmin Ho            Hot
  15. Ct Chooi               Cool
  16. Chuyan Kwek    Hot
  17. Delia Mar             Cool
  18. Cen-Tin Ting       Cool
  19. Wack Duo            Cool
  20. Cindy Chia           Hot
  21. Jingxian Liang     Hot
  22. Winnie Lam        Hot
  23. Jocelyn Wee      Cool
  24. Lilium Day            Hot
  25. Sheron Moey    Hot
  26. Sarah Lee-Wong     Cool
  27. Angeline Ng       Hot
  28. Jenny Tan            Hot
  29. Cheryl Siew        Hot
  30. Viola Tan              Hot
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Project Birthday Cake was a Success!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my attempt to make Xan a crazy birthday cake but wasn’t successful. Between the layered steam cake and this final cake, I had tried making a banana bread (looks damn nice but taste wise failed miserably) and a jelly cheesecake. The cheesecake was a success but of course we realize later Xan hates cheesecake. Wah lau…

Neh mind! I go research some more ideas lor. After a few nights of research, finally settled for a Kit Kat Cake.

Ah this one, so simple and so fail proof. If I can make it, SO CAN YOU!

Talk about risky, I made it the night before his class party. I told myself if this doesn’t work, I will just go buy a cake from one of the cake shops around the school. Always have a backup plan folks!

Ingredients included 1 cake mix, 1 tub of frosting, 1 big bag of M&Ms and maybe $15 worth of Kit Kats.

Total time taken: 3 hours. As long as your kid is awake, you can forget about speed.

No need to tell you the steps and ingredients right? Do it freestyle lah 🙂

You see? So simple even a kid can do it!

I tell you hor. I don’t often bake cakes because ALL my cakes always turn out not how I expect them to be. In this case my cake had a dome top and a giant X crack ( I said X crack not aXX crack. Sigh.) I told Xan I did it on purpose with a giant X for his name. He was thrilled. Hahah! *nose growing longer*

After the cake was taken out of the oven, Xan wanted to decorate the cake immediately. It’s also his brilliant way of saying he didn’t want to go to bed and will say anything to convince us he didn’t need to go to sleep. Even though I explained the cake needed to cool down first, he refused to buy my story. Eventually after debating back and forth for maybe 10mins, he caved and The Husband went into the room to tuck him in.

The Husband managed to worm his way out of the room after the little one fell asleep. Naturally, I put him to work and made him help me slice off the top. Don’t worry if you end up hacking what look like pot holes on the top of the cake. Nobody will know because it will get covered up with the frosting, M&Ms and Kit Kats. See? I told you this was belly belly easy one?

Just before he went to bed, Xan said he wanted a ‘star’ on his cake. Tried as I could, my star looked like a starfish so The Husband came to my rescue again. After doing the outline of the star, we realized not enough yellow bits so we chin chye added the orange to the middle and randomly dumped the rest around the star. Nice hor? By the time the cake was done, I was really tired and forgot to put the ribbon around the cake. Ah, it didn’t matter anyway. The cake already looked blindingly colourful, no need any more colour liao.

I thought I was very prepared for the class party: got cake, got goodie bags, got party hats some more! That was until I stepped in and saw 25 little faces looking at me instead of the 12 I was expecting to see from his class. Crap! My cake so tiny how to slice 25 pieces leh? Wah lau… PANIC! As it was around the Christmas period, a lot of kids were away for the holidays. K2 kids have already graduated and very few of them chose to stay on for the month of December. I guess since there were only so few kids left, the teachers decided to gather them together to celebrate Xan’s birthday lor. Miraculously, the teachers managed to chisel 25 morsels of cake for the kids and I had spare hats to give to the additional kids. The Happy Birthday song dragged for what seemed like an eternity because they sang 4 versions of it simultaneously. Xan was ecstatic!

So yah. My attempt to bake my son a birthday cake and his party were successful. Most of the kids finished their cake, no M&Ms and Kit Kats were wasted, nobody broke into hives, nobody cried and Xan was happy. I even spotted his friend dipping her finger into the cake for a quick taste test after staring at it for a very long time. I think she tahan (resisted) very long ler. I have photo evidence! Hahah!

So glad I didn’t chicken out at the last minute. Will definitely do it again later this year.


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